We know you’ll have a good time then . . .

too busy

Picture someone pulling on their polyester flairs to go to a disco way back the 70’s.

Life was supposed to be carefree then – but a song that topped the charts in December 1974, tells it like it was, AND, sadly


This one hit wonder folk rock song, tells a gritty, but REAL story about a father who’s too busy to spend time with his son.

Although the son asks him to play with him, the father always responds with little more than vague promises of spending time together in the ‘future'.

Now that’s bad enough, but the SADDEST part is: the son grows up and starts to model himself on his father's behaviour – wishing to be “just like him”.

So then we end up with generation after generation of parents who are too busy to spend time to help their children grow up.

Let’s think about what “too busy” is all about.

Too busy generally means going to work, marching to the beat of someone else’s drum; which is compounded by spending too much time travelling to work and back!

TOO BUSY also means following traditional ways of earning a living by doing what our parents told us to do, as that’s what worked for them – which generally means exchanging your time for money.

Being too busy can also be a perception – to be important and to be significant.

So, it’s all about TIME.

And it’s all about tradition or habit or the way it’s always been.

So to stop the “too busy” treadmill, something has to give – you’ve got to change the model.

Now you may have noticed both time and tradition have changed since the dawn of the internet – since the emergence of the digital age.

The digital age ensures we can have choice to work smarter and to be there for our loved ones – it provides us a different model to make money and to live our lives.

So the opportunity is now to change the habits of the past – to embrace the digital revolution. Particularly to ensure the ‘future’ is different.

So “too busy” is no longer an excuse!

If you’re open to discovering how to change your future by taking advantage of the digital revolution, we’re here to help.

Please don’t have these lyrics ringing in your ears:

“And the cat's in the cradle and the silver spoon

Little boy blue and the man on the moon

When you comin' home dad?

I don't know when, but we'll get together then son

You know we'll have a good time then”

We hear too many stories of children being in bed before parents get home from work, because parents are “too busy”.

It doesn’t have to be that way though.

Now’s the time for a change – to take control of your time – but retain your financial security – and have the freedom and choice to do what you want, when you want.

But it takes learning new skills. Re-skilling is the solution.

We’ve recently learned new skills (and there’s nothing special about us, but there is something very special about the skills we’ve learned) – which we can share with you here, for free.

Grab the opportunity to change where you future’s heading  right now.

Do it for your family and your loved ones.

Because Your Lifestyle Matters.


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