1. WE ARE HAPPY: Nothing makes us happier than having the freedom to work, travel, and make an adventure of life. We frequently pinch ourselves for being together doing what we love most.

2. WE ARE STRAIGHT UP HONEST: We are at our best when we are truthful, transparent, and genuinely authentic.

3. RELATIONSHIPS RULE: We are each other’s best friend. We surround ourselves by like-minded, positive, forward-thinking people and treasure deep, long standing, relationships

4. ADVENTURE IS OUR PASSION: We love nature. We love to explore, have fun, and live each day like it's our last. We continually attract the best experiences.

5. WE STAY THE DISTANCE: We are stubborn. We never give up on ourselves or others. We persistently, consistently, persevere until we achieve our goals.

6. WE ARE LEADERS: We stand tall, stand out, and stand firm. We combine our expertise, knowledge and experience as role models for people making the transition from employee to entrepreneur.

7. HELPING OTHERS GIVES US A BUZZ: We truly get a kick out of empowering people to be great, to share in their A-ha! moments, and to support their breakthrough from fear, doubt and self-disbelief, to living life on their terms.

8. WE ARE RISK TAKERS: We're not afraid to move outside of our comfort zone, face the fear, and fail forward.

9. LOYALTY LASTS: We are at our best when we are fiercely loyal to people we know, love, and follow. When we say we're going to show up – we do.

10. WE ARE LIFE LONG LEARNERS: We are committed to continually improve ourselves, to make us better people, and to come from a position of strength to serve others to the best of our ability.

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