10 Lessons Skiing Can Teach You About Running An Online Home Business

10 Lessons Skiing Can Teach You About Running An Online Home Business
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Obviously, you don’t have to be a ski bum to run a successful online home business! Watch the video below even if you’ve never been skiing before because we’re excitedly sharing ten super metaphoric analogies for you to learn from and be guided by.

The point is: if you want to live life on your terms and have the lifestyle of your choosing – whether you want to ski, golf, fish, travel, be on hand when your family need you, or simply work online from home – running an online home business is your answer.

Announcing: 10 Lessons Skiing Can Teach You About Running An Online Home Business

We recorded the video for fun when we were out in the French Alpes with friends recently. Watch it as there’s lots for you to learn.

If you don’t ski, here’s the skinny of the lessons or takeaways for you today:

Lesson Number 1

If you're struggling and not getting the desired result, there's probably an easier way!

What this means is, if you’re doing something again and again without success – stop, take a breather, and assess your progress. Consider there’s probably another way of achieving your goal.

If you find you’re not getting much done in an allotted time frame – prepare a schedule to hold yourself accountable.

If you blog day in and day out and don’t get any opt ins, stop and take a high level view of what you might not be doing right – are your headlines attention grabbing enough, are your calls to action frequent enough and strong enough, is there an opt in box on your blog and on each post, are you distributing your posts widely enough on social media?

If you find your investment in advertising is not breaking even for you – stop and analyse what’s not working – are you keeping a schedule of your statistics, are you targeting the right people, does your ad speak to your target audience, is your ad congruent with your landing page?

Hope these examples demonstrate what we mean?

Lesson Number 2

Each decision you make must have a goal in mind.

When you do something or take an action you must be clear WHY it is you’re doing it. Be honest with yourself too when considering your reason why.

If you’re reaching for your purse or wallet to buy the latest ‘shiny object’ or ‘promise of riches’, stop and think for a moment about your real goal – what is it you truly want to achieve – and does that product help you achieve it?

Another example is blogging – seriously consider if you have what it takes to blog consistently for a sustained period to reach your lifestyle goals.

Then there’s cheap un-targeted traffic sources – will those people really be interested in what you’re promoting?

Lesson Number 3

Joining the crowd and doing what everyone else does makes you blend in. You must stand out!

You are unique and you were born to stand out. You are the only you. Be sure to be true to yourself and be naturally you in everything you do in your online home business – that includes everything you write and how you portray yourself online. Doing so will help you stand out.

For example, writing your own “7 Mistake” e-book as a free giveaway on your blog. Take ideas that other people write about but put it in your own words (poor grammar, English as a second language, writing how you speak, are all part of your style and make you who you are – so are totally fine).

Avoid crowd mentality too. An example of joining the crowd is jumping on guru marketer product launches just because everyone else is doing it!! In our books, that’s a no-no.

Lesson Number 4

When you gain momentum it has a snowball effect and is hard to stop.

This is particularly true for free traffic strategies like blogging and video marketing. These strategies take a while to gain traction, and require a high volume of posts to gain momentum – but when you do gain momentum – it’s very hard to stop it – like the proverbial snowball!

It’s all about developing and flexing your marketing mind or your marketing muscle – when you learn how to do that – you’ll never forget how – it’s a bit like riding a bike really.

Like learning all things, your understanding may be cloudy at first, and you don’t believe you’ve absorbed very much. But when you go over the new content a second time, your comprehension is heightened so you build on your knowledge and take in even more the second time. Does that make sense lol?

Lesson Number 5

Get a mentor.

A mentor can take a high level look at your online home business and pinpoint areas to change and improve on. They’re experienced at working online so know the pitfalls to avoid and the best tools to use. They can also hold you accountable and keep you on track towards your goal.

If you’re someone who’s easily distracted, who hasn’t had an online home business before, who takes a while to grasp new concepts (which is totally fine – it means you’re like most people), or who’s impatient to get results sooner rather than later – we suggest you get a mentor.

Lesson Number 6

To get great results you need to start with the basics first.

It’s exactly like the age-old adage: You can’t run until you learn to crawl first.

When building an online home business the most important skill you need is to learn how to market online. The point is, you won’t be able to sell anything online until you’ve learned the basics of marketing.

When you learn to market, you’ll also realise it’s best to get stuff done to the best of your ability, and go with that – then get perfect later. What we mean by that is – we see too many who want their website or blog to be absolutely spot on before they start generating leads – but the point is – your website will never be finished, it’ll never be perfect, it’ll always be evolving. So start marketing with a basic website and sort out the ‘bells and whistles’ later (quite often, later never happens!)

Lesson Number 7


Working and collaborating with other people accelerates your success.

Everybody views the world differently, and have different skills and qualities to share with each other. Running an online home business is not a task for the feint-hearted so don’t be too proud to ask for help and get input from those who have an impartial view of your business.

Network with other people and find someone to work with who’s got complimentary skills to your own. If you’re creative but not technically orientated then find someone to work with who knows the difference between html and a jpeg. If you’re an ‘engineer’ type person, collaborate with an action taker so you’re not tempted to over-analyse a situation. Do you know what we mean?

Lesson Number 8

Use the right tools for the job.

The basic tools for running an online home business are having a website and blog, lead capture pages, autoresponder software, back up software – a laptop and broadband goes without saying!

Click here for the online home business tools we use and recommend

Lesson Number 9

Keep it simple.

Sometimes the simplest strategies give the best results.

As human beings we often like to over-complicate stuff because we think things can’t be as ‘easy’ as they are. That’s why it pays to keep stuff simple.

Which brings us back to learning the basics (how to market) and doing them well.

It also means following professional advice to the T, and not deviating or thinking you can do it better. We always have to remind ourselves of this lesson – even just recently, we learned a Ryan Deiss Facebook traffic strategy but didn’t implement it exactly as he instructed – we thought we’d make one small change! And guess what? We got no results – no leads. But when we did exactly as we were told – Voila! It worked!

Lesson Number 10

Every path you take will have obstacles or speed bumps. Alter your path to get around them.

As sure as eggs are eggs, you’re going to run into difficulty many times when running your online home business (unless you’re a robot). Things will happen unexpectedly. Problems will crop up. And you might not have a solution straight away.

Our advice is to get resourceful.

Depending on the complexity of the problem, you should first turn to Google and YouTube for a solution. Then try Help resources, forums and communities on social media. Next, take a break – walk the dog, make a cup of tea, wash your hair – inspiration comes when you don’t fret about a problem and when you walk away from it for a while. If that doesn’t work, then ask your mentor J

Bonus Lesson Number 11

Have fun  😆

How much more success can you expect when you love what you’re doing and you have fun doing it? You’ll stay the distance and find the journey so much more rewarding. Have a laugh (even at your own expense), and enjoy the process. Above all – have fun.

We have fun travelling and skiing – as long as we have an internet connection wherever we go, we’re always combining ‘work’ (if you can call it that) and play.

Just IMAGINE what life would be like for you if you could work when you choose, when you chose, and with who you choose?

Would you work from home? In Starbucks? Or in the ski chalet?

How would you feel having the freedom to control of your lifestyle and your future by running your own online home business?

To get started with our recommended training company, Six Figure Mentors, apply here to invest $29.95, and we’ll accompany you on your journey.

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