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Each morning, we wake up and look out our bedroom window at the ever-changing blue of Sydney Harbour, with the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House filling the window pane, and we pinch ourselves at how fortunate we are.

NONE of our incredibly liberating lifestyle would be possible if we’d surrendered to the fears which gripped us back in 2009.

When we first launched our online business, we had endless questions, self-doubt, and stifling fear.

There was NOTHING half-hearted about our decision.

Time For Change …

We’d turned our backs on our careers of 25 years, Fiona as a Group Financial Controller or Chartered Accountant and Greg as a Project Manager – and we did so for three interesting reasons:

  1. toxic stress
  2. lack of control over our time
  3. a distinct lack of fulfilment

We chose to learn a brand new skill which neither of us had any prior experience in.

Would we crash and burn? Would we be able to work together, and stay happily married? Would we learn to be entrepreneurial? Would we be able to learn to be successful affiliate marketers? Would we remain focused? Would online scammers take advantage of us? How long would it take us to earn a sustainable monthly income?

But … we’ve come to realise all those worries were totally unwarranted.

And we hate to think where we’d be now if we’d allowed those dumb fears to consume us and hadn’t embraced the internet in this digital age.

In 2009, we’d just been LAID OFF, with: NO warning, NO thanks, and NO leaving party.

We never thought it would happen to us. Back then, we ignorantly thought we were immune to the recession, to jobs being outsourced to countries with cheaper economies, and to everything going digital. Maybe you know someone like this too??

The Real Kicker …

The real kicker was … not only did we lose our substantial salaries, we also lost our retirement plans and our private healthcare packages that went along with it.

What do most people do in that grim situation – because we've got to earn something, right?

We too did the obvious – started looking for another job!

Therein Lies The Problem

The PROBLEM with landing another senior corporate position is:

>> there's a ton of competition from younger, keener, more affordable employees who want to prove themselves and are prepared to work all hours under the sun to do so,

>> there's an experience and wisdom trade-off against cost and control-ability,

>> some people call it ageism.

What’s more, we really had to acknowledge how workplace stress was wreaking havoc with our bodies and mental health. Plus our roles NO LONGER FULFILLED US!

Necessity dictated we find an alternative source of income.

So we sat down together and discussed our options. We knew we needed something that:

  • wouldn’t be impacted by the recession,
  • we could learn easily, and
  • wasn’t going away anytime soon.

The Obvious Answer:

Leveraging the internet was the obvious answer because we could follow our passion for travel, control our own schedule, and build a business around our lifestyle rather than the other way round.

lifestyle business

What would you do with freedom and flexibility? Your passion doesn't have to be travel. Maybe you're a homebody who's passionate about spending more quality time being fully present with the people you love the most?

To get started, we literally glued ourselves to our laptops and did in-depth research and due diligence on all the different online business models we could find, until … we found one which would let us pursue our passion, while earning us money whether we were working or not. In other words, a lifestyle business model.

We worked hard to learn all we could to lay solid foundations in our business.

We battled our worries, limitations and doubts, because we were determined we wouldn’t let our fears and insecurities steal our future wealth and happiness. Then we simply continued to tweak the system so it worked for us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.

Fast forward to today, we now gallivant around the world, doing what we please, staying months at a time in one idyllic place or another (always by water – hence our stay in Sydney), and our business always operates, earning us a sustainable income.

We don’t have millions in the bank, but we have the FREEDOM AND FLEXIBILITY to follow our dreams and earn money our own way – which in our money – is priceless.

We wrote all about it in our best-selling award winning book, Living A Laptop Lifestyle.

Living a Laptop Lifestyle

It would be easy to be jealous of us . . . until you discover this could be your lifestyle too. It’s within your grasp when you chose to embrace the digital world. Overcome your fears and limiting beliefs and learn all you can now before it’s too late.

The facts which shock most people are:

  • it doesn't take hundreds of thousands or even tens of thousands to get started like most traditional brick and mortar businesses;
  • it doesn't require any staff or big teams of people (there are only the two of us);
  • it doesn’t require the huge overheads you'd expect with a traditional business;
  • it’s easy to learn when you have an open mind and a willingness to learn (we managed it and there’s nothing special about us), and;
  • it's something you can start around another job or another business.

As you can imagine … a LOT of people want to know more about this kind of business model.

It's almost 2016 and we’re living in a digital age. The time has never been more opportune to share some free information and principles with you, to help you really understand what you need to do to create and succeed with this kind of business model.

Our passion is to share our experience in establishing a lifestyle business – a business which provides you the freedom and flexibility to work where you want and when you want. For some people, that means being able to work from home from any corner of the world, for others it means being able to scale up income to afford some of the nicer things in life.

We started our business:

WITHOUT any third party funding,

WITHOUT any prior experience, and

WITHOUT knowing how the internet works.

If this sounds interesting, AND you're hardworking, ambitious and open-minded, CLICK HERE to learn all about this business model and the business system we use. We know it’ll open up some ideas for you, and maybe get you thinking differently about your future.


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