3 Money Matters You’ll Need To Overcome To Have Success Online

money matters

You probably have hangs-up with one thing more than anything else on the planet… Money Matters!

It’s a subject tarnished with taboo and treachery.

Many believe money is tied to the assumption the wealthy must’ve cheated their way to riches by fooling, using, or hoodwinking people.

BUT… that’s the biggest load of codswallop ever pondered by a human brain.

Sadly, the reality is, without realising it, other people’s negative views of money unwittingly impact you from a tender young age. This causes you inner conflict, fills you with issues about earning what you’re truly worth, and prevents you from tapping into your ‘fair share’.

So, it's not your fault to harbour negative beliefs about money.

BUT… it IS your responsibility to change them if they don’t serve you and are keeping you poor.

How Our Mindset Affects Our Money Matters

What’s super sad is, we rarely stop to consider how dramatic an impact our money mindset has on our financial reality.

Which is exactly what we’d love to help you change, shift, eradicate, in this blog post.

This article may take a lunch break to read… BUT, consider avoiding a lifetime of wanting and needing, by reading it!

And it’ll save you your lifestyle!

Think about the pain and frustration associated with the lack of time and money. You likely associate a certain pain and frustration with the belief you’re missing out on the things in life you truly deserve.

For us, the penny finally dropped (pardon the pun lol) when we talked to a mentor about our money matters:

“Greg & Fiona, you need to understand over the years you’ve developed quite a few bugs in your brain software, and they’re strangling your income potential. You can either live with them and remain limited financially. Or you can install the code to correct them and have an unlimited earning potential – it’s up to you.”

In other words, our brains are like a computer and our minds are like the operating system that controls our money matters.

BUT… we were running several self-limiting programs, or bugs, created from having innocently absorbed other people’s views about money.

Please read ☝️ that para ☝️ again – it’ll help you understand your money matters too.

Our past conditioning about money strangled out income earning potential.

Maybe yours is too?

We’d inadvertently entrapped ourselves in the time for money game. The trap is, there’s next to no opportunity to scale or ramp up our incomes.

The Time for Money Game

What do we mean by that?

When you sell your services, or skills, or time for a salary or consultancy fee, there's only so many hours in a day you can work before burnout occurs. Which means you can’t ‘create’ more hours in the day to deliver more service/value to your employer. Which means there's a restrictive limit or cap on your income.

How did we come to realise that?

We stupidly thought that because we’d invested so much in our educations, we were entitled to have careers for life. Being employees and career professionals was all we knew. Reading Robert Kiyosaki’s book ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ alerted us to the time for money trap. We finally twigged that we had to build our own business to have an uncapped earning potential.

Make sense to you too?

money thermostat

Money Thermostat Exercise

If you’re unsure what we’re on about here, let’s try a little exercise:

What stock phrases and sayings can you think of which reference money in a negative light?

What do you remember HEARING when you were a kid – maybe from your parents, teachers, uncles, aunties, friends, friends’ parents?

Maybe, you heard some of these sayings?:

  • Money is the root of all evil
  • We can’t afford it (we heard this often enough)
  • All money, no time to enjoy it
  • Look after the pennies and the dollars/pounds will look after themselves
  • Money doesn’t grow on trees; (it does – it’s paper!)
  • Time is money (that’s the WORST myth holding many in jobs)
  • Filthy rich

Ring any bells?

And do you believe any of these sayings are true? It’d be totally normal if you do. We certainly thought those sayings were real as we were slaving away at the Corporate coalface!

But, Good News is in Store!

Those sayings above, are simply UNTRUE.

They’re only self-limiting beliefs, which are thoughts unwittingly (unintentionally) seeded in our minds by people we trust or spend a lot of time with in our formative years.

And, you can alter your beliefs relatively easily.

To start earning what you’re truly worth, you must change such thoughts. It’s what we want for you. Read on and learn how to do that.

So, let's delve into those 3 common money matters, or money myths, now. The goal is reframe them for you, to provide you with a strategy to overturn each of those myths in your manner of thinking.

