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What’s your life’s vision and what are you willing to do to realize that dream?

Do you remember when you were a child and people would ask: “What do you want to be when you grow up?” You probably responded from your heart. Fireman. Teacher. Ballerina. Astronaut. Quite often that dream dies because others ridiculed it. Or maybe life experiences took you in a different direction. Or maybe your parents pressured you into doing what they wanted for you… follow in their footsteps perhaps?

Time and again we walk away from the dream we thought we’d build our life around because achieving it would just take too much effort, require too much persistence, and too much pressure that “you don't know what’s right for you”.

In Mastery, New York Times best-selling author Robert Greene challenges readers to “Choose Mastery (or Choose to Remain Mediocre).”

Greene believes we’re born with an “inner force” that leads us to what we’re supposed to do when we grow up; we simply need to be willing to stick to the path that’ll take us there.

The best news? It's NEVER too late to start. Age is no barrier to Mastery of online business.

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And here are the steps Robert Green challenges us all to take:

1. Do What Interests You Most

We have a friend who, ever since he was a kid, has wanted to be a musician. He comes from a family of lawyers who fully expected him to join the family law firm. They saw playing guitar as a hobby, certainly not a career. Maybe you know someone similar?

Our friend bowed to parental pressure, as most kids do, and did what was expected of him. BUT… his heart wasn’t in it. He earned his Bachelor’s degree and went on to law school. That’s where he tanked. He hated it, put in minimal effort, and dropped out – because his heart wasn’t in it. It wasn’t what he was born to do.

Instead, he channeled his energy and enthusiasm into practicing and perfecting his art – which is a joy because it’s what he loves to do. His second album comes out this year.

He would’ve been a mediocre lawyer; now he’s a master musician.

Any wannabe master must go through a season of apprenticeship on the road to Mastery.

Greene tells us there are 3 steps to this process:

a. Observation

You want to be a house painter? Then you need to watch house painters at work. Study them. What techniques do they use? What do they do when there’s a problem?
That’s your time to soak it all in. OBSERVE EVERYTHING. It’s not your time to criticize or make suggestions or think you know better. Ask questions, loads of them!

b. Acquire skills

This is where you start building up that 10,000 hours everyone talks about. It’s the time for hands-on work. Pedal to the metal. Nose to the grindstone. Hit the road running and keep up the pace. This is the time to apply what you learned in the observation phase, and cultivate your own unique flair. Greene calls this “the cycle of accelerated returns.”

Some of what you do during this time may seem boring or tedious or frustrating. But, for someone working toward fulfilling a dream, it’s so worth it.

Sadly, we often see people learning to build their online business fall flat on their faces in this phase simply because they didn’t ask enough questions or didn’t keep an open mind in the observation phase! All they have to do is push through the frustration to have success and Mastery of online business.

c. Transform and mold your ideas

Experiment and put your special touch to your dream. You prepared the foundation. You practiced repeatedly. This is the time to put your unique spin on things. The time when you start to stand out from the crowd.

Remember learning how to ride a two-wheeler? The first step was making sure you didn’t fall off and skin your elbows each time you attempted to ride that bike. Then you practiced riding back and forth, over and over, getting steadier and faster all the time.

Finally, it was, “Look, Mum! No hands!” That feeling of Mastery was immensely gratifying. Grinning childishly from ear to ear.

That’s what you’re aiming for with your online business – that freedom of having a business running effortlessly, almost on auto-pilot.

2. Mentorship

This is one of the most exciting steps of all for us! It’s so much a part of who we are and what we do. We’ve worked through our own steps of apprenticeship as we claimed our dream lifestyle. We recognize the investment it takes. It takes persistent, consistent effort! There are no express trains to success.

Yet, something about the internet makes people think they can build a business overnight. Be profitable a week later. Have enough raving fans to fill a football field the following week!! They completely overlook the need for Mastery. Idiots!

That incorrect assumption can very quickly lead to failure. That’s one of the many reasons we love to mentor people who are interested in an online business. It energizes us to help others succeed.

That said, it doesn’t take as long to create a website for an online business as it does to renovate and stock out a bricks and mortar business; some people mistakenly think they can have automatic success.

We’ve made our mistakes. Lots of them. But they’re different ones each time because each mistake teaches us important lessons. We do our best not to repeat any of the lesson learning opportunities we’ve had!

Helping other would-be entrepreneurs make their way through the maze of Mastery to accomplish great things is a joy to us. It's so rewarding.

The most important bit of you-gotta-know-this we want to pass along to people like you, is that success takes time! We love Robert Greene’s book, and know it could help guide so many people to lives of success and satisfaction.

Greene moves from mentorship to a type of intelligence that can’t be measured by an IQ test. It’s made up of the kind of smarts that help create success in all areas of our lives.

3. Social Intelligence

There's a quote by Alan Greenspan that, at first, might sound like a combination of a tongue twister and one of those word problems that has always made us feel crazy:

“I know you think you understand what you thought I said, but I’m not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant.”

The dictionary definition of social intelligence – “the ability to form rewarding relationships with other people” – doesn’t even begin to tell it all. It’s like saying a chocolate chip cookie is a “food.”

No… chocolate chip cookies are sweet, chocolaty and warm from the oven, and they dry tears, create smiles, and make a rainy day full of sunshine.

And, in a like manner, social intelligence makes it possible for us to hear the words that aren’t said, to understand the motivations that hide behind actions. Social intelligence helps us get along or walk away. It impacts every level of our lives, including our business life.

Social intelligence is a skill to be developed. It’s way of understanding why we, and others, do what we do and why.

And, good luck getting a mentor without social intelligence.

4. Awaken Your Dimensional Mind

In Mastery, Robert Greene divides the mind into three parts:

a. Original
b. Conventional
c. Dimensional

The original mind is the childlike one, full of optimism and undying exuberance. It’s the mind that tells you, you can achieve anything. Until the world tries to tell you all the reasons you can’t.

The conventional mind is so full of facts it has no space to entertain even the thinnest slice of creativity.

And then, the dimensional mind. Ah, the dimensional mind! It takes the wonder and belief in endless possibilities of the original mind and takes it on a journey of thousands of hours of expertise.

Like touching a match to a piece of wood, the former two minds create a spark that makes the dimensional mind burn with a mighty fire.

Robert Greene encourages his reader to let their rational minds and intentional minds work together to have a chance at doing great, amazing things. That combination is the power of the dimensional mind. It’s kinda like NOT stereo-typing yourself.

In real life, masters accomplish great things because they can combine intuition with rational thought. Which is why Albert Einstein said the following:

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

To recap, this is what you need to do live your dreams:

• Rekindle the dreams you had before anyone told you they were impossible or unreasonable
• Choose your goal and start down the path
• Watch, work, try
• Find a mentor
• Develop Social Intelligence
• Enjoy the power of Mastery. You’ve earned it.

In Mastery, Robert Greene shares many stories of famous people who have travelled the road to Mastery. Each story helps us see these people in exciting new ways. And each story offers a gift for us to take on our own journey.

For anyone who wants success at any level, in any type of activity, Mastery is a must-have. It’s not only entertaining, but life-changing.



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