Digital Experts Academy Is Now Official

Digital Experts Academy is finally in official pre-launch, which is fantastic because we’ve been dying to spill the beans on it since we met with the Founders Stuart Ross (Six Figure Mentors) and Jay Kubassek (Pro U and Carbon Copy Pro) back in September at a closed door, NDA, Elite Six Figure Mentors event.

Digital Experts Academy: What is it and why should you care?

Well – according to Jay Kubassek, if you strip away all the layers of the onion down to their core belief, it’s this:

“We believe that many individuals can create a digital lifestyle that is fully within their control if they have the right information, tools and resources.”

Now that’s a pretty bold statement.

What it’s saying is that ANYBODY can start an online business from scratch, without knowing a thing about the internet and build a massively successful business, assuming they have a few things, and a big enough want!

So what sort of things do you need? You need to start with the right information, the right tools and the right resources. And that’s what Digital Experts Academy is now here to provide, and we can finally start talking about – the right tools, the right information and the right resources.

Doesn’t this just sound like any other Internet Business?

Not if you look at their credentials.

Between Stuart and Jay, over the last 7 years their students have made collectively $40 million, and if you combine that with the new things they’re bringing to the table such as new concepts, new strategies, new relationships and new alliances, then it’s understandable why they’re so confident.

In fact the Digital Experts Academy has defined their specific intention or mission.

They’re setting a mission to create no less than 1000 financially self-sufficient digital entrepreneurs by 2015.

And just to clarify what a self-sufficient digital entrepreneur is, Jay says:

“A self-sufficient digital entrepreneur is someone who is self-reliant. They can sustain themselves, are self-sufficient financially, and in other words they don’t have any dependency on any sort of job outside of working for themselves.”

So for some people, financial self-sufficiency could be $50k per year , and for others that could be $500k per year.

But ultimately your level of income has a lot more to do with what your aspirations are in life. What are your aspirations, what are your values, and how do you define success?

Regardless of that, the objective of Digital Experts Academy is to help people sever that addiction, reliance, and dependency on outside sources for income, or in other words, working in a job.

Let’s face it, not enough new jobs are being created to stem the tide of rocketing unemployment figures. College grads have spent a small fortune on their education, but there’s no job on graduation. Baby boomers have  had their pension pots and property values eroded in the recession.

Do you think Governments are going to help? No! People will have to work out how to fend for themselves, how to survive, and how to support themselves. They’ll become necessity-driven entrepreneurs.

Don’t you think it would be a good idea to find out how to do that now, instead of later when it’s too late?

The Digital Experts Academy launch is going to be METEORICAL. And it’ll change the face of the internet marketing industry, for good, thankfully for the better, and for ever.

Wouldn’t you love to be part of that journey? Are you ready to Unleash Your Digital Entrepreneur?

Join Us Here.

Digital Experts Academy


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