The 5 Laws for Creating A Sustainable Income Online

Sustainable Income Online

You'd have to agree the internet is DRAMATICALLY impacting the world and is providing practical people with unlikely opportunities to build a sustainable income online?

And it's completely altered the way people do business in this digital age.

So why not embrace the earning options that exist on your laptop, right now, in the comfort of your own home?

Why not shy away from traditional employment and skill up for the future?

Why not live a laptop lifestyle – where you work on your laptop anywhere in the world, when you choose to, and build an ethical, sustainable income!

Possibly because you don’t know where to start, or you think you’re not technical enough, or you’re scared what friends and family will think, or you think it’s not easy, or you’re afraid of not making a good go of it.

We thought like that once!!

But we were forced into taking action when we were both out of work together.

Please don’t let that happen to you – because it wasn't a happy time for us. It was very troublesome and worrying and money issues kept us awake each and every night.

To help you wake up and realise, the time to act is now, we want to share the 5 Laws for Creating a Sustainable Income Online:

Sustainable Income Law No 1: It’s A Business Not A Hobby

It’s so important to treat creating a sustainable income online like a business and not a hobby!

And to do it right – you need to GET EDUCATED. Start learning. Invest in re-skilling yourself.

Learning from someone who’s already making a sustainable income online makes a BIG difference to your results.

When you get educated with correct skillsets to earning sustainable living online you’ll be set for life. Seriously.

Stuart differentiates between earning a living online and making money online. Earning a sustainable income involves learning the business of how to provide more value to people online, whereas making money online involves chasing the latest shiny object, hobbyhorse, new system, or fad that’s sold by people who are unethical and can’t sleep at night!

Get the difference?

Sustainable Income Law No 2: Be Prepared To Take Action And Get Started

There are no rules and restrictions as to who can set up online. No prior experience is necessary.

(We had ZERO marketing and selling experience when we started out – and we still have no selling experience to this day!)

There’s no age barrier (we're now 48 and 50), and no minimum skill requirement – people from all walks of life, who have a willingness to learn and earn, can get started.

The SECRET is being PREPARED to get to work.

That’s it!

You simply need to plug into the SFM system, then sit down in the evenings and watch the trainings of money producing activities (like list building and generating website visitors) – but then TAKE ACTION on what you've learnt!

It’s summed up in the 80:20 rule.

You need to spend 20% of your time learning and 80% of your time applying that knowledge.

But . . .

most people do it the other way around!! 🙁

Most people spend 80% of their time learning too much (learning way more than they need to know), and only 20% of their time implementing that training. The problem with that is: learning too much leads to overwhelm and there’s not sufficient time left to take enough action to get results before people give up and say it doesn’t work!

BUT . . . It honestly does work!

That’s exactly why SFM created the system like they did – step by step, module by module, the ‘paint-by-numbers’ to earning online.

So SFM is for non-technical people as there’s no need to code or do tricky stuff.

All you need to do is be prepared to learn and take action, spending your time wisely – 20% on learning new skills and 80% applying them and taking daily action.

Sustainable Income Law No 3: Provide Proper Value

To stand out from the rabble, you need to provide real world value to customers and prospective customers.

Things like reports, webinars, articles, videos and tools.

When you’re providing proper value to prospective customers, you don't need to convince people to buy using hype and phoney language.

If you can provide real world value i.e.: tangible information, tangible systems and helpful tools which enable people to build a sustainable business online, then you’ll attract customers like a magnet!

SFM believe in raising the free line in the online business opportunity industry by providing value which other people are charging for. As a result, people will choose to join us and our community and be a part of our coaching – because they don’t have to create that value themselves.

SFM provides it to them.

When you understand how to feel great about your business by earning real money online, and by using the SFM tools and technology to automate the entire process, all you need to focus on is how you can provide more and more value.

Sustainable Income Law No 4: Learn How To Drive Traffic

A lot of people think they simply need to put up a website online and people will come rushing along to buy from them.

Sadly, it doesn't work like that online!

A new website is like being a shop set in a back street of a ghost town – no one knows it’s there! There's no passers by. No foot traffic.

So you need to get people to visit your website, which is known as getting traffic, or driving traffic.

Because you want to have as many shoppers as Harrods or Bloomingdales, right?

Getting traffic is a science – which requires a lot of testing, so there’s much training in the SFM back office on getting traffic.

Because no traffic, means no sales.

Wouldn't you like to know the best traffic getting strategies which are working like dam busters now?

Sustainable Income Law No 5: Learn How To Convert The Traffic

However, you could drive as much traffic without busting your servers, BUT . . . unless you have the RIGHT OFFERS to make to people you won't make any money.

You need to look for products which provide solutions to BIG problems e.g.: how to lose weight, how to get rid of acne, how to make more money.

That type of stuff is not going out of fashion, as they are age-old problems which exist all the time. In fact, in this day and age, the more money problem is just getting bigger and bigger.

But you need to understand why people buy, and what their thought processes are.

And guess what?

SFM can help you out there too.

So, What Next?

As we say in the video, we completely changed our lives around in such a short space of time. But . . . there’s nothing special or different about us.

We've only been able to change our lifestyle in 2 short years because – we chose to TAKE ACTION.

Also, we were forced into taking action – don’t get into that space yourself, as it’s not a pleasant space to be in.

Take action today and learn with the best how to create a sustainable income online.

Get started today here.

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