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How long has it been since you really pushed yourself to do something unusual?

We mean, REEEEAAAALLLLY stretched yourself?

Like, you step outside your comfort zone to do or achieve something that's not the norm for you?

kili vid

AND . . . when was the last time you paused to give yourself a huge big pat on the back for achieving something you thought was initially a bit of a stretch for you?

You see, the thing is – we humans are pretty quick to berate ourselves, and are way too slow to acknowledge our own achievements.

Aren’t we?

BUT . . . there's something inherent with with human beings that's EVEN WORSE!!

Most of us are inherently lazy, and happy to bum along doing as little as possible!

We're sure you'll agree that to get  anywhere in life, to make change happen, to (cliche) ‘make your dreams come true' requires you to get off your backside and do something to make the change happen yourself?

So we recorded this video below to help give you some perspective on this prickly issue – click the video below to watch it now – you have the time.

Would You Wear A Spearmint Green And Red Striped Balaclava?

Discover what a spearmint green and red striped balaclava hat has to do with agility, humility, capability and you – and how it saved our lives – CLICK on the video above to reveal all.

The BIG takeaway in this video is a sure fire way to measure your progress when you tackle something that's a bit outside your comfort zone.

Maybe that ‘something’ is to Leverage The Internet To Build New Streams Of Income


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  1. Dave Menzies 9 years ago

    Another great, informative and inspiring post guys : )

  2. Author
    Greg Fiona Scott 9 years ago

    Cheers Dave – tis lovely getting positive feedback 🙂

  3. Gerard 9 years ago

    Great post guys, engaging storyteller’s loved it. I appreciate how far you’ve come and hope that one day I can join you on that mountain top 🙂

  4. Author
    Greg Fiona Scott 9 years ago

    Thanks Gerard. Pleased you enjoyed it!

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