This is the PERSONAL GROWTH FOR SUCCESS category collection of our blog posts. In these posts, we share the various skills we’ve had to learn to develop ourselves for success online.

Back in 2009, when we were unceremoniously ousted from Corporate Britain, we hardly knew the word ‘mindset’ existed. Nor did we know much about personal growth, motivation, or self talk. Worse still, we didn’t believe we were remotely entrepreneurial!

So, we set about learning many lessons the hard way. We write about failing our way forward to success in our triple-award winning, best-selling book, Living A Laptop Lifetyle. And share similar tips, advice, and ways to improve yourself, in these blog posts too. We cover topics like being productive, maintaining focus, goal setting, thinking positively, and overcoming sel-limiting beliefs.

We also recommend the right books to read, depending on where you are on your journey to online success.

Get ready for your own personal growth :)