A Zen Master Lesson On The Pursuit Of Personal Freedom

how to achieve personal freedom

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The main motivation of all us humans is the pursuit of Personal Freedom. We desire the obvious liberties and privileges that come from having choice – having time freedom, emotional freedom, AND financial freedom.

But . . . the sad fact is, most of us aren't prepared to get off our buts and take the necessary action to claim that personal freedom.

We think the good stuff only happens to ‘other people'.We procrastinate, waste time and over think stuff.

We fear all sorts of things like: success, failure, not having enough, having too much, not being loved, standing out, being criticised etc etc etc

The Real Truth About The Pursuit Of Personal Freedom

However the REAL TRUTH is – 99% of us are physically, emotionally, and mentally capable of achieving our personal freedom – BUT . . .

We talk ourselves out of working for it.

We make excuses.

We kid ourselves we're happy to settle for the status quo. There's something riding in our favour though.

Adversity and necessity are strong driving forces.

You may or may not know the story about why we set up an online business.

What An Online Business Has To Do With Personal Freedom

We simply HAD to escape corporate Britain in order to maintain our self worth and sanity.

We didn't want to answer to the boss any longer, we didn't want to waste time commuting, and we wanted to be in charge of our own timetable and our own work schedule. Maybe you can associate with that?

It was out of sheer necessity we had to learn fast – as our backs were up against the wall.

But there is another story

. . . A Short And Powerful Zen Story

how to achieve personal freedom

That story goes like this:

Once upon a time, many centuries ago in Japan, a young, enthusiastic zen monk called Bimo wanted to become a student of a famous zen master Huike.
Bimo asked Hike countless time to be accepted.
But the master always refused 🙁
One day, the master was sitting in the sun beside a burbling river, with his very few disciples, when the persistent young zen monk came to his presence again, and stood in front of the noble sitting figure and humbly said: “I shall not leave until admitted!”
The zen master raised his head and looked up at Bimo (which he'd never done before), slowly got to his feet, and instructed Bimo to come with him into the water.
They both entered into the shallow waters of the river.
The master asked the monk to put his head under the water.
He then held his head down!
After a few seconds the monk tried come up for air, but the master held his head firmly under the water.
After a few seconds more the monk started to struggle to get out.
The master still held him down.
And just before the monk drowned, the master released his head.
The monk leaped up, gasping, spluttering, blue in the face – inhaling gulps of air into his distressed lungs.
The master came out of the water and addressed the monk:
“Come back and be my disciple when you want to reach freedom as much as you wanted air”.

 ==> No different to setting up an online business then!

 Which begs the question:

“Just how big is your desire to change your life, change your circumstances and claim the personal freedom to which you're entitled?”

Because whatever excuse you're making to yourself right now, is holding you back and is wasting your precious time!

If you want to chat about your excuse for not starting an online business today, so you and your family can have the freedom you want tomorrow, we've put aside some time for you, which you can see here.

We'll tell you it's going to take some concentrated effort on your part, and it's not going to be easy, but the personal freedom you achieve is well worth the effort.

Imagine . . . what personal freedom will feel like to you?

Where would you work?

What would you be wearing at work?

How would you use the time you save by not commuting?

And how would you feel to be totally self -reliant – where you were in full charge of your time freedom, emotional freedom, AND financial freedom?

Want To Talk About It?

Chat to us – see when we're free – we're here to help.

Each week we help 20+ people build their online businesses.

We've now talked to over 250 people repeatedly for almost two years now.

We understand their worries and fears, their hurdles and speed bumps, and their capacity for learning and advancement.

All you have to do is schedule a call – because if you can't be bothered scheduling a call, we won't commit to help you! Fairs fair.


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