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how to seduce your email readerYou know that sinking feeling you get when you sit through a rubbish movie, like The Hangover Part III, having munched all your popcorn, and are left wondering why on earth you sat there groaning with disdain right through to the very end of the movie?

Or what about the feeling of wonderment when a long movie grips you spellbound – so a 178 minute movie like Avatar seems to whiz by in under an hour? (Does paraplegic Jake Sully get to have his cake and eat it too – will he get to keep the use of his legs AND stay with the beautiful blue Neytiri?)

And did you use to watch any the American adventure TV series “Lost” which aired between 2004 and 2010? Compelling wasn’t it? There’s a reason why it’s listed in the top ten telly series of all time. But didn’t it annoy the crap out of you at the time?

So there’s something pivotal to be learned from these ‘viewing’ experiences which you can apply in your email marketing.

But more about that in a minute!

Often Asked Question

First, let’s consider another question – because it’s one we get asked a lot in our two-on-one coaching sessions.

Loads of learner affiliate marketers ask us:

“Greg and Fiona, how do I build a better, trusting, relationship with the people on my email list?”

Now this is, unfortunately, one of those questions which doesn’t have a simple, straight forward, one word answer :(

It’s best answered by starting with an explanation of how we humans are wired.

That is, how we store stuff in our memories. And how we don’t like having gaps in our memory or in our knowledge so we want them to be filled in (because we all hate not knowing what we don’t know)!

Why does this matter to you?

Because as a marketer, you want to be memorable, right?

You want the people on your email list to remember you as the go-to person for help.

Using Our Brains

Our brains store a staggering amount of information in differing “filing cabinets”.

As an example, think about your childhood home – as soon as we mention it, you instantly visualize it, smell it, hear it, feel it, taste it – it has millions of pointers or hooks in your memory, stored in various filing cabinets labelled for each sense.

A friend’s phone number has about one hook – if that (especially nowadays we store numbers in our phones so we don’t have to commit them to memory).

The number of hooks in your memory for a Hollywood movie ranges somewhere in between depending on how crafty the screenwriters are.

So our memory banks aren’t a single filing cabinet. They’re more like Velcro – where one half is covered with thousands of tiny hooks and the other is covered with thousands of tiny loops. Press the two sides together and a large number of hooks get caught up inside all the loops, and that’s what causes your marketing and your messages to stick in your readers’ minds.

Great marketers, story-tellers, and teachers develop a knack for multiplying the number of hooks or pointers in a story, teaching, or idea.

The more hooks, pointers and knowledge gaps you use in your emails and blog posts – the more memorable they’ll be. And the more memorable you are, the more people will relate to you and grow to trust you.

Make sense so far?

So, how do you include hooks in your writing?

How To Seduce Your Email Reader

You create curiosity!

Curiosity comes from gaps in our knowledge.

To create curiosity you create open loops which keep readers itching to find out how they work out in the end. Open loops are much more compelling to keep reading (or watching/listening) than closed ones.

Just like in movies!

That’s why “Lost” was listed in the top ten telly series of all time – it kept opening loop after loop after loop – to keep you guessing – and to keep you curious.

“Lost” is a brilliant example to prove that our brains hold a staggering number of loops. The more hooks a story has, the better it will stick in our minds.

Make sense?

Applying Open Loops To Your Email Marketing

Begin by opening a loop in your subject line or blog post headline. Hook your reader in with curiosity by starting with an intriguing thought — but then make sure you promise to close the loop in the email or post itself. (we all know how frustrating it is to be promised something and not to receive what we were promised – remember “Lost”!)

For example: The Hollywood Secret to Seducing Your Email Reader

Just what does Hollywood have to do with email marketing, and what’s the secret?

Movies use this method when they open with a dramatic or action-packed scene, then backtrack in time to ‘paint the characters’, and eventually circle around at the end to close the loop.

Open questions also work too, particularly ones that trigger an emotion in your reader.

As does: “But more about that in a minute!” (Grrrr – hate being kept waiting!)

Do you get the picture?

When you open a loop by using intrigue or curiosity, you leave your reader wanting to know more as they have a gap in their knowledge they want to fill. You create the impetus to carry your reader through your email or blog post as they’re now hungry for the answer or the information. And, as we mentioned above, when you open loops — you need to close them and provide a payoff for your reader.

We noticed this in Episode 1 of a new series of a TV period drama “Downton Abbey” – they opened a load of loops in the characters’ lives – to keep us watching not just that episode, but the entire series.

So the next time you’re gripped in a movie or TV series, think about what ‘sucked you it’ and how you can use that same affect in your writing so you can seduce you reader into remembering you and trusting you.

Work out for yourself how screenwriters, teachers and marketers use the same techniques to build an emotional power?

