7 Reasons Why You Need To Be A Top Professional

7 Reasons Why You Need To Be A Top Professional

In the UK there’s an extremely popular cooking competition on television called Masterchef. All the participants are amateur chefs who've only cooked for friends and family but who want to become Top Professionals.

Throughout the process they prepare and cook food at a variety of increasingly difficult levels, up to one, two and even three star Michelin Restaurant standard.

The early episodes start with a large number of budding cooks, and over the series, progressively eliminate contestants until there are only three left.

Each of the finalists want to become known as a Master Chef within the restaurant industry.

They’re outstanding examples of why you want to be an expert in your market, niche or industry in order to achieve success. The Masterchef series shows some of the key benefits of becoming a top professional:

1. Recognition and Exposure

Recognition and exposure comes from appearing in the forefront of your industry, and showing you have the ability to achieve what others struggle to.

From the very first round of Masterchef, the contestants start to gain recognition by appearing on national television and cooking elaborate dishes under pressure.

2. More Followers

When you start to become recognised in your industry or market, your following starts to grow exponentially. This translates into more sales or demand for you, because you start being recognised as an expert.

Appearing on Masterchef gave even the most amateur and inexperienced chefs a huge amount of exposure. Without that exposure it makes the job of attracting followers so much more difficult.

3. More Customers

Those followers can turn into customers.

The longer a contestant “survives” in the Masterchef competition, the bigger their following. For the final three, it’s practically guaranteed they’ll open their own restaurant, and there’s an even bigger guarantee that their restaurant will be bursting with customers.

4. Credibility

The only way you can claim to be an expert is when other people recognise you as an expert. The best accolades you can get are from people who are already at the top, and when you start getting those there's nothing to hold you back.

Masterchef finalists go from being amateur cooks through to becoming exceptionally talented chefs. They gain credibility from their fellow contestants, credibility from the judges, and most of all, credibility from major restaurant owners and chefs who are dominating their industry.

5. Easier to Sell

When you become recognised as a top professional, you can sell your products more easily because you've gained a certain status.

Every winner of Masterchef within the last few years, has opened their own restaurant. Their restaurants have a backlog of customers, because people already know the skill and reputation of the chef and want to experience it first hand.

6. Access Places You Wouldn’t Normally

As a top professional you’ll gain access to places most people could only dream of.

In the final stages of the competition, the contestants start to become very skilled chefs. They go to cook in some of the best restaurants in the world, and have to deal with the same stresses as a highly trained chef. They need to produce stunning food creations for actual customers during actual service. For any budding chef, cooking in such highly rated restaurants is unheard of. However, because the contestants have gained the exposure they need, they’re able to go to places that normal chefs would never have access to.

7. Attract Others

Being recognised as a leader in your industry will attract other people to do partnerships and joint ventures with you.

In the final round of Masterchef, the three remaining contestants cook in three star Michelin restaurants. The exacting standards of the restaurant, and the incredible pressure they face to cook a three star Michelin course, is one of the most stressful situations you can imagine. Michelin starred chefs aren't renowned for being easy on their staff.

In the last series, all three of the top chefs asked the finalists to come back and work for them. For the finalists it was an impossible dream, as they were unheard of home cooks just a few weeks previously. They had proven their expertise in front of some of the biggest players in the industry, and were now sought out by them.


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