Is What We Do Easy?

Is What We Do Easy
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What we've decided to do is answer one of the most common questions we get asked by our subscribers and customers.

And that is: Is what we do easy?

And rather than write a big long blogpost explaining it, we shot a quick video while we were on our way to The Six Figure Mentors London Mastermind meeting at Victoria.

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  1. Margaret Spence 6 years ago

    Hi Greg and Fiona

    You remember me I hope.

    I still get my foot in the right place. I still finding myself going from place to place and no joy. Am I not cut out to do internet marketing? I like the thing so much I tried different products whether free or paid I just fall flat on my face.


  2. Author
    Greg Fiona Scott 6 years ago

    Hi Maggie
    You’ve hit the nail on the head when you say you keep going from place to place – because it means you get to within ‘three feet from gold’ then you change course again. When you stick to one course (one lot of training, one system, one product) and you patiently and consistently ‘plug away’ at it and hone your marketing skills – then you will see a glimmer of success. Then when you persevere even further, you’re confidence and your belief will soar and you’ll begin to be financial independent. Hope that makes sense?
    Greg & Fiona

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