Online Business Predictions for 2012

online business predictions 2012

Gosh, we're already half way through January …

So we wanted to share our online business predictions for 2012 to see what they might hold in store for your online success.

We prepared these slides for a webinar we presented to the members of Six Figure Mentors the other night, and got some great feedback:

What are your plans and goals for 2012?

Don't forget it's an Olympic year this year, so we hope you've planned Olympic sized goals.

And how do our predictions impact your goals?

So what do you think the big changes will be in the oline world this year?

Do you agree that mobile websites are going to be huge this year? And if so, would you like to have one that looks like this on below?:

We've built it ourselves on our own domain so that our customers can find us on their mobile phone when they're on the move, or have idle time on their hands.

Go on, go and have a look at on your own mobile, just to check it out.

Having a site built for viewing on a handheld mobile device is also great for SEO as Google loves mobile seeing as it's invested millions and millions into Google+ and Android.

We'd love to hear what you think mobile websites in the comment box below.

Wishing that 2012 is the year of YOUR SUCCESS  🙂


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