Having a Mentor Will Expedite Your Success Online

“TWO For ONE!”

Trusted Advisers, that is!

Need someone to hold your hand and help you transition to the digital economy and become financially self-reliant?

Need someone to help you generate leads, earn commissions, and make money as soon as possible?

What about someone to walk you through the A – Z of digital marketing, including setting up your website**, autoresponder**, lead capture pages, and all other important and PROFITABLE aspects of your online business?

Maybe information overload is confusing you so much you just need things clearly and simply explained, one step at a time?

Well, you're in the right place  😆

Now's the time to leverage the internet and the digital economy happening in the world today. But you'll need help doing it (unless you're super smart and super focused and super resilient).

Why Would You Want Help?

Why do You need SUCCESSFUL people like us who can really teach you the SKILLS of running a successful online business?

All top athletes and Olympians have trainers and coaches, just like all successful business people have at least one mentor to ensure their livelihood.

Consider the steel baron Andrew Carnegie, who mentored Napoleon Hill (author of Think And Grow Rich), who in turn was studied by Earl Nightingale (Nightingale Conant are world leaders in personal development media), who then inspired Bob Proctor (author, trainer, entrepreneur, and featured on the 2006 motivational movie ‘The Secret’). That’s an indication how vital it is to have a mentor!

THE hardest lesson we learnt in our first eighteen months online was learning to ask questions and to seek help! We made little progress . . . UNTIL we got a mentor.

Here’s why:

The internet is constantly changing and evolving so there’s a huge requirement to stay up to date, educate yourself and broaden your mind.

We're Your Mentors And Will Overcome This Problem For You

Always remember someone has almost certainly done stuff before you, so why waste time, effort and energy reinventing the wheel?

We want You to be the one who benefits from our experience, so here’s exactly what we will do for you:

  • Provide a blueprint for you to get started faster than you ever thought possible.
  • Help you completely understand how all the pieces of the marketing puzzle fit together, reducing the steepness of your learning curve;
  • Guide you every step of the way, so you can quickly come to grips with online marketing;
  • Show you the best marketing strategies for YOU, so you can start generating profits as soon as possible;
  • Tell you exactly what works RIGHT NOW;
  • Instruct you in setting smart goals and actionable steps to keep you accountable and keep you on track;
  • Prevent you from wasting pointless hours or days attempting to build your business by yourself;
  • Stop you buying into lots of crazy schemes to SAVE you tons of money;
  • Teach you proven techniques so you’re not overloaded with information you don't need yet;
  • Help you avoid the expensive mistakes most people make;
  • Share our expertise so you can build a digital online business that won’t let you down.

What EXACTLY Will You Get?

We've got TWO surprisingly affordable options because we want to help you SUCCESSFULLY launch your online business with zero stress, and fast results:

Month By Month Package*

One Hour phone or skype session, one to one, each week. That's FOUR jam-packed sessions per month, guiding you through building your own online marketing machine.

If you don't have skype, you can get it here for free.

You invest just USD $597 per month*, for a mimimum of three months, to ensure you get fully set up, avoid information overload, and get fast results!

Annual Package*

To get you making money, building your list, creating leverage online and Living a Laptop Lifestyle, we'll spend TWO FULL DAYS with you, two to one, at a suitable London venue for all of us.

After all, immersion learning is THE best way to go.

PLUS 2 One Hour phone or skype sessions per month, one to one, with one or both of us, to maintain your momentum and make your online business the success you want it to be. (Get skype here for free)

USD $5997.00 all inclusive*.


AND We’ll give you a Special Sign Up Bonus!

A complimentary website review and critique worth USD $597, where we give you feedback on the money making mechanics of your website and your online funnel. Get things wrong here and you might well not be in business!

Place your order now while everything is still in front of you!

Contact Us if you've got any (we mean ANY) questions whatsoever. We'll happily to chat to you about Your Online Success and get you started.

We’re just a phone call away  😀

The Laptop Lifestyle Experts







PS: How much opportunity are you missing out on each day/week/month you delay getting your online marketing system set up?? What is the cost of that missed opportunity?

* Due to our Digital Experts Academy coaching commitments, we're unable to offer personal mentoring to Six Figure Mentors members, other than our own referrals, unless we have direct agreement from your SFM referrer.

** Indicates an extra cost that’s paid by you directly to an independent third party provider. These costs are ordinary online business costs.

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