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Still keeping up?

Still focused on the easiest way for a beginner to start making money online?

Still lying awake at night thinking about whether you’ll get a decent pay rise this year?

Think about this: How Will It Feel To Quit The 9 to 5, Live Anywhere, And Join The New Rich?

You don’t need to be a nerd, or smart, or young (we're certainly not!). You simply need to have a thirst for learning, a belief in yourself, and unnerving persistence.

Are you ready?

First, let’s quickly recap the training series so far:

Part 1 explains why affiliate marketing is by far the easiest way for a beginner to start making money online.

Part 2 delves into affiliate marketing lingo and the steps you need to take to succeed as a winning affiliate marketer.

Part 3 is about selecting the right affiliate products to promote.

Part 4 talks about driving traffic, or getting real people to see your affiliate offers.

OK. Next?

The KEY To Being Hugely Profitable

We’ve mentioned numbers a few times.

As affiliate marketing is a numbers game – but not in a nerdy accounting sort of way.

The key figures you need to know are:

Cost per sale

Conversion rate

Commission per sale

Then monitor your results so you know what to do next.

affiliate marketing for beginners

Adventures In Numberland

Let’s do an example.

Say you promote a stop-smoking guide that pays you commission of $75 per sale. The merchant states the sales page converts at 5%, which means 1 in 20 targeted people who click on your affiliate will link buy from the sales page.

As the guide is a digitally downloadable guide, the customer gets instant delivery, instant gratification, and life-changing information!

You choose to do Facebook PPC to drive traffic to the sales page (using your affiliate link). You know you can afford to spend up to $3.75 for each visitor to the sales page to break even ($75 * 0.05 = $3.75).

If your advertising cost is only $1.00 per person you refer to the sales page, it means your cost per sale is $20 (20 referrals at $1 each), so your profit would be $55 because you need 20 referrals to make one $75 commission sale.

You’d happily drive traffic till the cows come home, wouldn’t you?

Even if you spend $3 to advertise to refer a person to the merchant’s sales page – it means your cost per sale is $60, so the profit is $15 ($75 commission less $60 advertising cost) – which is a 25% return the $60 ‘investment’.

Which is not to be sniffed at either.

The Magic Of Numbers

Knowing your numbers is key. Just as important as knowing which advert your referrals come from – which involves tracking.

You need to track the exact source of your traffic so you know the cost per referral and therefore the cost per sale.

We recommend a free tracking platform called Simple Trakk

affiliate tracking

Always be tracking!

We didn’t start tracking until we’d been online for 18 months. So we get still leads and make sales where we have no idea where that traffic has come from. Which is quite perplexing because we don’t know our cost per sale and we don’t know the source of traffic is working for us!

But that’s another story.

Trust us when we say that tracking is important in the success of your affiliate marketing.

affiliate marketing profits

Firing Up The After-Burners

We’ve said before you can promote unlimited products when you learn how to promote well.

This is important so let’s repeat it.

When you understand how to promote one affiliate product you can use that knowledge or process to promote unlimited products.

Do the sums.

A $55 profit on one product sale each day of the year, multiplied by say 10 similar products, make you $200k profit per annum!

Sound incredible?

Always remember: the key to effective selling online and making money online, is to find something that works, and repeat it over and over again.

It’s kind of like our favourite rugby team of all time – The All Blacks (yes, we’re Kiwis, so we’re biased, BUT . . . ). They’re the team everyone else in the world wants to beat. The All Black brand is one of the leading sports brands in the world.

But they train like there’s no tomorrow. They practice, kick, tackle, run, day in, day out like their lives depend on it.

They do the basic rugby skills, exceptionally well, over and over again.

When you focus on the basics of affiliate marketing as we’ve described in this blog series, and do them well, you can sell unlimited affiliate marketing products online.

Burgers, Booze And Binges

We know reading all about this and actually doing it seems like a lot of work.

And that might put you off if you’re not prepared to ‘get your hands dirty’ in order to quit the 9 to 5 rat race. If you’d rather still cower in your supposedly safe little job, working your arse off for someone else, drowning your thoughts with burgers or booze or binges – go ahead, knock yourself out!

Many people just want to dabble for a day – they pick a product willy-nilly, place an ad and hope make money. Sadly, it doesn’t work that way.

When you take time to think things through – you’ll choose the products you promote and your advertising methods carefully, and you’ll build a real life-time business. A sustainable business.

A business that can be automated to give you both time and money freedom, and more importantly, can be passed on to future generations.

A lifestyle business.

So no more pointless meetings. No more enduring work for holidays or enduring work for retirement. No more inhuman commute.

affiliate marketing profits
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