How To Increase Engagement With Your Email List

How To Increase Engagement With Your Email List
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John asked us a great question recently. He asked: “How Do I Get More Engagement From My Email List?”

Maybe you’ve wondered the same thing?

Or maybe you’re curious to know the answer?

Watch the video and all will be revealed:


It’s all about telling a good story that grips your audience. We humans have a primeval love of stories that goes back through the ages. So the very best engagement you can get from your email list is to practice, practice, practice telling people stories.

Do you like a good story?

What’s your favourite movie? Because movies are stories, and they’re pretty much formulaic.

Get the formula right and you can’t help but be engaging 🙂

We learned a formula from our public speaking coach, Andy Harrington, and it goes like this:

SCENE: Begin with setting the scene in your reader’s mind. Describe it, define it, get them to place themselves in the scene. Never assume your reader can see what you visualise in your head when tell your story.

STARS: You must have characters in your story and you should describe them by referencing them to someone famous who most people will know. They also need speech, a name would be helpful and more real, and describe any key characteristics of your ‘stars’ too.

STRUGGLE: What’s the main struggle in your story? Build it up, escalate it, make your reader feel the pain.

SUMMIT: The climax – people want to know how the struggle is overcome and the process involved in beating the odds.

SUMMARY: make the learning point stick in people’s minds – share the moral of the story, or the takeaway for the reader.

To demonstrate how all this works in reality we'll give you an abbreviated example with regards to our personal story. You can read the full version when you click here >>> )

Here's Our Story As An Example Of This Story Telling Formula:

So here's the short version of our story, so it won't take you too long to read 🙂

SCENE: A Private suite on the 52nd floor of the Lebua Tower Hotel in Bangkok – there was the whiff of fresh paint, a light hum of the air conditioning, and we were sat on the crisp white Egyptian cotton sheets of the king size bed when our phone rang.

STARS: We were preparing to celebrate our last night of a fabulous holiday only the phone call from my boss John, who’s a short, grey headed, accountanty type chap who looks a bit like Harry Potter. John sounded nervous on the phone that day, and his voice quivered when he spoke.

STRUGGLE: the news from John was all bad. I was laid off – and Greg was out of work at the time too. We were gobsmacked – and there were certainly floods of tears. It was so gut-wrenchingly galling to be dispensed like that with no second thought. Maybe you’ve experienced being laid off too, or know of someone who has lost their job?

SUMMIT: We decided it was best for our health, wealth and happiness to exit corporate Britain. So we combined our skills and set up an online business as affiliate marketers. That decision lead to the great fortune of meeting Stuart Ross and the opportunity to join him in Six Figure Mentors where we received the real online marketing training and education we could relate to, which allowed us to remain authentic and true to ourselves.

SUMMARY: We realised we needed to seek help, ask questions, and collaborate with others who are following the same re-education journey as we were.

So . . . We hope you agree that stories are THE very best way of increasing engagement with your list – as long as you stick to the formula.

As Stuart Ross said recently, ensure your emails always Entertain, Educate, and Earn for you. And that can only happen when you follow the story telling formula outlined above.

The next time you watch a movie, read this post, and see if you can fit it into this formula.

Remember the practice part too. Story telling is like a sport or relationships or playing a musical instrument – it takes constant practice.

So . . . what stories have you got to share. Leave a comment below and let us know.


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