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Dr Wayne Dwyer

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Ever feel like there are days when the world is conspiring against you?

Ever thought it’s ‘pick on me’ day?

Ever found that as soon as one thing starts going wrong, everything else turns sour in quick succession?

Let’s face it – it happens to all of us at some point or other 🙁

BUT . . . there’s a question to ask yourself about all of this, and that is, can it all just be bad luck? Or is there a deeper internal belief/negative/mindset thing going on?

What really intrigues us is this idea:

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Dr Wayne Dwyer

Ponder on that. Think about it. Chew it over for a bit.

Then watch this really quick video by the “father of motivation” Dr Wayne Dwyer – who’s an internationally renowned author and speaker in the fields of self-development and spiritual growth (we’re talking over 40 books, including 20 New York Times bestsellers!)

Albert Einstein once observed that the most fundamental and major decision you have to make in your life if this:

“Do I live in a friendly or a hostile universe?”

Which is it?

Is it a universe that’s filled with hostility and anger and people wanting to hate each other and people wanting to kill each other?

Is that what you see, because when you see the world that way, that's exactly what you will create for yourself in your life.

This is from great scientific minds. And the interesting thing is that it’s not just a clever play on words, that when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. It's actually a very scientific thing which we’ll delve into in a moment.

Imagine the following scene .  . .

You're in your house. You've got your car keys in your hand. The lights go out. Power failure. You can't see a thing.

You stumble around in your living room and you drop your keys. So you look around for a moment but realize you're never going to find them in the dark!

But . . . you look outside and notice the street lights are on. So, in your mind, a light bulb goes off. “Hmm. I'm not going to sit around here in the dark and grope around looking for my keys when there's a light on outside. I'm going to go out under the streetlight and I'm going to look for my keys.”

“Why are you laughing? This makes a lot of sense, right?

So, you're out there and you're groping around and you're looking for your keys and you're looking and looking.

Then your neighbour comes along and says, “What happened?”

“Well, um, I dropped my keys.”

“Well, I'll help you look for them.”

And the two of you are now out there looking for your keys.

Finally, the neighbour says:

“Excuse me but, where did you drop your keys?”

“Well, I dropped them in the house.”

He says: “You mean to tell me you dropped your keys in the house and you're looking for them out here in the streetlight? Doesn't make any sense!”

“And you say, “Well, it doesn't make any sense to grope around in the dark when there's light out here.”

Now, you laugh and you think how silly that is, but isn't that exactly what we do when we have a problem, a difficulty, a struggle that’s located inside and we're looking for the solution outside, someplace outside of ourselves?

change starts on the inside

It would be like going to the doctor and telling him all your symptoms and the doctors says:

“Oh, boy! You've got a lot of symptoms,” and he starts writing out prescriptions. You need a prescription for this symptom, you need a prescription for that symptom.

And finally he has four or five prescriptions for you, so you go to walk out and say, “Well, I'd like my prescriptions.”

He says, “No, no, no. I'll give this one to your mother-in-law and I'll give this one to your neighbour and I'll give this one to your daughter and I'll give this one to your father.”

The point is: you're the one with the struggles and the difficulties but you’re expecting somebody else to change or something outside of you to get better in order for you to make your life work.

Intention is something you have to really take a hard look at.

Because – change happens from the inside out.

It starts within you, how you think, how you view the world

Remember: When You Change The Way You Look At Things, The Things You Look At Change.


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