Could You Go 10 Rounds of Agony in the Entrepreneur Ring?

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“If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” is definitely not what Billy Schwer lives by. Schwer, a former British, Commonwealth, European and IBO World Boxing champion lives according to this revision of that directive:

“If at first you don’t succeed, try…try…try…try again!”

What would you do if you were not only knocked down, but knocked out 4 times? Billy Schwer got up. Each time. And fought again. Each time. That’s how he became a champion. With a record of 39 wins and 6 losses, including 4 KOs, Billy Schwer has clearly shown what it takes to be a winner.

Give Us 2 Minutes, We’ll Give You The Truth About An Entrepreneur Mindset

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Billy now uses his wit and wisdom in his role as an Inspirational Motivational Speaker and Performance Coach.

We were privileged to meet Billy in London while back. We were introduced by Andy Harrington, a World Class Motivational Speaker and Coach himself who is passionate about Personal Development and helping others.

Billy shared with us his story of what was essential to his success:

• Desire

• Dedication

• Discipline

These are the things that gave him the strength to go on when he lost a bout. These are the things that helped the amazing Billy Schwer hold on tightly to the knowledge that, despite any temporary setbacks, he was at heart and in truth, a winner.

What about you? When you're knocked down in your pursuits, do you stay down for the count? Do you desire success enough that you let it fuel your determination to get up and get back to work?

Do you have enough dedication to your online business so you'll proceed on the journey, learning from your mistakes, and changing tactics when need be, but always keeping your eye on your goals?

How about discipline? Are you willing to build up your entrepreneurial muscles by doing what you have to do, even when you don’t want to? Note very carefully, we didn't ask are you “able”, we asked are you “willing”. You can do it! Will you do what it takes?

When your desire to succeed burns like fire, when your dedication is unwavering, when your self-discipline becomes second nature you'll knock out any obstacle in your way.

Are you ready to do what you must do in order to reach the point where you can do what you want to do?

The freedom to choose how you live your life is within your grasp. Let that dream be the motivation you'll need whenever you are knocked off your feet.

That’s how Billy Schwer did it and just look at him today. We’re so pleased this champion has impacted our lives and reinforced the valuable messages that have inspired so many. And, we’re thrilled to share these ideas with you. You can find out more about Billy in his book “Mental Boxing, The Science of Success”.

How To Be A Champion…

Billy Schwer believes winning and success begin in your mind and then, through those 3D's we talked about earlier, come to life in your world.

What can we say about 3D movies? First of all, they cost more! Are they worth it? They are when you enjoy a cinematic experience with more depth, more contrast, something that feels more like real life. With 3D films you're immersed in the experience.

3D movies

Film director Ridley Scott had this to say about 3D:

“We see in 3D anyway, but your brain has cut that gift down so you don’t really think about it-you think you’re seeing in 2D, but you’re not. When you put on those 3D glasses, it reminds your brain of how you really see.”

Sometimes our brains fool us into believing we see less in ourselves than what’s really there.

Our brains are very literal.

The repetition of our own negative self-talk or the doom and gloom predictions of others are poisonous.

These can be sucker punches to our dreams of success.

They knock the breath out of us and leave us vulnerable to additional attacks.

That doesn’t have to happen.

The 3D's Billy Schwer talks about can remind our brain of how to see what we really are. We are winners! And these 3D's are the special effects we can use to reach our goals.

Let’s revisit them and see how you can apply them to your life and your goals:


“Your desire to succeed must surpass my desire to see you succeed.” Entrepreneur Lakeisha M. Williams

We want to see you succeed! It’s why we share the ideas we do. It motivates us and gives us joy. But, YOU need to want it more.

How much do you want your success? Do you want it enough to keep getting up when you’re knocked off balance?

Put that desire into words and read those words aloud every day.

Remind your brain of the absolute truth that you are worthy of success.


“I know the price of success, dedication, hard work and an unremitting devotion to the things you want to see happen.” Frank Lloyd Wright

Enthusiasm is one of the synonyms for the word “dedication”. Sometimes we may think dedication has to be boring or as hard as digging ditches. Not true! Working toward our heart’s desire fuels dedication.

Another synonym is zeal. Love that word! Zeal rolls off your tongue like a rallying cry. Zeal screams energy and excitement.

Dedicate yourself to building the foundation of a life that can be more amazing than you ever thought. It’s what we’ve found. And it has been worth all our dedication.


“Self-discipline is not restriction: it’s a path to freedom.” Joseph Rain

Say it 10 times – Discipline is not punishment. The word has a bad connotation for many of us who connect it with what happens when you did something naughty as a child.

Why not look at discipline as a way to build a foundation that is strong enough to support you and your successful business? It’s worth the effort. YOU are worth the effort.

Being self-disciplined as you move toward your goal is a way of investing in yourself. It is an investment that can bring a great return.

We’d love to hear how the ideas we’ve shared have helped you move closer to your goals. Let us know!

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