The Minimalist Guide To Facebook Post Planner

Facebook Post Planner Review

Facebook Post planner

It’s great that you’ve got great content on your blog – but what good is it if no-one sees it?

All that time and effort spent on crafting an informative blog post is only half the job. The other half is distributing and syndicating your post.

So what’s the best and easiest way to get thousands of ‘eyeballs’ on your blog content so targeted people see your offers?

In short,

Facebook Post Planner!

Facebook Post Planner is one of the tools we use in our business and if you haven’t discovered it yet, you’ll profit when you read on.

Here’s what the company say about Facebook Post Planner “a crazy good product that brings peace, love, timely status updates and Facebook superhero powers to anyone with a profile pic”

Let’s take a look at this video:

[youtube id=Cra994IyGXg]

What is Facebook Post Planner?

No time to watch the video?

In a nutshell, Facebook Post Planner is a branded application or branded app which shares content with your community and groups on Facebook. So every post you send out, whether it’s your content or not, is branded with your personal website.

Can you imagine how powerful that it is?

You can schedule status updates, blog posts, quotes, pictures, information (anything you usually share on your timeline or page) totally on autopilot – leaving you the time free for other marketing and revenue creating activities 🙂

What Does Facebook Post Planner Look Like?

Facebook post planner

Facebook Post Planner is very easy to use.

The best part is that . . .

You can schedule your posts for as far ahead in the calendar as you like. Even catering for different time zones, repeating the posts how often you wish, so your solutions are always being provided to interested people.

But – be careful not to misuse it and post incessantly. No-one likes spam!

Facebook Post Planner Ideas

Ever been stuck for ideas what to post about? Or maybe you simply want to post something to spark some interest?

Facebook Post Planner has thought of that! There’s a facility where you can pose questions, post quotes, get friends to fill-in-the-blank, post deep thoughts –  all at the click of a mouse . . .  just like this:

facebook post planner

Let’s see an example of a post we created and shared with a large number of groups in our industry, personal fan/brand/business pages and on our personal profile.

You decide where and when to distribute content, how often to post it, and even post for different time zones when people are on Facebook and are most likely to SEE your content.

The best thing is . . .

Even after the distribution is scheduled you can still go and change it.

facebook post planner

Facebook Post Planner Branding

The branding of your posts is what is very powerful as it gives your audience the opportunity to click straight through to your website (the one you chose when you first set up your App).

facebook post planner

Looks very professional don’t you think?

facebook post planner

If you happen to love statistics (always test and measure your marketing) you get stats on your posts. Knowing the times you get the most click throughs allows you to “rinse and repeat” what works and change what doesn’t.

The team at Facebook Post Planner are constantly modifying and changing the App to make it even better. They’re talking about extending it to Twitter too.

Give Facebook Post Planner a try – at $14.95 per month it’s one of the best priced marketing tool we use.

Try it and see for yourself.

You do have to join relevant groups on Facebook before you can share your content with them – which does take time, but you only have to do it once. As each group approve you to join they’ll appear in a list on the Facebook Post Planner App once you click the little green refresh button. Then you can create lists of groups which just makes things even easier 🙂


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