Take Your Online Home Business To The Next Level

Take Your Online Home Business To The Next Level

There comes a point where you hit an endless brick wall trying to advance your online home business any further.

If you’ve read some of my previous articles (and have taken action) then you’d probably have tried some affiliate marketing at the very least. This can be very rewarding, but it probably shouldn’t be the core of your business, unless you’re planning to become a super affiliate.

How do you think Coca Cola would be today if they’d framed their business around selling other people’s products?

What about Nike flogging off some Adidas trainers/sneakers/basketball boots (or whatever you call them in your part of the world) so they could make a few extra bucks? Sure, they would’ve made a lot of money in the short term, but they would’ve done so much better (and they did) if they concentrated on their own products.

Can see where we're heading with this. While selling products for someone else is a good way to get started, it’s not a great business model to base your whole business on. It’s definitely a fantastic way of making residual income with very little effort, but should be treated as a side dish, not the main course.

Find Someone Who's Been There Done That

From my own experience, when you can’t seem to advance any further, you need to start investing money into your future. To rephrase that, look for someone who’s been there and done that, and invest your money in them. They teach you the tips and tricks they’ve come across, and how to avoid the pitfalls they’ve fallen into. No, we're not getting any commission for saying this, it just makes jolly good sense to learn from people who’ve already been there.

Most people coming to the internet to try and make money want to do it quickly. We’ve all seen the sales letters that say you can make x amount of money in 30 days (or less) and you can leave your day job. Sometimes that might be true but in reality it doesn’t happen like that. To create a sustainable business you need proper training and there are a lot of Marketers out there who are ready to offer that.

What you need is a solid underlying business and, unless you’re some kind of marketing demigod, why not just learn from the big boys.

Who Are the Best of The Big Boys

The big question is – which ones are the best. It’s all a bit of trail and error.

There are some quite easy ways to sort it out though. Once again forums are a good place to start. Search Google for a forum in your niche – and check that it's up-to-date and interactive.

Try Marketing Summits

Another option if you’re in a main center (e.g. UK, USA, Singapore, Australia plus a few others) is to attend Marketing Summits, Business Events, whatever you want to call them. These are generally free or reasonably cheap and usually take up a weekend or three days. They have a list of different internet marketing guru’s, approximately one every couple of hours and they usually give excellent marketing tips and strategies.

At the end of their slot there’s usually a sales pitch. They’re generally not trying to flog off the shoebox in the bottom of their wardrobe.

We’ve been to a few of these and speakers will have special offers they could be launching for the first time, or they may have an offer that’s only for people at that particular event.

Assume because they’re reputable marketers, if they say it’s only being offered at this event, then it aint being offered anywhere else. Period!

When we’ve been to these events I’ve been blown away. We’ve signed up with a couple of very well known marketers. One of them has given us access to everything they’ve ever released. That includes their articles, videos, audios, software, products, you name it. As long as we're a member we continue to get free access.

The other one has got a couple of amazing bit’s of software that'll reshape our traffic generation. These two pieces of software are completely independent of each other, but when used together make a level playing field very bumpy!

Marketing events are an excellent way to get to know who the big players are and also help keep you up to date on what the current trends are in Internet Marketing. You also learn a heap of valuable information from them so they’re well worth attending, or if you can get your hands on them, watching video’s of the event.


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