3 Little-Known Factors That Affect Your Affiliate Marketing

3 Little-Known Factors That Affect Your Affiliate Marketing

We hate to break ti to you… but there’s no magic push button for any kind of marketing that'll guarantee you a sure-fire income. Let's get that ‘outta the way' first.

However, there are 3 little-known factors in affiliate marketing that help ensure your success

These 3 affiliate marketing tips will help improve your success as an affiliate, however the only thing that's likely to provide consistent returns is using good marketing practices which have been proven and are likely to work consistently in the future.

1. Each Product Needs A Separate Website

There's no advantage in trying to setup an affiliate product on a sub-domain.

For starters it's best to have a site that focuses on one product only, because the less choice you give your customer, the easier it is for them to make a buy decision.

Sub-domains are also not very good for SEO or search engine optimisation (which is where a website and/or webpage rank in Google search for a specific keyword phrase), because it's much harder to optimise than a main domain. Let’s face it – if you’re planning on making money from affiliate marketing, $10 for another website is an insignificant cost – we'd hope you’d make thousands more than that in any affiliate program!

The best information you can put on your website is a product review, so prospective customers get a genuine understanding of what the product will do for them. To write a good product review it's usually necessary to have purchased the product first and tried it out. First hand experience is more authentic.

You also need to include testimonials from anyone else who's tried the product. It goes without saying, each testimonial should reflect accurately what the person giving it said, and you should also have their permission to use it as a testimonial. It’s also very effective if you can get a photo of the person who made the testimonial, and they should state if they have been given the product to test for free.

You could also write blog posts explaining various uses of the product and include these as separate pages on the website. Each article should have a call to action and needs to be visually appealing to the reader. Make sure your headlines are compelling and use a lot of bullet points, to make it easier for your reader to see what the product is all about, and what it can do for them.

2. Offer A Free Giveaway To Prospects

The second affiliate marketing tip, and maybe the most important is, when you get targeted people to visit your website promoting your affiliate product, you need to give them a free giveaway.

This isn't any old giveaway – it needs to be something of value to them, and it also needs to provide the visitor with a ‘quick win', or a quick takeaway they can digest or ‘take in' within 5-10 minutes.

The giveaway should have a series of autoresponder messages to follow up with, so you need to have an optin page to capture your visitors' details. When you have an autoresponder series, you can contact the customer repeatedly, which is important because most customers never buy a product on the first time they visit a page – they need to build trust in you and see your promotion many times.

Make sure your giveaway is more compelling than any other affiliate promoting the same product, do you stand out from the crowd and have a unique selling point.

The giveaway should be placed in a prominent position on your website, normally ‘above the fold' i.e. it should appear on the first screen visitors land on without having to scroll the page down. Never presume visitors know to scroll.

Your email follow-ups via your autoresponder shouldn't be a hard sell either. All you need to do is provide gentle encouragement and persuasion by describing the benefits of your affiliate offer, and remind them of what they are missing out on. Focus on the benefits rather than solely what the product does.

3. Source Targeted Traffic

Targeted traffic is key for your product to convert well. Conversion means transforming your leads or prospects who are the people who sign up on your optin page, into paying customers or buyers.

It's all very well getting thousands of visitors to your website every day, however if they're not targeted people who have a problem which can be solved by your affiliate offer, then it's unlikely your product will convert successfully.

A great source of targeting people who are searching for what you have to offer, is pay-per-click adverts on Microsoft Bing. It's affordable and the targeting is second to none.

These are general affiliate marketing tips, however, when done consistently, they produce excellent results.

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