There are 3 key common money matters that are hobbling far too many worthy people – keeping them stuck – tricking them into remaining financially limited.

reframe money myths

What Do We Mean: Reframe?

To reframe, means to change the frame of reference, or change the ‘lens' through which you ‘view’ your unquestioned beliefs about your money matters.

In other words, to adopt a positive perspective about money instead of a negative one.

The easiest way for you to understand reframing is to do this exercise:

Take those common phrases or sayings you believe to be true about money and think of the exact opposite!

Change those sayings around in your head, put a positive spin on them, then say them out loud:

So, “look after the pennies” becomes “make a FORTUNE and give the pennies to charity”.

“I’m a money magnet” (this is a favourite of ours and is the name of a folder on each of our computers).

“Making money is easy”. More on this in a minute…

“Money is everything”.

When you repeatedly say these sayings out loud, you reframe your beliefs.

We used to quote them in the shower most mornings. And running, pounding out a nice beat to the new affirmations.

Now you understand how straight-forward it is to reframe any self-limiting belief… let’s now tackle the 3 common money matters or myths about money you'll want and need to overcome in order to have success online.

money can't buy you happiness

[1] Does Money Buy You Happiness?

Over the years we’ve all become confused about the connection between money and happiness. There are numerous posts professing that happiness increases logarithmically with wealth. That is, up until the US$75k mark. After US$75k, the happiness factor starts to peter out!

So, the truth is: money doesn’t equal happiness.

Not at all.

It’s kinda like the chicken and egg debate – you know – which comes first?

There are many studies conducted on the psychology of happiness (when you’ve finished reading this article, maybe search Google for ‘happiness research’ to learn more). All research resolves that happiness is the precursor to success, and not the other way around.

Curious, hey?

So, what does this mean?

Happiness Must Exist Before Money Can Flow

True success will only come from inner peace and happiness.

The painful fact is: unhappy people are unlikely to have the success, money, and wealth they desire.

Better focus on happiness, right?

Hope you realise happiness is a choice?

There are many wonderful things you can choose to do to make you happy in the now, and keep you happy, which don’t require money ????

How To Choose Happiness First

Discover how easy it is to choose happiness by downloading the PDF happily titled: 15 Happiness Factors Every Frazzled Person Should Know

15 Happiness Attractor Factors

Download it now to read later.

Then come straight back to this post to learn how to broaden your horizons, and hone your money matters, to have success online.

Because… when you’re happy, grateful, and blissed out, your internal energy will be positively buzzing.

Yoko Ono, Musician, (and Mrs John Lennon) said:

I realized that if my thoughts immediately affect my body, I should be careful about what I think. Now if I get angry, I ask myself why I feel that way. If I can find the source of my anger, I can turn that negative energy into something positive.

And Dr Wayne Dyer, 50th best-selling author of all time, said:

Thoughts are mental energy; they're the currency that you have to attract what you desire. Learn to stop spending that currency on thoughts you don't want.

Everywhere we look, we see energy in its purest form – waves crashing on the beach, thunder and lightning storms, plants and trees growing.

We know everything is energy. Including all human beings.

We also know that good energy attracts more good energy, and bad energy attracts more bad energy. And you’re bound by this universal truth too.

The question is, what’s your energy drawing into your life? And how is it serving you? Or is it pushing away the things, people and outcomes you desire most?

Money flows to you when you manifest the energy inside of you.

So, what’s inside of you? If you’re thinking negatively about money – how could that negative energy ever possibly draw the success you desire?

money matters 2

Think of it This Way…

If you squeeze an orange, you get orange juice. If you squeeze a lemon, you get lemon juice.

What energy are you giving out when life squeezes the essence out of you? Is it good and happy, or bad and sad?

To test out the energy in you, do this simple exercise:

Just for a moment… SMILE… and notice how that instantly shifts your inner state. Why does that work? Because, a smile is good energy. You can’t think of negative stuff when you’re smiling ????

Imagine how it feels to spread your smiling energy through your mind and your thoughts about money and self-worth. It will feel amazing, and will boosts your confidence, and your money attractor factor.

