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Having harnessed the internet to replace our comfortable corporate salaries since late 2009, we’ve now chosen to help and inspire people like us, to create their own lifestyle of design by leveraging the internet.

Since the end of 2012 we’ve mentored and motivated over a thousand people of all ages, from all corners of the globe, build and scale up their own online businesses in order to live life on their terms.

Our personal mission is to re-educate 1,000 laptop lifestylers (our words) to earn a sustainable online income, enabling them to answer to nobody, holiday when they want, work how long they want, and be present with their family.

Is that you?

We’ve re-educated a wide range of people, from those who generate their first $1 online, through to people who earn tens of thousands of dollars online each month. In short, we help people to unleash their inner entrepreneur to unlock infinite income.

And the diverse group of people we’ve mentored include young couples like Jan and Alicia who recently made their first sale online, through to serial entrepreneurs, Shawn and Kelly, who made $40k in their first 3 months.

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You’re working hard and smart to build your online business but you’re just not getting the traction and momentum you want.

You’re not getting enough prospective customers.

You’re not connecting with them on a trusting level.

You’re frustrated as hell – cursing beneath your breath and ready to throw in the towel.

The SOLUTION? Read this story . . .

A story of courage, consistency, and commitment.

It all started in a remote rural village called Bihar in India.

The village was poor so had no services. Villagers had to walk to the neighbouring village to go to the market, go to school, and go to the hospital.

Which doesn’t sound too bad does it? Many people in the western world expect to have to commute to their jobs each day, every day!

However . . . there’s a MOUNTAIN in between the poor village and the rich village, and it’s a 70km walk AROUND the mountain to get to the markets/school/hospital – which is a long old hike there and back each day, every day.

Not to be deterred, the people from the poor village used to scramble OVER THE TOP of the mountain – a treacherous journey – a craggy ascent, then a rough trek back down again. And that’s just one way.

So the people from Bihar had many accidents on that mountain. And broke many precious possessions in their falls.

courage, consistency, and commitment

One day, a local labourer, Dashrath Manjhi, was making the journey with his sick wife, and she slipped and badly hurt herself.

That accident was the catalyst Manjhi needed. He thought “enough was enough“. He decided to cut a road through the mountain because he wanted the people of his village to have easy access to doctors, jobs, education, and opportunities.

So . . . he SOLD 3 GOATS to buy a hammer, a chisel, and a crowbar.

Armed with only that hammer, chisel, and crowbar, he started to carve a road through the 300 foot high mountain.

They Thought He Was Mad

For a living Manjhi used to plough other people’s fields by day, then chip away at the mountain at night.

News spread like wildfire that Dashrath Manjhi had gone mad!

People used to tell him he couldn’t do it.

Have you ever been told you can’t do something? It makes you even more determined and resolute to do it doesn’t it?

Manjhi’s wife supported him, but unfortunately she eventually died due to a lack of medical treatment! That made Manjhi even more driven to build the road to benefit the whole of society, but also as a tribute to his wife.

When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going

The remarkable thing is . . . He did it!

He finished that road carved through the mountain.

It took him 22 years.

But he consistently kept chipping away, and chipping away, moving closer and closer to his goal, persistently persevering and never giving up.

Courage, Consistency, Commitment

The moral of this story is: when you want something worthy of working towards, you need to have courage, consistency, and commitment.

No job is too big. No mountain too big. No task is insurmountable when you’re resourceful.

It’s the same with building an online marketing business.

You need to be determined to succeed.

As an online business is a lifestyle business, so it’s definitely worth working smart for. You need to be prepared to consistently undertake the money making tasks on a daily basis (that’s building your list, blogging and broadcasting), day in and day out.

Rise to the challenge – and don’t let anyone talk you out of it (because there WILL be people who will say you’re mad and will want to steal your dream out from under your feet!).

Be prepared to soldier on and overcome problems that will stump you every now and then.

Be prepared to chip away at big tasks, and break them down into achievable chunks that you know you can do.

Be prepared to benefit and enrich other people’s lives with the products you promote.

Remember, living life per your values is a huge prize worth striving for.

Because Your Lifestyle Matters!

The Laptop Lifestyle Experts



Greg and Fiona Scott




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how safe is your job

It was a huge dilemma to decide what to study or specialise in – in the knowledge it would consume a large chunk of your life.

Decision made, willingly or not, you invested several long hard years at University to make yourself employable, desirable, more learned.

You’ve been following that path for some time now.

Maybe, you’re feeling a bit tired, jaded, and ‘same old same old’?

Maybe, you’ve realised ‘the times they are a changing’?

Not having grown up with an ipad in your crib, it’s possible you’re just managing to keep abreast of the technological changes?

What’s your Insurance?

Watch this video >>


So, we were chatting this smart, good looking, 34 year old young man the other day. Let’s call him Isaac to protect his identity. He looks a bit like a young Harrison Ford, but he’s up to his eyeballs in student debt, and has no assets to speak of.

Isaac studied Geology at Uni, and loved it so much he went on to complete a PhD – thinking he’d attract a big fat salary in the oil and gas industry, which would enable him to pay off his student loan, so he could live happily ever after.

BUT . . . it didn’t work out like that!

And back in 2009 the oil and gas industry had a seismic jolt when an excess supply of oil and gas from the North American shale fields caused crude oil prices to plummet – which slashed company profits – which made employees quite dispensable!

Isn’t It Ironic?

So Isaac suddenly found himself out of work, unable to get a job in the field he loved, and having to accept some meagre role in order to get by. A lowly job that is only just enough to live off, let alone pay down his student debt, and allow him to save for his own home.

To add insult to injury, Isaac’s younger brother returned from travelling the world straight out of school, and landed a courier driving role that paid quite a bit more than Isaac is earning.

What does this mean to you?

You might be thinking “Why should I care?”

The point is – he’s not the only one. And it’s not just the oil and gas industry that’s effected!

Universities are churning out tens of thousands of bright young grads who are greener, younger and way cheaper to hire than you. They’re desperate to do ANYTHING. And they’re got their sights set on your job.

Have you got insurance for that scenario?

How It Affects You

We were connecting with another person this week day via email.

Her name is Beth, she’s in her 50’s, is experienced in sales and customer service, and expects to command a good salary too.

However, she’s never applied for more jobs, attended more interviews, and received more rejection letters in the past 6 months than she ever thought humanly possible in a lifetime. There’s no mention what this does to her self-confidence, self-respect, and self-worth. Talk about taking a knock of meteoric proportions!

There’s only a certain number of rejections a person can take before realising that it’s not just ageism at play – the problem lies a lot deeper.

There’s a nation of leaner, greener, hungrier grads looking to earn . . . something. Anything.

The Result

For us, the nice thing is, both Isaac and Beth have turned their hands to learning how to market online in order to build a recession-proof, technology-proof, future-proof, online business.

They both understand the opportunity available today.

They’re both embracing the digital age we’re in.

And they’re both turning their backs on the traditional way of earning an income – having a job.

Yes, each of them has their concerns.

  • worried about learning everything there is to know.
  • concerned about how long it will take to build momentum.
  • sceptical the training we offer is legitimate, genuine and authentic (It is, by the way)

They Trust Themselves

Isaac and Beth back themselves. They believe in themselves to make it work. They’ve accepted the responsibility to make change happen in their lives. Online business is their insurance. Insurance they won’t be held ransom any longer.

What insurance have you got in place?

Think about that.

Because Your Lifestyle Matters!

The Laptop Lifestyle Experts



Greg and Fiona Scott




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