Opportunity is all Around You

We’re avidly in favour of grabbing opportunities as they arise – a perfect example being when we saw something most unexpected on the way home from taking the car in for a service one day! We always have a camera on hand, so whipped it out to snap this mystical symbol of opportunity – the unicorn.

Let's consider the bigger picture for a moment.

Do you ever think life is passing you by, and not much is changing, and nothing ever happens to you? Well…


What did you read above?

Hopefully you see that opportunity is nowhere AND not opportunity is now here?

Simply being aware that such abundant opportunity lies at your fingertips is the very first step to success.

What on earth are we talking about, you may be thinking? It’s THE INTERNET, of course.

The internet is still young. Still in it's teens, so to speak.

Think back ten years – would you have whipped out your credit card to buy something online? Unlikely! Nevertheless, in the space of a few short years, you’ve probably ordered groceries online; downloaded music; purchased books; reserved a restaurant table; researched a holiday; watched a YouTube video; read the news, or checked the weather forecast.

But now, censorship, privacy, and security issues have made huge advancements to protect the consumer, so most people now trust the internet, rely on it, and can’t imagine life without it.

It’s a big part of most people’s lives now.

It really is a revolutionary medium, just like the birth of automated machinery in factories during the Industrial Revolution 250 years ago. It created wealthy prospects for those who were willing to take risks and embrace change; the internet provides even more possibilities today. Why? Because there are virtually no barriers to entry, the investment required is negligible, and the internet is freely available around the globe.

The internet is dramatically impacting the world and is providing practical people with unlikely money making options. It has altered the way people do business. It is the source of opportunity.

Given it’s out of its infancy and people have grown to depend on it, you have the biggest and best advantage to make the most of this situation, right here, right now.

As the internet itself matures, and is further refined, more and more people will avail the openings it presents.

We’ve written a book for you savvy people who are prepared to grab the bull by the horns, embrace change, and make the most of the huge opportunities provided by the internet. It was launched in January 2012.

Why not open your eyes to the money making opportunities that exist on your laptop or computer, right in your own home?

Why not shy away from traditional employment and gear up for the future?

Why not live a laptop lifestyle – a lifestyle where you can just whip out your laptop anywhere in the world – and earn a sustainable income!

Join the growing army of thousands who are already living the internet lifestyle – those who have already ‘seen the light’, and were willing to take an educated risk, as they have the faith and foresight to take action, to live life with choices, and to live life on their terms.

living a laptop lifestyleThe internet is big enough for everyone, so don’t think you’ve missed the boat. There are millions of avenues to go down. We all have different personalities, and there’s a myriad of problems to be solved to match the potential out there.

People’s problems are growing and growing – creating more and more openings to solve those problems. Just consider the growing levels of obesity in the western world and the size and value of the weight loss market. It’s a $60 billion market in the US alone – what if you could earmark just 1% of 1% of that?

Another way to think about it is: there is enough money and wealth in the world for each and every person to have $1 million each. If you haven’t got yours yet, the internet (and our book) provide you the opportunity to get it. Either Get In Touch With Us or Grab Your Copy Here.

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Facebook Comments:

  1. Carl Ashton 12 years ago

    Great post guys!

    What’s the chances of bumping in to a Unicorn huh? Any way, great info and advice (as usual).


  2. Lilach Bullock 12 years ago

    I love this post (and your piccies too). It took me a second to read your Opportunity is now here!

    What I love about the internet and indeed working for myself is that the amount of opportunities there are. It’s exciting – but we have to make them happen too. We can’t just sit on our bottoms all day on the internet and expect them to happen for us. We need to network, build relationships and then they come:)

  3. Mavis Nong 12 years ago

    Hey Greg and Fiona!

    Congratulations on your new book. I’m sure it will help a lot of people who are ready to change their lives.

    All the best,

  4. lewys davies 12 years ago

    i am looking forward to this book guys you have been teasing us for a while with this now now haha!! great post and spot on, there is room for everyone but not everyone takes the action but the ones that do and work hard with it never look back and live that laptop lifestyle.

    keep up the great work and let me know when this book is released!!!

  5. gandfscott 12 years ago

    Pretty remote chances of bumping into a unicorn, so we snatched the opportunity for some pics 🙂

    Thanks for the praise.

  6. gandfscott 12 years ago

    Absolutely Lilach – some people think it’s hard work grabbing opportunities as they happen, or making them happen, but when we get to meet positively amazing people it really is a lot of fun, and nothing like ‘work’ at all.

    Thank you for your compliment too :o)

  7. gandfscott 12 years ago

    Thank you Mavis – we passionately hope that we impact people’s freedom and help them realise they too can live a laptop lifestyle.

  8. gandfscott 12 years ago

    Hey Lewys – thanks for your comment and agreement. And don’t worry about finding out when our book is released – you’ll have to hide under a rock in the middle of the desert in order to miss it 🙂

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