5 Wonderful Warning Signs You’re Actually Missing Out

wake up to the internet

Emails bombard your inbox.

Most of them are unwanted spam!

Some of it makes your toes curl, as it's so untargeted, whih requires the mind of a gnat to send such garbage.

And it takes precious time to delete all that nuisance drivel each day.

BUT… SOME of the emails in your inbox each day (our emails, in particular), deliver the stuff you want to know – the valuable, life-changing information and advice you stuck up your handfor and said: “Yes – I want to learn more about digital marketing and how I can leverage the internet to create time freedom for me and my family”.

However, this morning we had 5 people unsubscribe from our mailing list. Not a big deal – it's a normal part of business online and happens every day. Unsubscribers are par-for-the-course, as we understand leveraging the internet is only for progressive forward thinking people.

What concerned us was the messages those 5 people left when they unsubscribed (if you saw some of the stuff some idiots write when they unsubscribe, it'd make your toes curl as it's definitely not stuff you'd share with your mother).

What Made Those 5 Messages Stand Out?

Well they didn't say any abuse, swearing, or cusswords – we've developed thick skins towards that type of muck anyway – but we do wonder why people think they can be anonymous on the internet and are rude and crude at will.

BUT… while we love all our customers and totally understand that most people want to live a life of purpose and certainty, we're not at all worried if some folks don't want our help. That's OK. We'll continue live or lives filled with passion and purpose, work when and where we like, and earn great money to do as we please.

There's plenty of other options out there, so if people want to take them, it's their choice and congratulations to them for making a decision to change their lives.

What annoys the hell out of us is: most people don't WAKE UP to the opportunity the internet provides in this digital age.

Opportunities are right in front of their noses, and yet they make all sorts of excuses why they're not willing to open their minds for a few seconds, and possibly open the floodgates to a life they never imagined.

Sadly, they lazily resign themselves to mediocrity, the status quo, the ‘old' traditional way.

Here's a insight into their limited thinking (and our take on that):-

5 Wonderful Warning Signs You're Actually Missing Out:-

Message 1

So the first message we got was someone who replied to our email:

“please DELETE my name from your list. THX”

This is as puzzling as the Theory of Relativity!

Firstly the person willingly entered their email address in an opt-in form in order to receive free digital lifestyle video training from us. However, it's quite obvious they didn't even read our emails, because EVERY single email we send out has a link to unsubscribe in the bottom left hand corner as required by law.

They've got some easy-osey notion about the internet and the fact we're in a digital economy where the entire world relies on the internet more and more each day… but WHY do they bother entering their email address and never investigate the supplied information any further!?

This person wants to stay in their own comfort zone in the hope something nice will change to improve their life without them having to lift a finger.

Well here's the bad news. NOTHING will change in their life unless they take action action to change happen.

There's even worse news – it's probably going be a struggle for them to build an online business (if it was easy, everyone'd be doing it right?), but the results they'll achieve in the end are well worth the breakthrough.

The REALITY is – life doesn't give you anything unless you're willing to make massive change in yourself.

Message 2

“I didn't subscribe to this spam”

Ummm. Yup. You did subscribe!

You simply can't remember what you've done one day to the next because all your days are so drearily identical and unfulfilling – so you can't recall opting in when you were in a stupor searching for answers on Youtube.

When you willingly entered your email address to be emailed free digital lifestyle training videos in exchange, it's NOT SPAM. For every single person on our email database who subscribed to receive and watch our free training video series – the database records the exact time, date, and the EXACT web page they signed up from (as it's all digital information).

Ask us. We'll more than happily let you know if, like this chap, you can't remember when and where you handed over your email address!

But what's really sad is, this person has got the mis-perception everything on the internet is a scam!

Many people get spam and scam mixed up!

From our experience, most people who think something is a scam have had a bad experience already (us included), usually either a product which doesn't do what it said on the tin (presuming they followed the instructions to the T), or they've had the misconception that to make money from the internet requires pushing some buttons and money magically starts gushing out their screen! (Which is impossible)

So because it didn't work for them, most likely because they didn't exert any real effort or treated it like a real business, claim it's a  scam – because that's easier that taking personal responsibility and blame for their failure! Ouch!

Message 3

The third person who unsubscribed was amusing because what they said in their unsubscribe messaged is exactly what we teach people to market any product or service on the internet.

