How Surfing Is Like Building a Business Online

Have you tried building a business online by yourself?

And got frustrated by the speedbumps or your lack of progress?

We know your pain – we’ve been there, done that, got the t-shirt too.

But now we’re out in Australia for three months, we came to realise . . .

There’s something to be learned from surfers!!!

Yup – riding the waves has KEY similarities to building a business online.

We’ll go into those similarities in a minute, but first, watch this video – it’s under 2 minutes:

[youtube id=dHw3ULLb1oo]

Greg gives you the key points you need to know – but let’s dig into them a bit more to see exactly how surfing is like building a business online.

You Need To Take Lessons

Would you agree that you could teach yourself to surf, and you could do all your own research and teach yourself how to go about building a business online yourself?
Of course you could!

But . . .

It would be tough – and you wouldn’t know where to start – and you wouldn’t know what kit or equipment to buy – you’ll possibly get hurt – and it will take a loooong time.

Wouldn’t it?

So, you’d have to agree, you’ll get faster results, get a heightened sense of satisfaction, feel proud of yourself sooner, and be less inclined to give up, if you take lessons first? Yes!

In Coolangatta on Australia’s Gold Coast, there’s plenty of Surf Life Saving Clubs and there are lots of people teaching beginners how to surf. It’s the same on the internet – there are lots of people vying for your attention, all wanting to show you how to build a business online their way. You simply need to choose the digital business system that has the most affinity for you.

The lessons we recommend are delivered by Six Figure Mentors.

building a business online

You Need To Practice

Surfing and building a business online are like millions of things in life – to get better at them, to perfect your skill, to get improved results, to avoid a wipe out – you need to practice!

With practice, your business will take off, you’ll carve a market for yourself, you’ll know when to pump it to generate more speed, and you’ll ride the wave of carefree lifestyle and freedom.

What this means is . . .

As the age-old adage goes – practice makes perfect.

Which doesn’t mean . . .

Giving up before you get good at it or before you get results!

Nor does it mean buying another surf board, or another system, or another shiny object, when you don’t get results as quickly as you want – when there’s nothing wrong with the equipment, or the systems – it’s all because the person operating them hasn’t practiced enough!

Bit of a hard one to swallow that one – just like a lungful of salty sea water!

building a business online

You Need Camaraderie In A Community

As Greg said on the video, all surfers out in the water, lining up waiting for a good wave to ride – they’re all communicating with each other, looking out for each other, forming a community of like minded people.

It’s exactly the same when you’re building a business online – you need a community of like-minded people around you, as it’s too tough to go it alone.

Simply put,

You can’t do it by yourself.

And nor do you have to do it by yourself.

When building a business online, we recommend the training, systems, support and community provided by Six Figure Mentors.

They are THE professional trainers who assist you in transitioning from the traditional economy (that is – working a day job) to the digital economy – which means creating a sustainable income from the internet by building a business online and marketing that business.

What does that mean to you?

Working where you want (from home?), when you want, and with who you want!

That’s what allows us to be in sunny Australia watching surfers for three months!

So, click here to discover more about THE most professional platform which gives you lessons on building a business online, which stands by you while you practice and perfect your marketing, and which provides the camaraderie and connection of a community of like-minded people.


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