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Life is extremely busy. There are so many deadlines to keep and so many routines to follow, it’s easy to go through your days on autopilot. It’s too easy to lose sight of the most important things in your life.

There are essential truths in life that need repeating – often! Keep the following list of timeless truths handy so you can refer to it time and again. If you’re anything like us, we need constant reminding of these things.

busy isn't productive1) Busy Isn’t Productive

Look around you. Everyone’s seemingly busy. They’re running from one pointless meeting to the next, banging off emails to multiple recipients, pretending that if they’re busy they MUST be important! But ask yourself this: how many of them are truly productive? And how many are successfully living a balanced life on their terms?

Because Success doesn’t come from busy-ness and running round like a headless chicken. No! It comes from a focused, wise, and productive use of your time.

We all get the same 24 hours each day. You need to use yours intelligently. Remember, success comes from your output, not from the effort you put in. So be sure to focus on tasks that produce results – so, in online business, it’s the money making tasks.

All too often we see people wanting their website to be perfect before they start marketing – that’s a big mistake as it’s not the best use of their time.

Success Follows Failure2) Success Follows Failure

Most of us are brought up to think failure is bad. As entrepreneurs, we’ve learned that failure is learning – therefore it’s good.

To experience true success, you need to embrace failure. You need to make mistakes in order to succeed, because mistakes are the crossroads on the entrepreneurial journey of finding the right road to success.

Most people we coach with their marketing have their biggest breakthroughs when they’re tearing their hair out with frustration. The feeling of frustration makes them see things differently. It makes them dig deep, change tack, and seek solutions by taking a high level view of their situation.

Success requires perseverance. It requires self-belief. And it requires a positive attitude towards failure.

Fear Breeds Regret3) Fear Breeds Regret

At the end of the day, you’ll regret the chances you passed up due to fear more than you’ll regret actually failing. So, embrace risk with open arms.

We often ask people who are afraid of starting an online business: “What’s the worst that can happen to you? Will you die?” It’s as if death is the worst thing that could happen. But it isn’t!

The worst thing that could happen by letting fear get in the way of change and success is dying a slow death inside while you’re still alive!

Cherish Your Self4) Cherish Your Self

When your happiness and satisfaction come from comparing yourself to others and their successes and failures, you no longer control your destiny. When you’re happy about something you’ve accomplished, don’t let anyone else’s opinion of you or anyone else’s accomplishments take that joy away from you.

Of course, it is impossible to go through life not caring what others think about you. Still, you’re unique and you shouldn’t compare yourself to others.

Also, you should take other people’s opinions with a grain of salt. Regardless of what anyone else says about you, the truth of the matter is, you’re never as good or never as bad as they say you are.

Associate With The Best5) Associate With The Best

Search for friends and associates who inspire you. Surround yourself with people who encourage you to be a better person. And what about individuals who are insistent on dragging you down? Is there any good reason for having them in your life?

Anyone who adds anxiety to your life, makes you feel worthless, or leaves you feeling uninspired is wasting your time and is quite likely making you more like them. Life is too short to associate with these types of people. Cut them out of your life.

Life Is Short6) Life Is Short

Anyone of us could die today. Still, when a person dies unexpectedly, we all re-evaluate our own lives. We ask ourselves: “What’s really important to me?” “How should we spend our time?” “How are we treating those around us?”

Death is a painful, clear reminder of how fragile life is. But in truth, it shouldn't be.

Every morning, when you’re getting out of bed, remind yourself that life is a gift. Make the most of the blessings you’ve been given.

Remember, a positive mindset creates a positive day.

Forgive Without Apology7) Forgive Without Apology

Life is a lot easier when you learn to let go of grudges and forgive people, even if they’ve never apologized to you. Grudges let unfortunate events from the past rob you of happiness today. Hate and anger will destroy your life and suck the joy out of it like a leech.

Negative emotions associated with holding grudges can lead to devastating stress-related health problems too, like high blood pressure and heart disease.

On the contrary, when you learn to forgive someone, even though you don’t agree with their actions, it frees you from their grasp and releases you from being their victim.

You Create Your Life8) You Create Your Life

Choose not to be a victim of your environment. Don’t allow circumstances to control you. No one can force you to make decisions which go against your values and your dreams.

The circumstances you live today are of your own making. You created them – just like you’ll create your future. If you feel stuck, maybe it’s because you are afraid to take risks, or maybe you’re afraid to be different.

Your future is a blank canvas – it’s up to you to paint the masterpiece.

Live The Moment9) Live The Moment

You can’t achieve your full potential until you’re able to live in the moment.

Guilt can’t change the past. Anxiety can’t improve the future. It’s impossible to be happy if mentally you’re somewhere else, or if you’re unable to accept the reality of the moment you’re living in whether it is good or bad.

To live the moment, there’s only two things to do:

[1] Accept the past. Make peace with it and leave it behind so you can create a better future.

[2] Accept the future is uncertain. Don’t waste a brain cell worrying about it. Worrying, like Mark Twain said, ‘is paying a debt you don’t owe.'

Embrace Change10) Embrace Change

There’s nothing we can do to avoid change. It’s going to happen anyway. So keep an open mind and embrace change, capitalize on it, and see it as an opportunity to experience and do new things.

Failure stems from ignoring change and living in a dream world where you believe you can continue to do the same things and ignore change hoping it’ll go away. Just like the digital economy we’re in right now.

As Einstein said: “Insanity is going the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Life doesn’t stop for anyone. When things go smoothly, enjoy them because sooner or later things will change. Life is roller coaster.

If you’re always living for tomorrow, always looking for the next thing to make you happy, you’re never going to be present enough to treasure the great moments as they happen.


. . . these 10 Home Truths each and every day.


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