How To Add a Hyperlink

How To Add a Hyperlink

How To Add A Hyperlink

You’ll have to agree, if you’re reading this post, that it’s awfully handy to know how to add a hyperlink to text or to an image in your blog post to entice your reader to click through to another url on the internet!

It’s actually very straight forward to do.

Firstly, to add a hyperlink to text, highlight all the text that you want to add a clickable link to, then click the chain link icon in the blog post toolbar.

Whether you want the link to go to another post or page on the same blog, or you want it to go to a different website url altogether, the process is the same.

Also note that the chain link icon used on the WordPress toolbar is a generic icon across the internet, and will be the same button to click if you want to add a clickable hyperlink in an email, in a Word document, in powerpoint, or wherever.

Part 2 of the process in how to add a hyperlink to text is to paste the link where you want to drive your reader to, into the box, tick the box if you want the new url or new page to open in a new window, then click ‘Add Link'.

Note that if you’re driving someone away from your blog, to another site altogether, you may want to have the new site open in a new window of the viewer’s web browser, because they’ll clearly see where they’ve come from as the first window will remain open. Plus it means that the viewer will keep your original page open longer on their browser, which gives that page more authority in the eyes of the big search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo because time spent by a viewer on a page indicates that the content of that page is good.

So, are you wondering How to Add a Hyperlink to an Image?

Firstly, load the image into your post by clicking on the Upload/Insert media button shown below at step 1, then insert the image in the post where you want to position it AND click on it to make it ‘active' (i.e.: it turns a darker shade), then click the chain link icon shown below at step 3 – and the next step is exactly the same as adding a link to text.

Note that if you don’t want to add a hyperlink to an image on your blog, and you don’t want the image to be clicked on by the viewer, then go ahead and pretend to add a hyperlink to an image but type # in the link box instead of a url, and click save. Try it out, and see what the difference is.

Finally, if you’re directing people from your blog to another site that is not controlled by you, then you might want to make the link a ‘no follow’ link. No follow links mean that the page rank and authority of your blog is not diminished at all by sharing some link power with the external site. If you were to create a lot of external links on your blog, then you would slightly diminish the oomph of our site in the eyes of the search engines – which is not desirable.

Want to know How to Add a Hyperlink to Make it a No Follow link?

Again, this is easy to do.

Once you've added the URL in the hyperlink box, save the draft of that blogpost, then click on the HTML tab of the post. In the HTML editor, search through the code for the URL that you've just hyperlinked then type rel=”nofollow” at the end of the URL.

So, in the HTML coding, it'll look exactly as it is here, including the < and > signs (but substitute the http:// with the url you want to send readers to):

<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”></a>

Using this code, makes the link into a no follow link, which preserves the ranking of the page you're putting the hyperlink on.

Now you know how to add a hyperlink, please ‘like’ this post, leave a comment below 🙂


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  1. Adrienne 12 years ago

    I sometimes forget some of the simple things we do each day that others aren’t familiar with. I have an older friend that just now got a blog and bless her heart, she doesn’t know how to do this. Not yet but I’m going to point her in this direction because you did such a wonderful job of explaining this Greg and Finoa.

    Thank you so much for including the basics. Things we take for granted now.

    Enjoy your day.


  2. Author
    gandfscott 12 years ago

    You’re right Adrienne – too often we take simple things for granted, so we’ve decided to take the time to answer the questions our students ask us, by way of blog post or video 🙂

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