It's also exactly how all companies market online and offline.

In fact it's one of the Golden Rules of marketing which has been around for centuries.

What do we mean?

You know how most people NEVER buy anything the first time they see it or hear about it? It's widely accepted people need to be exposed to a product at least 7 times before they make an informed decision about buying it.

Think about the last electronic gadget you bought. You probably heard about it from someone, then went on the internet to check it out, read some reviews about it, then went to several different websites to see who was selling it the cheapest, then either bought it online or went to the shop you thought gave the best deal.

But more importantly we can almost 100% guarantee you would've seen some kind of advert about it either on the internet, TV, in a store, or wherever.

We're all exposed to advertising every minute of the day. And we know what you're possibly thinking – “advertising doesn't affect me”.

advertising broadband

Lets think about that.

If advertising doesn't affect you, and we assume it doesn't affect most other people either, why is it a multi Billion Dollar industry?

…Because it gets results!

How did you first come across us?

From an advertisement…

Maybe Facebook, maybe you went to a website, or you could've found us on Google or YouTube. Either way, all advertisements.

Anyway, the third person who unsubscribed today typed:

“Because it seems to me anybody that keeps banging on about there product as much as you do is just a sign of desperation I'm sorry to say.”

(the ‘there' isn't a typo – it's what he actually typed!)

Unfortunately this guy told us in his message exactly how to market anything online or offline, he just didn't realise it. (obviously it's not just banging on about your product but you get the picture!)

Another missed opportunity. Eyes wide shut!

Message 4

This one's a hum-dinger.

It's totally ironic.

This lady unsubscribed from our email database and commented:

“too much information
have not the time to read it all”

The whole point of building a sustainable lifestyle business is to get your quality time back again… to do with as your heart desires.

Those savvy individuals who get this point, who really understand the practicality of having big chunks of their business humming along on autopliot, MAKE THE TIME to learn the future-proofing skill of building an online marketing business:

  • they study and learn when they're commuting
  • they don't watch telly or read the newspapers (it's all negative anyways)
  • they learn how to avoid distractions
  • they learn how to remain focuses
  • they learn how to avoid procrastination…

Cut to the chase – they make 15-20 hours a week available to ditch the status quo and a regular job, and embrace the emerging new world that is the digital economy.

Every great thing in life requires a small sacrifice – in this instance, a small sacrifice to invest time now to build a business around your lifestyle and not a lifestyle around your business – so you only have to work a few hours a week. Makes sense, right?

Message 5

We've saved the worst excuse till last 🙁

It's along the lines of Message 4, but more deadly:

“thanks for your info, it makes total sense, but it's not the right time sorry”

Sadly for this lady, we suspect it's never going to be right time. We know – there's no point whatsover waiting till she gets laid off, or till she gets a pay increase to fund her marketing budget, or she waits till retirement… as she's yet to learn the pivotal lesson ‘there's no time like the present'. Which is super SAD.

We all know the saying: Someday will never come.

Timing will never be perfect!

There's many, many quotes from famous achievers on the topic of timing to get started (and you'd think successful people ought to know a thing or three about when to take action – NOW!), so we won't labour the point.

What you need to understand…

If anything in this blog post has made any amout of sense to you so far, believe us when we tell you:- you're tons better off building an online business now, when you see the complete sense of it, rather than waiting until the planets are aligned, or until necessity dictates it (we've been there – it's not pleasant), or until ‘it's too late'

Rant Over

Bit of a rant we know…

But you're reading this far, so we realise you're serious about building a lifestyle business by leveraging the internet.

We mentioned earlier we're happy when people don't want to work with us or learn from the information we share – there's always an unsubscribe link at the bottom of each and every email.

Time is prescious to us so it's a happy circumstance to have people self-select – or self-delete as the case may be…

Our mission is to WAKE UP people to the fact the internet is there, waiting, loaded with opportunity… but it's not going to be handed to you on a plate. You need to investigate, you need to have an open mind, you need to take action.

What we're doing online works, it's a reputable business model, and we enjoy a lifestyle we never dreamed of (from the initial time and effort we've invested).

So if you're hungry for change and you've got a thirst for achievement, take your test drive of the exact same digital business system that gave us the kick start to live the life we love and find out more about what we do.

It costs only $29.95, and we reckon it'll be the best $29.95 you've ever spent.

“(Oops was that an advertisement?!)” 🙂


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