Video Marketing Legend Tom Breeze Spills The Beans

Video Marketing Legend Tom Breeze Spills The Beans

Whilst attending a Six Figure Mentors video marketing mastery training weekend with video marketing legend Tom Breeze, I snatched the opportunity to interview him for you.

Click the video to watch and learn:

What Six Figure Mentors founder Stuart Ross is the first to admit is, he's not an expert at everything related to digital marketing, so he gets in experts like Tom to take training in their specialist areas.

What we learned on this course really blew us away. Video marketing is one of the most powerful methods for getting free traffic to your website, and best of all it's simple to set up. You can start off with just a webcam and you sitting in front of your computer.

But, if you're shy on camera just use Animoto for starters, or even do simple screencasts using free software like Jing Project.

The key is to build up gradually, and buy new equipment when you've made some money from your existing videos. But the key to it all is just get started!! So access to courses like this are just one of the many benefits you'll gain when you join Six Figure Mentors.

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Do you have problems with appearing on video? Any other reasons why you haven't started? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think.


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