How To Turn The Tables On Being Poor

How To Turn The Tables On Being Poor

Were you haunted hearing these phrases growing up: “we can’t afford it” and “do you think I’m made of money”?

Because of that, maybe you’re struggling financially, forever worried about money, racking up debt with no idea how to repay it?

And you’re sick and tired of that poverty mindset keeping you stuck?

Good news – there’s a solution.

First, there’s a video you must watch, then there’s fixed steps you must to take to turn the tables on being poor.

Click to watch this video now:

The guy in the video is Robert Kiyosaki, author of the #1 Personal Finance book of all time, Rich Dad Poor Dad. Robert’s book tells his story of growing up with two dads – his real father and the father of his best friend, his rich dad – and how both men shaped his thoughts about money, wealth, and investing.

To paraphrase the video:

When you hear “I can’t afford it”… it becomes your reality. That mindset is the fast-track to demise, poverty and thinking small.

A closed statement like that becomes an excuse. Your brain shuts down and you become what you think – it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.

But, It’s Not Anyone’s Fault!

Poor people are the victims of their upbringing, and their schooling. So, the people they’re surrounded by in their formative years have unwittingly conditioned them also to be poor (up until now, that is).

Of course, we’re not saying your parents are bad people – but consider how many of your insecurities are a by-product of your parent’s hang ups?

Your parents did their absolute best to raise you, but they didn’t do THE best. That’s because they carried over conditioning from their childhoods too.

Our parents grew up during World War II when many foods like meat, dairy, eggs, tinned stuff, jam and biscuits were rationed and restricted. They tell many stories of kids queuing for food staples, baking their own bread, and squabbling over a single apple or orange.

So, it’s obvious where their scarcity mindset comes from, and why, as kids, we had to eat every morsel on our plates at mealtimes (including the mashed swede and nutmeg ew!). It’s understandable why “we can’t afford it” was uttered so frequently to us as kids. It was said so much that we gave up ever asking for anything and got after-school-jobs as quickly as we could, so we could buy those things ourselves. Guess that was our earliest experience of thinking: “what can I do to afford it”!

If you have kids, think about one of their habits that annoys you the most. Chances are it's something they picked up from you because kids are avid learners and avid copiers!

The Biggest Instigator of Poor Thinking

The school system is the biggest culprit because it teaches us to think poor and stay poor.

How so? Western education primes us to get good grades and get a job, be an employee, work hard and… (you know the story – it’s omnipresent in our society)

But that indoctrination hasn’t kept pace with the warp-speed world we live in today. It doesn’t prepare us for contemporary living available in this digital age.

Remember your school days. Chances are your classes were the same as ours – heavily focused on theory and rote learning. You probably weren’t ever encouraged to think creatively or entrepreneurially. Nor did you learn any financial intelligence, about buying and selling property, or how the tax system works. Right?

(How to love yourself and mindfulness are two other huge topics that aren’t taught in school either. It’s like the politicians wish to keep us emotionally stupid as well as financially stupid!)

Anyways, we believe the onus is on us to go out and learn this stuff ourselves. We knew we’d only become rich or financially self-reliant once we gained some financial knowledge, hand-in-hand with a positive, can-do mindset to support it.

What you fill your head with is what’ll bring you success and riches, because your mind is your most important asset in any financial situation.

So instead of saying to yourself: “I can’t afford it”… you must train yourself to think with empowering open questions like:

“What Can I Do To Afford It?”

As you may be aware, we’re keen proponents of the digital education offered by Six Figure Mentors and Digital Experts Academy. But, like all purpose driven education, there’s an investment involved.

Recently, we asked people what’s keeping them stuck from enrolling in the education, and three different people answered as follows:

[1] how do I start from literally nothing while supporting my wife 3 kids

[2] I’m looking for an auto run system to run cheaply and without worry, but I have no funds at the moment

[3] I’ve been living on Government hand-outs for 2 years

Can you understand how these people’s way of thinking has kept them stuck? They can’t afford to invest in the liberating Six Figure Mentors education because they’re not thinking resourcefully as to “What can I do to afford Six Figure Mentors world-class digital education?”

