Tony Robbins’ Three Pillars of A Success Mindset

three pillars of success

Have you ever been scared of starting a new job?

Scared of asking someone out on a date?

Scared of sitting an exam paper?

It's perfectly human if you hare, but… you went ahead an did those things you were afraid or nervous of anyway, because ‘life' expected you to do them.

So why, are you open-minded enough to get into debt to get a college education which doesn't guarantee you a job, and then hunt for a job which eats up most of your week, but you're close-minded about exploring new opportunities the internet provides you?

Why? It's because you haven't developed that success mindset yet. Again, that's normal, as they don't teach this stuff in school!

The good news is: you can learn to develop a success mindset, or an can-do attitude, or a entrepreneurial way of thinking..

In July 2011, I witnessed Anthony Robbins speak for 5 hours non-stop at the National Achievers Conference in London. I'd seen videos of him in action on YouTube, but wasn't convinced he was THE personal awareness guru for me, even given his huge reputation! However, seeing him ‘perform’ live, has changed my perception somewhat.

Tony Robbins live is an enigma to behold. He is energy personified. And his information or content is succinct and profound.

I want to share with you his Three Pillars of Success, as I, personally, took a lot of meaning from them, as they've helped change the way I take action, tackle challenges, and move forward.

secrets to a success mindsetSuccess Mindset: Pillar I – Set Focused Goals

You need to have sharp, laser targeted focus on what you really want to achieve, why you want to achieve it, and by when. Make your goals so clear and compelling – and that’s not just ordinarily clear, but crystal clear – because where focus goes, energy flows.


It’s all to do with how the conscious and subconscious parts of your brain connect. Now this is key, so keep reading.

Imagine your brain is a computer. The conscious part of your brain is the screen and keyboard, while the subconscious is the information stored on the computer. So the computer screen and keyboard is how you interact with the world around you and is used to set your goals and measure performance.

Your subconscious controls about 97% of your perception, behaviour, beliefs, and achievements, making you who you are.

But it’s also a bit stupid.

Your subconscious is only stored information so depends solely on the instructions passed to it by the conscious mind and can’t work anything out on its own.

Most people identify so strongly with their conscious mind, they ‘think' their conscious mind is enough to give them successful results in their lives.

But how can this be true if it’s only a keyboard and screen and only accounts for approximately 3% of what we do? It can’t possibly produce long-term sustainable results.

So, most people set goals only with their conscious mind, then get discouraged and sidetracked because results don’t show up.

However, if your goals are well defined, realistic, measurable, and timely, and you habitually repeat them, they will be mass stored in your subconscious and your conscious mind will have no choice but to retrieve them.

By repeating your goals you embed them in your subconscious. Your conscious mind starts believing the goals are true and you then have a much greater chance of achieving them.

Phew – that was deep.

Back to basics – without focus, there’s simply no point setting goals!

Without the constant repetition of a crystal clear, defined target, your unconscious mind won’t form the behaviour and belief that you can achieve exactly what you want to achieve – and this won’t get etched into your conscious attempts at measuring performance.

It's how how we humans are wired!

how to have an entrepreneurial mindsetSuccess Mindset: Pillar II – Your Resource Toolbox

Tony Robbins pointed out the reason that most people’s failure isn’t from a lack of resources, whether it be money, time, energy, other people.

Most people’s failure results from a lack of resourcefulness.

Successful people get the resources when no-one else do.

So to be successful, all you have to do is go out and hunt down the best strategies, the best mentors, the best tools, the best map/blueprint/steps, and the best coaching – in order to achieve the best results. If you can't afford those things, then get resourceful and find yourself a better paying job, or take a second job, or offer your time to help a mentor do the things they find tedious.

Find someone who's demonstrated they have the solution to your problem which'll tick all of the above qualities. It’s always sensible to copy someone who is successful, by doing what they do (without question), and copying what they do in exactly the same way they do it. (So, NOT reinventing the wheel, or thinking you can find a better way, or thinking you know a better way…)

Nothing succeeds more than the pattern of success.

Write that down – it's powerful and important and noteworthy.

three pillars of a success mindsetSuccess Mindset: Pillar III – Get Inner Alignment

Work out what your big driving force to succeed is, and what’s important for you today.

Resolve any inner conflicts you have to ensure everything you want is aligned.

For example, will having success mean you’re still loved?

Or, can you have success if you've got an issue with money?

Or, will you still fit into society once you’re successful and stand out from the crowd?

If you’re a spiritual person – will your success impact your spirituality?

When you unlock and unleash your vault resolving inner conflicts, you align your life with what you truly value.

When all your inner beliefs are aligned, there won’t be any inner conflict, and you'll take action – you won’t be able to help it – massive action will happen automatically.

Once you achieve your goal, you must celebrate that achievement.

Then contribute – take what you’ve learned and take it to someone else in order to continue the cycle of joy and fulfillment.

So if you believe you've got what it takes to develop a success mindset, or you're already worldly enough to think that way, join us and other Digital Experts looking for partners – be a budding entrepreneur seeking time freedom


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