How To Attract Customers By Giving First

How To Attract Customers By Giving First

We were brought up to believe all we had to do was ask – and we'd receive.

But it's different online. We've subsequently learned that life is all about give and take. And the giving part comes first – if you want to attract quality customers, that is.

When we apply that basic principal to marketing online, we understand we can provide help to people, with no strings attached. Because, eventually we'll receive back more than we've given.

It's known as attraction marketing – and we share about attraction marketing strategies and the law of reciprocity in this video:

One of the key reasons people fail to have a successful online business, or fail to get started, is they take too much from their prospective customers. They don't leverage the law of reciprocity where something of value has to be given first, in order to receive something of value back – not necessarily from the same person though.

A lot of businesses try and take too much out of their clients – all they’re interested in is increasing their turnover, and trying to sell them loads of stuff, and just see them as numbers. Whereas you’ve got to actually focus on your customer and make them feel like you truly care about helping them solve their problem.

Give To Get

So in order to get, you’ve got to give something of value first. It’s a just like a conventional business. Think of a food market. You go through a food market, everyone has their stall with their produce laid out, and on the counter they’ll have samples for you to try.

Some samples you’ll like and some you won’t. It’s quite likely when you find something you do like you’re going buy something from that stall.

You Provide A Service

It’s the same with your online business. You need to think of your online business in the same way. You’re providing a service to your customers and they’ll buy from you, but only when they’re ready. The way they become ready, is by getting to know you, like you, and trust you, and once they do that, then they’re much more likely to become your customers by buying something from you.

Now it’s all very well saying that, but there’s a few things you need to change in your way of thinking.

There are 5 key areas to consider:

1. Attitude

The first one is having the right attitude. That means ‘owning' your expertise and being a leader. You'll build trust with your prospective customers when you're perceived to be someone who knows what they're talking about and can confidently provide information that solves a problem for people.

Creating a brand and branding yourself is the best way to aid that leadership perception.

So, brand your website, your Facebook page, your YouTube channel and all other social media. Therefore, all of your online real estate has the same look and feel, allowing prospective customers to get the same experience every time they deal with you.

2. Give Helpful Information Freely

The second thing is providing helpful, useful, valuable information without expecting anything in return. When you do that, when you give information that helps solve problems for people, over time, they'll start to trust you and rely on your advice and recommendations – which makes them a lot more likely to want to buy from you.

3. Be Real

The third thing is to be authentic and genuine.

People want to do business with people these days. It’s not all about the product, it’s more about the person. They want to do business with a person they actually perceive as a real person, not someone hidden behind a business or behind a website, or behind their laptop.

So it’s really important to get your personality and character out there. Make people want to do business with you, so it's not all about your products or offers. Be genuine and authentic – so don't pretend to be someone or something you're not.

4. Communication

The final thing as far as the law of reciprocity goes is to be able to communicate your offer effectively.  You need to be able to influence people that your offer is what they need to solve a problem they have.

But you need to do it in a nice way. You don’t want to be all salesy and hypey and manipulative. You simply want them to learn about all the benefits, let them make their own decision about it, and if they’re ready to buy then they'll buy.

If it’s not for them, then it’s not for them – be detached from that aspect because not all your prospective customers will buy from you.

When you learn how to communicate your offer effectively you'll certainly improve conversions from prospective customers into actual customers.

5. Change Your Mindset

Your business is about serving people. You want to help them be successful. Don't have the attitude of taking something from them, you’ve actually got to give them something first.

The sooner you focus on helping people, the sooner you'll have more success, because your prospect customers will come to you, instead of you having to hunt them down. You’ll build a good reputation. People will be attracted to you instead of you having to chase after them.

Be A Giver And Not A Taker

Remember to be a giver and not a taker.

Share problem solving information freely. It'll come back to you in spades when people start to buy from you.

Don' fake it. You can’t fake being a giver, it’s something you have to do genuinely and it's the keys to your online success.


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