Email Marketing Lists And Why You Actually Need One

Email Marketing Lists And Why You Actually Need One

If you're new to affiliate marketing, online marketing and online business, your best move is to start building an email marketing list.

Having an email marketing list or opt in email list is pivotal to boosting your marketing efforts. With a list you'll maximise your SEO and paid marketing efforts, ensuring you get a ‘bang for your buck' and a positive return on your time and money investment – that's because you can send an email to all the people on your list and instantly reach them with your message.

Once you’ve created a list, you can make offers to your list, keep them updated with any news you have, let them know when new offers are coming out.

Build A Relationship With Your List

From the outset you need to start building a relationship with the people on your list, by providing something of value to them. You'd generally want to provide loads of free information/tips/tactics/advice, because people will start to build a trusting relationship with you.

The more you provide and the more you give, the better the relationship you’ll build with the people on your list.

You’ll find over time that because prospects learn to trust you and because you’ve built up a relationship them, they’re more likely to become repeat buyers of your products. People on your mailing list will think you’ve given so much valuable info that your products will be the icing on the cake for them. This means you can charge a suitable price point because there's a higher perceived value of the products you recommend to them.

Advantages Of Email Marketing Lists

One of the biggest advantages of having a list is you can reach everyone on your list with a single email.

This is possible when you subscribe to an autoresponder service, which sends out emails for you automatically. Simpy set up a sequence of emails once, then schedule the emails to go out daily, every second day, weekly or however frequently you want to schedule them.

Anther advantage is you can have more than one list – so one list for prospects or subscribers or leads, and another list for buyers which you can transfer people to once they buy something from you. The reason for differentiating buyers from prospects is you'll want to send different messages to each group. You'll want to provide tempting valuable information to the prospects, and support and user information to the buyers.

To get your internet business started on a good footing, start building your email list. A responsive email marketing list the perfect solution to maximise the interaction and response to your SEO efforts and your advertising efforts.

Which Autoresponder Service Do We Use And Love?

Just to wrap up, you're probably wondering which autoresponder service we recommend. The truth is, we've used only Aweber since 2009 and it stands the test of time. Aweber had fantastic online training, responsive and helpful customer support, and is trusted by all the big email service providers like gmail, AOL, hotmail, yahoo etc etc, which means good deliverability of your emails into the email inboxes of the people on your email marketing list.

We always say – only recommend products and services you know and use and love yourself – so for us, when it comes to autoresponders, we use and recommend: AWEBER 🙂


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