True Story: How To Banish Your Mental Blocks

How To Banish Your Mental Blocks

You know how some things aren’t always what they seem to be?

Sometimes you’re tricked into believing something is true when it’s false?

How many times have you felt something inside holding you back?

Whether you like it or not, there are mental barriers barring you from the success you were born to have. And there’s a way to banish them without the help of a shrink or pricey therapy.

Watch this video and all will be revealed:

True Story: How To Banish Your Mental Blocks

We want to share a story with you – a true story.

Start by picturing, in your mind, a nine-year-old girl. She has shoulder length blonde hair, is quite tall for her age, and quite athletic too. She used to spend play time flinging around the jungle gym like a monkey and always winning ‘creeping-up-statues’ in the school lunch sheds. Quite an active and clever kid. Back when she went to school in the 70’s they used to have yellow spelling books with different levels of spelling, and she was at dictionary level, so she felt very accomplished.

In her last year of junior/primary school, she had this new teacher,  Miss Flux, who was petite, with long dark wavy hair, and looked like Catherine Zeta-Jones.

That teacher took a dislike to this cocky nine year old, lanky, blonde girl. She expressed this dislike in a subtle way though because she didn’t berate her in the classroom. What she did is write a cutting remark in the last report card of that nine year old’s school year.

She wrote: “Fiona lacks creativity and imagination.”

All was fine when that report card went home to my parents because I wasn’t destined to be much. I came from a working class family so it wasn’t expected I’d need a tertiary education. When I grew up I wanted to be a secretary or an admin assistant, so presumably I wasn’t going to need any creativity or imagination skills!! Maybe you can relate?

I didn’t get too much grief at home about that report card… but that one comment on that report card, sowed a seed in my mind, that would quickly begin to fester like a puss-filled sore!

I started to believe, over the years, that words, English, grammar, writing and essays, were not my thing.

I started to prefer numbers, and began to excel at mathematics and statistics and the like. I literally could not wait until I turned fifteen, which was the year at school in New Zealand where I didn’t have to study English any more – because I hated it so much.

That behaviour all derived from that seed sown from that one report card.

Numbers, Figures, Balance Sheets

If English, writing, creativity and grammar supposedly weren’t my forte, I ‘figured’ (pardon the pun) numbers must be my thing. Which is why I thought I’d become an accountant and buck the notion that I would be a secretary. So I studied Accountancy at university to qualify as a chartered accountant, then spent twenty-five years building up a solid career in accountancy – all on the mistaken premise that I thought I wasn’t creative so therefore numbers were my only strength!

When our world fell apart in 2009, Greg and I were both laid off together. So we started our own online business, and we made so many mistakes it wasn’t funny.

It got me thinking about all those onion layers in my brain that I’d layered up, layered up, layered up over the fact that words and grammar weren’t my strength. I’d been a Chartered Accountant for twenty-five years dealing with numbers and selling myself short, believing I wasn’t creative. But I KNEW deep down that I had more to give, that I could do more and be more.

Mistakes, Pitfalls, Learnings

Living A Laptop LifestyleBy 2011, Greg and I felt it was our duty to share our experiences, our mistakes, and the pitfalls we encountered, in order to help others wake up and realize there is an alternative income model, an alternative earning strategy, another way of earning a sustainable income – by leveraging the internet.

Together we planned and brainstormed Living a Laptop Lifestyle, and I wrote it in 6 weeks.

That 9yo child who supposedly lacked creativity and imagination has now written a triple award winning, bestselling book!

A bestselling award winning book has come from a person who had made herself believe she couldn’t write because of one stupid report card saying: “Fiona lacks creativity and imagination”!

The message here is: if you have some tiny little niggling doubt nestled in your brain for many years which you now believe to be true – I’m telling you it might not be 100% accurate.

You might be tricking yourself all these years, just like I was tricking myself about not being creative and lacking any imagination whatsoever. All because a spiteful young teacher once said something which I made to be true.

Technical Abilities Were Another Blocker

A massive takeaway from this story is we can easily detect when we’re coaching people with their marketing, if they’re misleading themselves into believing they’re not technical. Don’t get me wrong, you don’t need to be super technical to build an online business. But this is another thing I was tricking myself over – I used to tell myself I wasn’t technical. So when it came to learning a new software platform I’d busily repeat in my mind: “I’m not technical, this is going to be tricky”! Which is a self fulfilling prophecy because we humans don’t like to be wrong. I’d subconsciously make tech stuff tricky, so I always messed things up. Happily and Luckily, Greg was very patient when he taught me techie type things 🙂

Copy And Paste

So, if you’re sitting there thinking you can’t build an online business because it requires you to be technical, I’d suggest you think again. Because if you can copy and paste, if you can write and send an email, and if you can search Google and Youtube for answers, you already have all the skills you need to build an online business – you do not need to be super technical. The skills you’ll learn revolve around human nature, psychology, and mindset. Nothing technical there!

How About You?

Pause for thought for a minute, picture that nine year old girl, or picture yourself when you were young, and understand things might have been related to you then which you now believe to be true. They might not be.

Ponder on that thought and wonder what your greatness is in the world…


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