When people are poor mentally, they’re always negative, they believe the world owes them a living, they play the victim in life, and see problems and barriers instead of solutions and opportunity. Sadly, they’ll always be poor, and no amount of money will help them – UNLESS they change their mindset and how they think.

The Moment You Accept A Salary Your Brain Goes Dead

As we said, society dictates that we get a good education, then get a job for life. Most people blindly follow in the footsteps of their parents, because that’s been reinforced as normal. They see what everyone else is doing, and think that must be right, so they copy it and adopt it and believe that’s what they have to do too.

And that’s not a problem if they want to stay poor.

But, to be rich, they must start to think differently.

The trouble with selling your time for a salary is there’s an unsmashable glass ceiling lingering over your head. There’s always a standard pay level you ‘learn’ to accept as your limit, and you peg your ‘worth’ to that pay scale. You ‘settle’ for a 2% pay increase that doesn’t keep pace with the cost of living (especially in London).

Why Some People Change the World, and Others Just Survive in the World

Ever wondered why some people change the world and earn 7 figure sums each year, yet most others merely survive in it earning less than $100k per year? It’s great if you do wonder why, because it means you recognise the difference ????

The next step is to fundamentally change the way you think. It’s not easy to do, but with the right motivation it’s 100% possible.

Back in 2009, when we were laid off from our Corporate jobs, we were forced to take stock and consider our career options:

[A] play the job interview game again in the futile hope someone would be willing to hire middle-aged people and pay us what our skills are truly worth, or

[B] go back to school to learn a new skill, then continue to trade our time for money, where there’s no way to scale up our income, and hand over control of our time to our bosses, or

[C] leverage our existing skills as a consultant or a freelancer so at least we control our work schedule and work from home, but continue to trade our precious time for money, or

[D] learn to be entrepreneurial, address our fears surrounding that, then sell other people’s products for big commissions, or sell physical products on Amazon.

You know we opted for [D]. We slowly changed our thinking from employee to entrepreneur to make sure the “I don’t know how” didn’t keep us trapped as wage slaves with a cap on our earnings.

There's a lovely quote by a Vietnamese monk, Thich Nhat Hanh, which says:

“People have a hard time letting go of their suffering. Out of a fear of the unknown, they prefer suffering that is familiar.”

Thich Nhat Hanh

And for us too, it was scary stepping outside of our comfort zone to learn a new skill, but the rich reward for doing so is far superior to suffering and staying stuck in the status quo.

When starting out in the digital world, you need to choose which business model you prefer to learn – either E-commerce, Affiliate Marketing, or Consulting and Freelancing…

It’s no different than the decision you had to make in your teens about what you wanted to be when you grew up. It can be daunting, but the decision is easy after absorbing the right level of information and understanding.

The key skill Six Figure Mentors teaches affiliate marketers, revolves around human psychology and why people buy. So, you learn how to connect with people to gain their trust – which is kinda second nature for most of us who have friends.

Many people mistakenly think they’ll need tech skills to be successful online, but tools and systems have advanced to the point where most of the ‘tech’ is eliminated. Seriously!

The key skill is sharing your perspective and giving people value.

Want to find an idea? Look for a problem.

Want to help yourself? Help others.

Want to get money? Give value.

Rich people create value for others. Poor people don’t.

Not Sure What Value You Have to Give?

The Six Figure Mentors education will help draw that from you. Every single person on the planet has value to share – you simply need to acknowledge it, overcome those false fears stopping you from blossoming, and get outta your comfort zone – which is why the mindset shift helps.

Gain further insight into what value you have to share in this blog post and video.

And, you don’t have to do it alone – there's an amazing community in Six Figure Mentors of helpful, supportive, like-minded people – quite unlike workplaces we've experienced. Plus, there are regular, interactive training webinars each week (ours included), in addition to all the video training. So, you can interact with real like-minded people, as it can get a bit lonely when it’s just you and your laptop lol.

Six Figure Mentors Business Systems, Education and Community Provide You With EVERYTHING You Need

Want to take your income, business, career, or relationships to the next level? You don't need all the answers up front, or even a crystal-clear plan, but it’s downright crucial you surround yourself with people who’ll mentor you, support you, to help you stay focussed on the actions needed to live your very best life.

The plain fact is – you first need to break the cycle of scarcity thinking to be able to harness that success mindset and honour your true purpose in life. But HOW?

