Warning: This Is Sizzling Hot!

OK. Forget about how it all works.

There's lot's of theories and postulation about the physics behind firewalking.

It sounds freakish that you can walk on hot coals, in your bare feet and not get hurt.

(Video proof below)

The bottom line is we were not looking forward to our firewalk.

And then there's the obvious question. Why would you do a firewalk anyway. Whats the point?

Because one part of us was saying “it's impossible, we're going to burn ourselves”,

and the other part was saying – “millions of people have done it around the world, why are we any different”?

Well it's all about facing your fears and just doing it.

So here's what happened…

We arrived at the venue in Norwich and met up with our friend Tosin.

Tosin has arranged dozens of firewalks and physically done even more, and we're damned sure we've never seen him hobbling around in pain!

He's a motivational expert and his job was to get all of us pumped up and in the absolute right mindframe to just get out there and do it.

And thats the key..

You have to have the mindset that there IS no fire.

Your need to set a goal (get to the other end without turning your feet into two medium rare sirloin steaks) and then not think about the obstacles in the way (In this case those hot glowing coals laid out in front of us!)

Once you've achieved that mindset, then you're ready to go (And let's just say you need to be super pumped up).

Here's our video proof (Warning: the contents of this video are sizzling hot!):

So what exactly did we achieve?

1. We can now say we've walked on burning coals in our barefeet đŸ™‚ – (We think that could be an exclusive club)
2. We know we can achieve that same mindset to get over any other hurdles we're facing in life.

Because it's all in the mind…

Every phobia, every fear, every perceived obstacle you think you've got that stands in the way of you and your success is just in your mind.

And you know what?

If you can make slight changes to your mindset you can achieve the seemingly impossible.

And it's really not that hard.

With Tosins guidance, we went through a few simple steps and exercises, from being very apprehensive to getting VERY hyped up and literally straining at the leash to just get out there and do it.

So what fears and phobias do you have that are standing in your way?

Can you perceive or believe that those fears are just in your mind?…

And what effect will conquering those fears have on your life?

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Do you think that could also be all in your mind?

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