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Ever spent a ton of TIME doing something you don't 100% love?

Perhaps you spend a huge part of your day committed to something you're NOT 100% passionate about?

Is it a possibility you don't remotely want to consider reading about ‘FULFILMENT' because deep down inside it's something you crave, but it's something which seems way beyond your grasp at the minute?

Either way – click to watch the video below now:

What Is Fulfilment?

Let's start with loosely defining fulfilment:

>> Satisfaction Or Happiness As A Result Of Fully Developing One's Potential<<

And here's what Jack Canfield, co-author of Chicken Soup For The Soul, and featured in the self development movie The Secret, says:

I used to define success as being able to produce any result you wanted, whether it was a relationship, weight-loss, being a millionaire, impacting the culture, changing society, whatever it might be – it might be homelessness, whatever – and lately, I've redefined success as ‘fulfilling your soul's purpose.'

Fulfilment is quite a big task then!

The GOOD NEWS is … it's something everyone can achieve, with a fair dose of self reflection, persistence and practice.

What On Earth Has Mel Gibson Got To Do With It?

mel gibson

Mel Gibson gave an interview just after he finished filming Braveheart, in which he directed AND acted the lead, William Wallace.

The journalist asked the searching question:

“What's the most difficult part in performing in Braveheart?”

Mel candidly said the most difficult part was … “doing that interview!”

Because when he's performing his character William Wallace, he's ACTING, having a licence to play another persona. But when he's the interviewee, he actually has to be himself . . . and that's MUCH more difficult than playing someone he's not.

We're ALL guilty of acting someone we're not.

BUT … you can't be FULFILLED unless you BE YOURSELF, be authentic, and show up in the world as the best true blue version of you.

The trouble is: most people have different façades they put up. They're never true to themselves. They’ve got one façade for when they're at work. Another persona when they're at home with their family. And yet another character when they're with their friends. It depends on who they're talking to at the time as to which façade prevails or shows up.

Whereas to be truly authentic and actually be yourself, it’s not something most people easily do!


We know first hand – when we were treading the 9-5 (actually the 8-8) corporate rat race back in 2009, we put up a fierce front in the workplace, a softer approach for each other (when we weren't so wound up we couldn't be civil to each other), and yet another gung-ho approach towards friends.

Totally INauthentic 🙁

Maybe, in your experience, you front up to your boss as someone who's not your true, authentic self. You do it because you want to please them, you want to impress them, and gain their favour because they hold your income earning capacity in the palms of their sweaty little hands.

But in essence, you're being someone you're not – not your true self.

Admit it.

Why Would You Want To Be More Fulfilled?

Because you owe it to those you love most.

Here's another question to ask yourself:

“What Percentage Of The Time Do You LOVE Your Job.”

“And are you putting your full effort into your job?”

Most people range somewhere between 15% and 30% of the time of the amount that they love their job. Does that go for you too?

Just think about what's that doing inside of you. Being unfilled in your job if you only love it 15% – 30% of the time.

You spend a huge part of your day unfulfilled then you go home unfulfilled – what level of effort, love, and attention will your loved ones receive as a result?

Unfulfilled employees are slowly, slowly dying inside, because they spend 8/9/10 hours a day doing something they don't 100% love.

THINK about it.

And consider the ALTERNATIVE.

How different would you feel, how authentic would you be, when you have your own online business so you can work where you choose, when you choose, with anyone you choose … and where you're passionate about doing something you love?

How will have a ripple effect on the relationships in your life – when you turn up for your family, with your friends, in your business, being your true authentic self – the real person who's lived all your life experiences and owns those experiences in an authentic way.

Provoke thought.

Think what level you really love your job? What level it fulfills you? Does it make you BE someone you're not fully proud of?

Consider the positive impact on your relationships, the level your passion and purpose will be, the immense feeling of satisfaction … when you absolutely love doing something a hell of a lot more than 10%, 15%, 20% of each and every day.

In the words of Oprah Winfrey:

“I had no idea that being your authentic self could make me as rich as I've become. If I had, I'd have done it a lot earlier.”


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