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Digital Marketing Explained

Welcome to part two of our article on Digital Marketing. Click here to access part 1 to read it first.

Let's quickly recap!

In a nutshell, digital marketing revolves around the Internet, which is now both a communication channel and a very powerful marketing medium.

So that means the Internet can be used to “push” a message out to someone, like email, instant messaging/direct messaging, RSS/blogging, text messaging.

Plus the internet can be used to “pull” people to your offers or content, like banner ads, pay per click ads, and SEO search results.

Therefore, digital marketing is the combination of push and pull marketing strategies that make up a marketing campaign!

Because it's digital, it's simple to capture real-time data, such as viewing stats – how often, how long, response rates, purchases made, where people click etc etc. 

If you want so further detail, it includes things like:

  • blogging – writing articles and posting them on a blog like this one then syndicating them around the internet
  • email marketing – collecting the email address of prospective customers and providing them massive value by way of email
  • text messaging – collecting mobile telephone numbers of prospective customers and sending links to blog post
  • podcasting – recording audio content for prospective customers to listen to when they're on the move
  • video marketing – recording informative training on ‘how to', reviews, industry advancements, opinions
  • social media marketing – using Facebook to spread the word about your products, or learn more about the needs, wants and interests of your customers
  • search engine optimization (SEO) – making your website or content appear in the search results when people type searches into Google
  • web analytics – analyze data collected through websites to test prices, create better ads, and make decisions about product distribution
  • RSS feeds – RSS stands for really simple syndication which means allowing people to receive blog post updates
  • pay per click advertising – text ads, image ads, or video ads which require a person to click through to an offer
  • banner advertising – image ads placed on third party websites which require a person to click through to an offer
  • viral marketing – using videos and images that are so much fun people want to share them with friends
  • reputation management: track what people are saying about your brand online


And that's not all of it, because digital marketing is always evolving and new technologies are constantly being created.

This is no ‘one-time' bandwagon to jump onto – this is the future.

Is now the right time to start learning about Digital Marketing?

You bet ya!

So where do you start? How do you find a legitimate digital marketing system that produces genuine, consistent results, when you implement what you learn?

Six Figure Mentors is one such solution.

We've invested in and reviewed at a lot of systems over the years, and can honestly recommend The Six Figure Mentors, but . . . only if you're willing to invest in yourself and in your future!

If you are looking for a push button, get-rich-quick scheme, then stop reading now, this is not one of those. The Six Figure Mentors is a cutting edge training and education platform that teaches you step by step, how to embrace the digital age and how to leverage digital advertising.

Six Figure Mentors (SFM) is designed for businesses to learn how to promote their brand and their offers online.

Plus individuals can become affiliates and promote the marketing and training products for a profit, so it's perfect for professionals looking to learn digital marketing skills and create a great business in the process.

As professionals ourselves, we love the supportive vibrant SFM community full of like-minded success driven people, plus the fact that the focus is on delivering massive value. You'll receive quality training from the right people with the right attitudes.

At the end of the day, opportunity seekers don't make money, but professionals do!

If you're interested in discovering more, contact us for a chat as we're sure you'd prefer to speak to us directly – our contact details are set out below. There's also a free video to watch here.


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