How To Have An Endless Summer Your Family Will Love You For

Maybe you’ve dreamed about chasing the sun round the world?

Or imagined having multi-month vacations two or three times a year?

But, what if you never get to experience that!

What if you’ve still got another 20 years of commuting ahead of you, day-in and day-out?

summer in Australia

That’s exactly what we were facing back in 2009 . . . just before being laid off. For us, being laid off was one of those wonderful ‘dark clouds’ with a silver lining, because it forced us to take action. It forced us to find an alternative source of income. And it forced us to take a good hard look at ourselves and what we wanted out of live.

As you only get one life, right?

But first, we had to decide to pool our skills and our talents. We had to choose to combine our knowledge to work together in setting up a successful online business. The alternative of remaining as corporate slaves was too grim to consider!

Looking back – it wasn’t easy.

There were many struggles.

Many misunderstandings.

And we made many mistakes.

Living a Laptop Lifestyle

But we persevered – simply because we were NOT going back to corporate Britain – no more slaving away long hours and overtime making money for others; suffering endless, pointless, boring meetings; squirming over niggly office politics and backstabbing; trading our precious time for money; being sooo tired we couldn’t get out of bed on Saturday mornings; snapping at each other when in fact is was the ‘job’ that was at fault.

Do you get the picture?

But happily, things are completely different now!

In 2013 we’re living an 8 month, almost endless summer.

Maybe with our help, you can do the same in 2014?

British Lions in Brisbane

For us, we kicked off our endless summer with 3 months on the Gold Coast of Australia in Apr/May/Jun. It was winter down under, but the sun shone brightly, the days were glorious, we swam in the sea, went for long walks on the beach, and did one-off things like watching the British Lions play in Brisbane, and went to theme parks to get the adrenaline pumping – but most importantly – flew our parents out for a well-deserved holiday in the sun too – which they LOVED.

glorious sunsets


family gathering


Byron Bay, Australia

Back in London, the heat wave arrived in July, just as we landed at Heathrow 🙂 Greg’s sister Jo, timed her month long visit perfectly. We went running along the canal, for walks on the Thames, BBQ’s with friends and caught up with relatives.

By the third week in September, our 2013 endless summer is now 6 months long.


Living A Laptop Lifestyle

But now, we find ourselves living in Antibes, on the French Riviera for 2 months to escape the onset of autumn/fall in England. Temperatures are in the mid 20’s (high 70’s in Fahrenheit) and we’re running round the cape and swimming in the sea again, plus keeping our vitamin D levels topped up.

We’re well on track to have an 8 month ‘almost’ endless summer in 2013.


What if you could do the same?

It’s only possible if you chose to embrace the internet and earn online by way of a building digital business. Which we can show you how to do!

😯 Do you have to be super intelligent? No (we’re not!)

😛 Do you have to work hard and smart? Definitely (we say that in Living a Laptop Lifestyle)

😎 Do you need to be technical? Seriously – NO! If you can pay attention, surf the net, and copy and paste, then you have all the skills you need.

🙄 Do you need to have an advertising budget? It definitely helps you get quick results, so it’s preferable but not necessary. It is possible to build a winning digital business without an advertising budget but you must have more time and patience as it takes longer to gain momentum.

😀 Do you have to start now? 100% yes. Now is the best time to leverage the internet. It’s all about getting started now, taking massive action, and working your cotton socks off if you want an endless summer in 2014.

😉 Do you get a guarantee that you can have an endless summer in 2014? Sadly, No. That’s completely up to you. However, when you do exactly as we advise, follow instructions to the T, don’t veer off-path, persevere and persist, then yes, it’s guaranteed!

Whatever question or ‘excuse’ you have – ask as for the answer (we probably asked the very same question of our mentors when we started out!).

The message here is:

“You can take control of your life, have balance in your life, and earn an income on your terms, when you leverage internet, and seek our help”

Because if we can do it, then anyone can do it too!

We’re only living life on our terms now because we started back in 2009! So we had a head start on you is all. The only difference between you and us is TIME.

With our help, learn from our mistakes, leverage the proven system we use (that’s why you don’t need to be technical), and start living a balanced lifestyle in 2014.

Want to make your dreams come true?

Fancy an endless summer?

Envisage flying your parents out to holiday with you – it’s a very happy feeling.

Right now, you’ve got two choices:

You can either chat to us about your goals, dreams and ambitions: click this link to see when we’re free;

Or just click here to get started with the proven business system we use to enable us to have an ‘almost’ endless summer in 2013.

What are you waiting for?








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