Bottom line of your money matters is:

You won’t reach any level of success until you feel worthy of that success. When you feel worthy of a million dollars, that's when you’ll attract it into your life.

You’ll only ever earn what you believe you're worthy of.

It's critical to ask yourself: “where do I not feel worthy?” and “what are my negative thoughts about money?”

What’s inside of you will manifest into the energy of money.

You’ll only receive what you believe you are worthy of. Never more. That’s annoying to read and learn, but it’s the truth. Consider your results to date as evidence.


  • re-framing those stock money sayings today
  • doing things that make you happy today
  • harnessing positive energy today ????

Because, money solves a lot of problems to ensure your happiness shines through.

But… you must be happy first.

earning money is hard work

[2] Earning Money Is Hard Work

In our opinion, this stock phrase is the biggest con in the world.

Bigger than Santa!

It’s holding billions of people stuck in the 9-5 rat race. They THINK that’s what they’re supposed to do, that it’s the only way – work hard, work long hours, and exchange time for money.


WHEN did that all go wrong then?

This workaholic mind-set is relatively new – working long hours comes from around the time of World Wars I & II where the populations had to graft and toil to rebuild their lives and get their countries back on their feet.

This idiotic ‘hard work’ work ethic was ‘born’ after WWII – when weekends and vacations became short breaks so people could get back to work – and, sadly, that hard work ethic stuck ☹

But… when it comes to money matters, this new philosophy is much more fun.

Money is as easy to create as it is to breathe. There’s no lack in our universe. Acceptance of this ‘law’ is key.

Maybe you’re struggling to accept that truth given the ‘conditioning stemming from the post-war mentality?

making money is as effortless as breathing

Consider this Perspective,

Our breath is the most precious substance in our lives, right? We totally take for granted that as we exhale, our next breath will be there to inhale. But, if there wasn't another breath to take, we wouldn’t last 3 minutes.

However, if the power that created us has given us enough breath for as long as we shall live, can we not trust that everything else we need will be supplied too?

Or, think of it another way…

Does the sun struggle to rise every morning?

And does the grass struggle to grow?

Do you struggle to breathe? You’re competing with 7.5 billion people – do you struggle to get air?


What's noteworthy is… each of us has 37.2 trillion cells – unique fingerprints – unique voice boxes – unique brains – we’re all simply divinely unique – and yet, you were created EFFORTLESSLY. You breathe, grow your hair and nails, you walk… all effortlessly.

So, Why the Hell Do We Struggle in Some Aspects of Life?

Struggle is a man-made creation. We stupidly CHOOSE struggle, believe it or not. We crave the adventure or challenge of pitting our wits against that what we can’t outwardly control.

However, it's possible to inwardly control your struggle!

Every single second, you’re manifesting your life experience.

Manifesting is effortless.

Why is your life so messed up?

Successful people think and feel very differently.

The fact is, the life you have right now is the product of the thoughts, feelings, and emotions you had 3, 6, 9 months ago. It’s the way our minds work. We need to stop opining over what’s not right and start picturing and attracting good times and freedom.

And start with loving who you are and what you’re capable of achieving. Once you truly, fully, and completely love yourself, accept yourself, and believe in yourself – what will your life be like? Will you choose to struggle, or would choose to have it all?

It's time to question your status quo.

Because earning money is like breathing. The notion of it being hard work is a falsehood, or a limiting belief, or a wrong story you’ve been telling yourself for far too long.

Change the tune and magic happens.

How do we know – rejigging our thinking in this manner enabled us to learn the affiliate marketing business model, where key systems are automated, and we leverage other people’s products. We've set up these systems so they're pootling along nicely, and very little effort is required on our part to earn a healthy income each year. Seriously!

(Yeah – we too wouldn’t have thought it possible with our 2010 manner of thinking!)

need money to make money

[3] You Need Money To Make Money!

Some of the biggest and most loved companies were started by an entrepreneur who had no money.

Thinking you need money to make money is like pulling the hand-brake on your life – which is stopping you from being resourceful.

