A Month’s Worth of Reasons to Be Joyously Jobless

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“In the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years.” ~Abraham Lincoln

1. Body clock, not time clock

Are you at your best when the sun is rising and the birds begin to sing? Or, are you a night owl who gets your best ideas by the light of the moon? As your own boss, you’re able to schedule your work according to the time of day you’re most productive.

We’re happily flexible when online meetings don’t fit into our perfect schedule, but for the most part, we work when it feels best to us.

2. Fire the boss and get fired up

Being the one in charge is energizing! You’ll find qualities you never imagined you possessed. Your confidence will soar with each new step toward your goals.

Losing that boss peering over your shoulder primes you with a sense of independence and limitless opportunities. We know we’ve grown in confidence and self-assurance.

3. Conceive it and achieve it

Creativity loves a challenge. Take those “going to get to them someday” dreams and set those wheels in motion. Without having anyone throwing cold water on our ideas, we’ve found the ability to work our creative muscles more effectively than ever before. If one idea doesn’t work, we’ve got a dozen more to test.

4. A room with a view

When you’re your own boss, your workplace is wherever you want it to be. Our past choices have included a deck overlooking the azure Mediterranean waters in Antibes, a little table in front of French doors looking out over Sydney Harbour, a hotel room in Queenstown, and our office at home in London. As your success increases, your choices increase as well.

5. Inspiration is just outside your door

The world has an abundance of clues/inspiration/ideas just waiting to be revealed. We enjoy our freedom to embark on creative excursions. Serendipity blesses us on these little trips every time we venture out.

6. No commute. No road rage

For many employed people, the daily commute is one big waste of time. Our ‘commute’ to the office is 30 seconds, each way. When you work for yourself, you avoid the gridlock and the drivers who never should have been given a license! Now we’re joyously jobless, the only drive we think about is our drive to succeed.

7. The end of “grab and go” meals

Wave goodbye to those snacks staring at you from office vending machines. Bid farewell to the donuts calling your name from your coworker’s desk. Race away from greasy fast-food lunches. As an entrepreneur, you have time to prepare meals that are healthier and more delicious than what you’d eat at the office. We enjoy preparing nutritious and energy-enhancing meals. We save money and don’t have to watch the clock.

8. Priceless priorities

As your own boss, you give yourself the precious gift of living according to what’s truly most important to you. We’re thrilled to be making a living without having to sacrifice what makes our lives worth living. We’ve built a business around our lifestyle rather than a lifestyle around earing an income – which is what most people get wrong!

9. Learning for the love of it

Instead of learning only what a job needs you to learn, it is exciting to enjoy a wide variety of educational experiences. We find new ways to enrich our knowledge every day – whether it be marketing oriented, mindset oriented, or just plain trivia and general interest stuff.

10. Fur Family Friendly

If you have four-legged babies, you know they miss you when you head off to the office each day. Their unconditional love is available 24/7 when you’re your own boss – which, of course, works two ways – you have a happy pet and a happier you 🙂

11. You’re your own HR department

As your own employer, you can offer yourself the benefits that nurture your body, mind and spirit. In addition to health insurance and unlimited vacations, consider massages, beauty treatments, meditation, yoga or long lazy lunches.

12. Personal and spiritual growth

For our business to grow, we must grow as well. Being your own boss means stretching past complacency. New challenges bring forth new talents. Understanding how our minds work is key.

13. Discover your tribe

Connecting with fellow travelers who share the same daring entrepreneurial spirit is such an adventure. It’s a true joy and privilege to share fun, friendship and life with other like-minded entrepreneurs.

14. No gossip. No backstabbing. No bickering. No office politics

Enough said.

15. Dress down or dress up

When you’re your own boss, no one dictates what to wear. Dressing for success means dressing in what works best for you. Sometimes we work in our PJ’s!

16. No ruts no more

Each joyously jobless day is unique. There are always new activities and new ways of doing things. There’s time to exercise and time to prepare healthy meals. Each day’s a new adventure. No longer stuck in a rut.

17. Accentuate the positive in yourself

As your own boss, you’ll discover new strengths and talents within yourself. It’s so satisfying to acknowledge and build upon those gifts.

18. When you show your audience who you are, you show them what they can become too

Young people in that “village” everyone talks about are looking for someone to emulate – someone to show them what can be. We’re all in this together. Whether or not they’re your own children, you can influence them in ways you never imagined. Let them see you living your dreams.

19. More years in your life

More life in your years. We’re convinced living your dreams and following your heart is extremely beneficial to your health and every cell of your body. We feel so much better and healthier as we continue our profitable “jobless” life. We’re both in our 50’s (just!) and our lifestyle now is how it should be.

20. Beat the crowds

We can:

  • enjoy a matinee or avoid standing in a supermarket queue that snakes down the aisle,
  • go to the gym in the quiet times,
  • shop on week days to avoid the rush,
  • be home for tradespeople and deliveries,
  • make our own schedule and save time and stress.

21. Fewer constraints. Fewer complaints

As entrepreneurs, we focus on breaking through barriers. When we discover a distraction or roadblock, we make the choice to take action. Taking control and making a difference is an important part of maintaining mental and emotional health.

22. Meet the people you thought you would have to wait for retirement to meet

As Dr. Seuss told us, “Oh, the places you’ll go.” To that we add, “And the people you’ll meet.”
Your business will lead you to worlds and people just waiting to be discovered.

23. Adventure every day

Enjoy the unpredictable, the excitement of a life of possibilities. It may not be for everyone, but our instincts tell us it is probably right for you. It certainly has been for us.

24. TCB

Taking care of your business life will help you take better care of your personal life. Response ability and responsibility go hand in hand. The ability to respond and stepping up to the plate. These are skills that are vital for every type of success.

25. Nap when you need one

Absolutely love that one!

26. The only limits are the ones we impose on ourselves

We decide what we want to earn and find the best ways to reach our goals. We’re not limited by a pay grade or a company budget. .

27. Harmonious living is a reality

As your own boss, you’re more likely to live according to your true beliefs and values.

28. Tax is less taxing

When you run your own business so many more costs are tax deductible. Plus you get longer to pay as opposed to when your taxes are grabbed from your pay packet without you even ‘seeing’ that money first!

29. Freedom

30. And the time to enjoy it

31. You can choose to do it any time. How about right now?

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“For all of the most important things, the timing always sucks.

Waiting for a good time to quit your job?

The stars will never align and the traffic lights of life will never all be green at the same time.

The universe doesn't conspire against you, but it doesn't go out of its way to line up the pins either.

Conditions are never perfect.

‘Someday’ is a disease that will take your dreams to the grave with you.

If it's important to you and you want to do it ‘eventually,’ just do it…”

~Timothy Ferriss


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