How To Create Opt In Email Marketing Lists

How To Create Opt In Email Marketing Lists

We’ve previously talked about the importance of having an opt in email list and why you need to build them. Now we want to mention how you physically go about building it.

There’s several ways to go about building opt in email lists, and the first one is to have a free giveaway on your website, like an ebook, report, training video or even a piece of software. Visitors will get this when they sign in through your optin page.

First, You Need An Autoresponder

The way an optin page works is you have a box on your website where visitors enter their email address and click a button which sends those details to your autoresponder. Your autoresponder automatically captures and stores your prospective customers email address in the related database.

It provides a database for you to store customers and prospective customers details in, and when someone enters their email, the autorepsonder automatically sends a welcome email out to them containing instructions how to get their free gift. Their is data saved in the autoresponder database so you can email them regularly going forward.

The ebook, report, training video or software needs to be of good quality and preferably something you’ve written yourself. Alternatively, you may have the licence or rights to give away an ebook or software that someone else has written, which is perfectly acceptable, although you need to carefully read the terms and conditions of the licence to know whether you're able to share that content for free or not.

Use A Newsletter To Build Your Email Marketing List

Another option to creating opt in email lists is to have a monthly or weekly newsletter.

Write articles yourself or get someone else to write them for you. Upwork is a great place to source for article writers.

Next, you should advertise your newsletter, using Google Adwords or any other type of pay-per-click advertising. So you could use Facebook, Youtube or Microsoft Bing to advertise on – Facebook is great for giving away free things, because people are there to socialise and not necessary to buy, so don’t expect a hard sell.

With a newsletter you'll gradually build up your list of subscribers.

The advantage of having a newsletter is your prospective customers expect to receive your emails. In fact, if they don’t receive them, or you’re late in sending one out, your readers could very likely complain! They actually want your emails, which is a huge advantage to you.

Inside your newsletter, include several articles on your subject, and include links to any products you own, or affiliate products you’re promoting. Don’t overdo the number of links though as you'll disappoint your readers as they subscribed for your content, remember?

Spread the Love

You can also encourage your readers to share your newsletter with their friends, so it can be spread it virally. The advantage of this is, if the friends of your subscribers like your newsletter, they'll more than likely sign up also, because they don’t want to wait to receive it second-hand from their friends.

Your subscribers must have the choice to be able to opt out of your opt in email lists (If that makes sense!). Most reputable autoresponders like Aweber and Getresponse, provide this functionality automatically, so every email you send has an unsubscribe link at the bottom.

Look positively at someone unsubscribing, because no matter what you do, it'll still happen. If someone doesn’t want to be on your list it means they’re not a targeted customer any more, and you’re not going to be able to help them anyway.

You really want targeted customers on your email marketing lists as it means that over time you’ll have a much more responsive list – which means more sales, and it also means a higher deliverability rate of all your emails – but that's a different story again.


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