We read books. And continue to read/listen to books. And we highly recommend (insist) you read these 5 books in the order they’re listed:

5 Books To Help You Overcome Old Scarce Thinking Ways

[1] The Science of Getting Rich

By Wallace D. Wattles

This age-old wealth creation bible was first published in 1910 so is written in the ‘flowery’ language of the day – but don’t let that detract from the powerful explanation on how to overcome money oriented mental barriers.

Learn about “the Certain Way of Thinking” which means cultivating a state of mind which has a positive influence over everything in life – not only your financial success, but also emotional intelligence that impacts health, happiness and relationships too.

Either click on the image above to buy it on Amazon, or download a free ebook here.

[2] Rich Dad, Poor Dad: What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money – That the Poor and the Middle Class Do Not!

By Robert T. Kiyosaki and Sharon L. Lechter

This New York Times bestseller was first published in 1997 and is an autobiography of the learnings Kiyosaki gleaned from his friends’ rich Dad, which he put into practice to become a highly successful investor, able to retire at 47.

This book teaches financial literacy, and the difference between assets and liabilities. Rich people never confuse assets and liabilities, but poor people frequently do. He outlines the steps to becoming financially independent and wealthy – which is the stuff we don’t get taught at school!

Rich Dad, Poor Dad is a MUST READ if you get out of the “rat race”, or learn how the rich get rich, or how the rich approach investing.

Think of this book as your investment in your future wealth.

[3] Think and Grow Rich

By Napoleon Hill

Written in 1937, during the Great Depression, 20 million copies of this wealth handbook have now been sold. It’s the first book we read that changed our belief about the accessibility of success.

Hill took 20 years to study those who had built personal fortunes and developed 13 principles or steps help people establish the desire, faith, and persistence to succeed in any area of life. So, it lays out your journey to wealth by leveraging the power of personal beliefs, and the role they play in personal success. It instils the mindset required to succeed in everything you do.

Either click on the image to buy it on Amazon, or download a free ebook here.

[4] Living A Laptop Lifestyle: Reclaim Your Life By Making Money Online (No Experience Required)

By Greg and Fiona Scott

Of course, we’re biased – but we wrote the book in 2012 to open people’s eyes to the alternatives an online business can provide. If you have a computer, an internet connection, and a passion, you’re already sitting on a mountain of value. We’ve prepared a pragmatic, vital guide on how to leverage all that.

Each chapter is composed to suit the budding entrepreneur in you – to take you from the very basics of getting started, right through cultivating the correct mindset, to generating a sustainable income online.

Here’s what the Grand-daddy Self Development, Brian Tracy, said about Living A Laptop Lifestyle:

“This amazing book shows you how to quickly tap into the technology at your fingertips, increase your income, simplify your life, and achieve all your goals.”

Brian Tracy

[5] You Can Heal Your Life

By Louise Hay

We’ve saved the best till last. Published in 1984, and now sold over 40 million copies in over 30 different languages, this book is a down-to-earth practical guide to help you bash through that negative childhood conditioning.

Many people get angry when we mention they have subconscious blockers about money, so you need to boldly read/listen and apply the strategies in this book because you can plant the seeds of success now and let go of a poor past.

Don’t be like Louise (and us) used to be – she used to refuse to try anything new because she didn’t know how to do it and didn’t want to appear foolish. Learning is making mistakes until our subconscious mind can piece together the picture of success.

Louise teaches you to love yourself, love everything around you, and open your heart to the things you want in your life. Your consciousness led you to where you are now – and your consciousness will either keep you there or lift you up to a better position. It’s up to you.

How To Turn The Tables On Being Poor

If you really and truly want to turn the tables on being poor and cultivate a healthy financial mindset, please read the above 5 books in the order listed. Some are free, and some you’ll need to spend the equivalent of a couple of coffees for – your future is worth it, right?

Finally, know this: we human beings are very resourceful – you included.

Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.

Napoleon Hill

We whole-heartedly believe that is true for every human on this planet. They simply need to work on their beliefs and stories they’re telling themselves!

Having read these books, reach out to us to either join Six Figure Mentors or to learn what other actions you can take to get the money rolling in.

Because you’re worth it.

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