Our Mothers always used to tell us: “money doesn’t grow on trees, you know”.

But, money does grow on trees, because pieces of paper are made from trees – albeit, pieces of paper with arbitrary values.

Consider the history of money… the first currency came from bartering. Merchants wrote IOU slips when they didn’t have the right commodity available to exchange, say, tea or cloth or beer.

Then, silver coins replaced the IOU slips because metal was more durable than IOU slips. Then it became cheaper to have sturdy paper notes and non-silver coins.

Now… it’s easier to ‘tap’ and pay digitally. It won’t be long before notes and coins disappear from the Western World.

BUT… all along, money has always been pegged to value.

be of value

Money Flows To Value

Money is always circulating, and in today's digital world its velocity is ever increasing.

There’s more than enough money to go around.

You simply have at add value for money to flow to you.

A better way to think of your money matters is:

All I need to make money is to serve others with love, creativity and determination.

Value attracts value. Add value and get dollars in return. Make sense?

To add value, you need to be valuable. We give ideas on adding value in this blogpost.

Now you know what it means to add value, here’s how you approach the making money problem when coming from a space of lack. Ask yourself:

What Can I do to Sort My Financial Matters Today?

Don't think: “How can I make $10k?”

Instead, ask yourself: “How can I provide $10k of value out there in the world?”

When you reframe your money mindset beyond scarcity and fear, your brain creates new neural pathways to channel greater abundance and prosperity into your life.

It’s simple science. A straight forward energy equation.

Positive energy attracts positive outcomes like success, wealth, and happiness.

Negative energy gets more of the same – more scarcity, lack, and distress.

To change your vibration or energy or feeling about money (panicky about your bank account, nervous about paying bills, insecurity of the size of your pension post) simply start to think how you can add value in other people’s lives.

The thing is, if you’re not in appreciation of life and rewards, you’re in expectation of life and rewards – which is the wrong energy.

Once you appreciate everything and expect nothing in return, you’ll manifest like a magician.

how to make your first 10k online

Take Six Figure Mentors

Because we've learned the ropes and leveraged Six Figure Mentors since 2010, we get $2 back for every $1 we invest in our advertising, over a 45-60 day period. When you work the maths for a year, that’s a cracking 600% return in 12 months.

(But we make NO guarantee how the numbers will work out for you.)

Blows bank interest rates outta the water, don’t you agree?

Yet, when you provide superb levels of value in your online business, and practice low cost publicity methods… yes, the return will be very much slower, but the return will be very much greater in proportion to your investment. Hope that make sense?

It’s never to late to discover a powerful online selling system that people all around the world are using to start and grow profitable online businesses.

We’re in awe of this system, we’re amazed by the people who leverage it, and are grateful of the lifestyle it provides. Feel the energy?

Money Matters Takeaway Time

Successful people back themselves.

They function from beliefs like: “I’ve seen many people have had success with Six Figure Mentors, so I can too”.

They say things to themselves like: “I’ve always landed on my feet in the past, so I’ll succeed at Six Figure Mentors too as long as I keep going”.

They also fall in love with the journey of success and are happy to fail their way forward.

They know the view at the top of the mountain won’t last long, but the climb will be an adventure to remember, and looking back to see how far they’ve come will fill their heart with joy, and passion, and fulfilment.

Ready to become the best version of yourself, sort your financial matters, and create the life you deserve?

Simply keep your money mentality in optimal condition.

When you think if your relationship with money, be in the small minority of people who treat their bank account like a trusted friend. Don’t be like most people who view it with guilt, fear, and anxiety.

One of the best ways to improve your relationship with money is the same way you’d go about improving any relationship – with love.

It’s impossible to enjoy a good relationship with money and create the impact you want unless you’re willing to love it.

Know what you want.

Believe in yourself.

Dial in your positive money energy.

Ditch those dud negative beliefs about money.

Sort out your money matters once and for all.

For the sake of your future, family and fulfilment, give up those shitty conversations around money, start investing, and get happy ????

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