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All too often, people bandy around words which they know and understand but which leave others feeling clueless, none-the-wiser, and left out. Know the feeling?

Like jargon at work. Or cryptic acronyms. Or twins secret language.

We're guilty of using terms you might not fully understand. Sometimes we simply don't think it through properly, or we get a bit lazy with our language, or we forget who's listening.

Because we're always talking about LIVING A LAPTOP LIFESTYLE or living a DIGITAL LIFE. But what is that exactly? And why should you care?

Have you ever wondered? And would you like some clarification? Sure you do.

So we recorded this video to set the record straight. Click to watch it now. It's 3 minutes full of meaning and information.


The GREAT THING about a Digital Life

Today, we'd love to share with you exactly what a digital lifestyle means to us. You'll need to interpret what it means for you.

The GREAT THING about a Digital Life is – it can be anything YOU want it to be 🙂

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We're passionate about waking people up and opening people's eyes to the alternatives that are available online. That's why we wrote Living A Laptop Lifestyle, recorded the video above, and have written this post. But we haven't always been that way…

Since 2010, we've served and helped hundreds of individuals wake up to the possibilities that exist on the Internet today.

Up to 2010, we were a Chartered Accountant and a Project Manager. Our jobs were super stressful. Taking holidays back then, meant we had to work our butts off for the fortnight leading up to the holiday, then, it would take the first week of the holiday just to unwind and de-stress. Maybe you know what we're talking about?

Eventually, we realized we were no longer passionate about what we were doing, and were certainly no longer fulfilled in our roles. Days were hum-drum. We robotically set the alarm clock each evening to get up and go to work the following morning – without ever questioning that we were merely existing, living the status quo, and not living life to the full doing what we love, when with love and with who we love.

Quit. Toxic. Dicks.

We simply had the insight to leave our careers, and quit corporate Britain, because we weren't happy with what it was doing to us and the stress it involved and just how full-on it is. There are a million reasons why corporate workplaces are so toxic, which we won't go into here – let's just say, many bosses are dicks, who relish exerting control over employees in an attempt to get their own back. Then there's the commute. And the fact you spend at least 40 hours a week with people you don't care for and who don't care for you. Is that the most sensible use of your precious time? Surely not?

If money were no object, and you opt to make the most of your limited time, what passion would you pursue? Family? Sport/Hobby? Something benevolent? Think about it.

Our passion is to travel and the great outdoors. We also love drinking wine and eating out. And we love scuba diving and skiing too. So it totally bamboozles us why people don't indulge in their passions as much as possible? Why wouldn't you? Why wait to you retire to start living life to the full? Seriously.

Harking back to 2010, we wanted a business where we could do what we like, when we like, and be passionate about what we're doing. So we re-invented, re-skilled, and re-educated ourselves how to market any affiliate product online. And we're no spring chickens, so if we can do it, you can too.

The point is, we run our lifestyle around our business, not the other way around as most people do. Our business doesn't run us. We run our business, but we get to choose the lifestyle we live as well.

In 2015 we spent 5 months travelling in the US and Mexico, then four days ‘home' in London before heading down to Australia and New Zealand for just over 3 months (so we missed the English Winter). BUT we could then enjoy winter by skiing in the French Alpes for a month on end when we returned from NZ.

Imagine having vacations longer than a week or two, not begging for time off to enjoy family events, and not answering to anyone else but yourself?

Digital Life Nutshell

In a nutshell, we've got the ability to work absolutely anywhere in the world that there's an Internet connection. We travel with our laptops and run our affiliate marketing business as we go. Working 5 hour weeks are not uncommon. NOTE: there IS still work involved, and getting set up requires effort, investment, and fortitude – but the result is totally worth the input.

We LOVE our lifestyle, and we're very grateful to Six Figure Mentors education, which has had a huge part in helping us to achieve it.

How You Can Achieve A Digital Life

If you feel you're cut out for a digital life too, Six Figure Mentors have put together an Extraordinary Online Business Startup Training Package which delivers powerful Internet money-making education designed to help you get up and running in the shortest time frame possible. After accessing your free account today, you’ll be able to make immediate progress with building your new online business and income stream.

When you grab your training package, you'll discover:

  • Tips on how to achieve your ‘Digital Lifestyle’ – living the dream of working whenever and from wherever you like!
  • How to create and optimize your business for maximum freedom and flexibility.
  • Invaluable insights into the fastest and most effective business model that lets you get set up and earning profit with a minimum of hassle (even if you’re brand new to online business).

Dive in to see for yourself why Six Figure Mentors are “The Place To Be” for people looking to tap into the booming digital economy with a simplified online business – cutting-edge training, Digital Toolbox, supportive community and more – all designed to give you dramatic growth, independence and freedom. Extraordinary possibility made realistically within reach!

Roll On Your Digital Life

We truly think it's what life should be. Get started today.

The Laptop Lifestyle Experts

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