How To Protect A Website From Hackers in 5 Simple Steps

how to protect a website from hackers

how to protect a website from hackers

OK – there’s a list of reasons why we simply had to write this post on how to protect a website from hackers:

[1] We had 45 websites, which were all hosted on one website host, HACKED, not once, but twice within a two week period! Not only did it take heaps of unplanned time to investigate and rectify the prob;em, but we also flushed our valuable marketing budget (and prospective customers) down the toilet  because our lead capture pages were taken out too.

[2] We then read this alarming post on the BBC: The 12 cyber-scams of Christmas <== Read this post, then come back here to watch the video below.

[3] There's well over 75 million WordPress websites on the internet (that’s over 22% of all active domains), BUT, distressingly only 15% of them run the latest version of WordPress.

[4] WordPress is now the most widely used website building platform on the internet – it's reportedly used by New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Ford, CNN, Nasa, Pepsi, Nikon, Ebay, Samsung and even 10 Downing Street. It's growing in popularity every year. But as well as being attractive to user's, it's also attractive to hackers. Hacking is at an all time high, as hackers are hard to catch, and even harder to prosecute in non-western countries.

[5] Hacking is at an all time high. ANY website can be used to phish for the personal details of unsuspecting third parties. That info the data hackers steal can be traded around the world in no time flat.

So . . .

We felt there was a definite need to share our personal hacking experience, and show you how to protect your WordPress website from hackers in 5 simple steps.

First watch this video:

Got no time to watch the ‘How To’ video?

Then here’s the skinny on how to protect a WordPress website from hackers in 5 simple steps:

Hacker Prevention Step 1

Always update to the latest version of WordPress

Hacker Prevention Step 2

Always keep plugins up to date

Hacker Prevention Step 3

Delete any inactive plugins you’re not using on your wordpress website

Hacker Prevention Step 4

Always keep your wordpress themes up to date, whether they are active or not

Hacker Prevention Step 5

Install the Wordfence plugin, do the scan, delete any suspect files, then enter your email address to be notified of any changes or of updates required.


Make sure you carry out these 5 simple steps on a regular (weekly) basis to keep your WordPress website healthy, pristine and hacker free.

Understand that prevention and protection are the best approach by far – then raise and spread awareness of this approach to alter the distressing fact that only 15% of all WordPress websites are up to date.

So please comment and share on this post – use the social media share buttons on the left hand margin – and declare to all your friends and followers you’re going to follow these 5 simple steps and keep your WordPress website healthy and up to date – and you'll help them be safe from hackers too.

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