We could tell you directly, BUT . . . you’ll have to wait for part two to find out :)


The Laptop Lifestyle Experts



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Which of these 3 scenarios do you think is most likely to happen to you, in reality?


Imagine you’re going out one evening with some friends.

You’ve been quite a bit bored with your social life recently and you’re looking for a change, for some fun, for something to help you forget the hum-drum of life.

You walk into a bar and you’re standing around talking to your mates about the next holiday you’d love to take.

The chatter continues – you know when you spend a few hours in a bar you talk about nothing in particular, or about changing the world, or about winning the lottery.

But then . . .  out of the blue . . . the barman comes up to you and says:

“Drinks are on the house tonight”.

Wow! Amazing!

So you keep talking to your friends, enjoying your free drinks, enjoying the bubbly atmosphere, can’t quite believe this is happening to little ole you.


After a couple of hours the barman approaches you and says:

“Since you enjoyed your free drinks so much, I thought I’d let you know about this new range of wines. I’ve got a bottle here for £20 you can take home with you. If you don’t like it you can just give me a ring and I’ll give you your £20 back no problem. Oh, and if you drink it all, I’ll still give you a refund.”

What would you do?

scenario 1


Now picture this . . .

You go shopping – something you’ve been putting off for ages – but you need to make a change and spruce up your wardrobe.

You’re fed up to the back teeth with your style, having worn the same clothes to work for the last six months, day in and day out!!!

Something that’ll change your image, change how fellow co-workers perceive you, and change how you fell about yourself, would work a treat :)

So you walk into a shop and the salesperson says to you:

“We’ve just got this new range of clothes in. You’re most welcome to try anything on and if you like it, you can take it home for free.”

Say what??? You can’t believe your ears.

So you spend the next couple of hours stocking up on an arm-load of amazing new free clothes . . .

(just imagine what Bob and Suzy at work are going to say when they see you)

. . . then, miraculously, the salesperson comes back to you and says:

“I can see you love our new range. I’ll tell you what. If you like these clothes then you’ll absolutely love our new Italian winter collection. We’ve got a whole range here, but you can select the first item for just £20. Remember, these are designer clothes. But since you like the free stuff, we can let you have one item for just £20.”

Oh My Gosh!

You think to yourself: “Wow! What an awesome bargain” getting an extremely under priced Italian designer top that fits like a glove and makes you feel a movie star for only £20!

Just as you’re walking out the shop with a smile stretching ear to ear and feeling very lucky indeed, the salesperson then says to you:

“Oh, and if you don’t like the top for any reason when you get it home, then just give me a call and I’ll refund your £20 back to your credit card, no questions asked.  And you get to keep the top!”

Can you imagine how you’d feel?

online home business


Here goes:

You’re sitting at home watching EastEnders on telly.

You’re bored as it isn’t making you happy, and it isn’t helping pay the bills, and isn’t using your time wisely . . . so, you start to surf the internet.

You come across a website that’s offering you some free video training which talks about an alternative way to earn an income using the internet. You’re curious so you grab the free videos here, and spend the next couple of hours watching them, eating up every word of information.

But you don’t just watch them (like EastEnders) you really pay attention and absorb the content, like a light bulb is flicked on brightly in your head.

After a couple of hours you realize this is actually something YOU could do.

At first you’re skeptical, but the videos really make good solid sense, and there’s no hype, and no false promises.

They tell you you can create a sustainable income using the internet, once you choose the right proven training and business system, and put in some hard work and dedication to educate yourself how to market anything online.

This system doesn’t require any prior experience and most certainly doesn’t require any techie skills nor sales experience or knowledge.

It’s been used by a wide variety of people ranging in age from 21 to 76, from all walks of life and from all 4 corners of the world.

The website then offers you a chance to test drive their business system for only £20 (But it’s the internet so that translates to $29.95). They also say it’s cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to develop the system, but you can get your hands on it for only $29.95.

So you grab the test drive,  and then read on . . .

The site goes on to say, what’s more, if you don’t like the training and the business system, you can get your money back, no questions asked.

So it’s 100% risk free.

six figure mentors


So, the BIG question is . . . which Scenario do you think is more likely?

1. Sitting in the pub griping and bitching about life to your mates then getting free drinks and a £20 bottle of wine. (by the way if you think this is likely, you might have a teensie problem); OR

2. Wasting 2-3 hours going shopping for uncomfortable work clothes and being given free clothes, and then a designer top for £20? Sorry, it ain’t gonna happen! OR

3. Spending a couple of hours watching some life changing videos, then take a test drive of a cutting edge business system that could be the start of a new beginning in your life?

Which one is more likely?

Or would you rather sit at home and waste precious time watching EastEnders?
The Laptop Lifestyle Experts


Greg and Fiona Scott




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