Why Do You Have To Pay?

Why Do You Have To Pay

One of the questions our students and prospects continually ask us is “Why do you have to pay for an online business education?”

It’s a great question and you might think it’s all about people wanting to take your money. Sure they’ll make money by providing you with a valuable service and information but that’s not the only reason.

The big reason (and it’s probably not what you want to hear) is it’s for your own good.


Told you, you probably didn’t want to hear that.

But why?


First off you could try making your own product and it’s great if you’ve got the motivation to do that. All you need is to be an expert in a particular area, create the product, put it on a website, create a way for people to buy it online, write some copy and make it compelling enough for people to want to buy it.

But there’s a much easier way.

You can invest in a training system or service that gives you quality products and training to sell for a commission.

But why can’t you just pay for the system or service when you make some money, instead of paying for it up front?

Well it’s a bit like going to the Gym. You see people pay a lot of money to go to the Gym.

The reason why is that they know if they’ve paid their hard earned cash, then it makes absolute sense to workout. Otherwise they’re giving the Gym their money for nothing.

It’s all about mindset – we all hate paying for something and not getting any benefit from it, so having paid for it, it’s compelling to go to the gym.

What’s great is that not only are you forced to go because you’ve paid for it, you also get fitter as well. Double whammy!

Why Do You Have To Pay 2

We know what you’re going to say next– you can get fit without paying to go to a gym.

You certainly can, but how many people have the discipline to do that – most of us hate doing anything to get fit without being pushed!

That’s why you need the extra incentive to go – because when your money’s on the line, you’re more committed to get things done.

Let’s go a bit further and imagine the conversation between you and the gym.

-Hi, I want to lose a few kilos, and I know that going to your gym for the next few months is going to help me do that.

-It certainly will Sir.

-Cool. And is it OK if I pay for my membership once I’ve lost the weight?

-Um, actually it doesn’t quite work like that Sir.

-Well that sounds unusual – how do you mean?

-You have to pay your membership now.

-Why? I haven’t lost any weight yet?

-Yes, but you’ll be using all our services, like the showers, the weight machines, and the Sauna.

-Mmm. I like the Sauna.

-Yes it is very relaxing.

-But what if I don’t lose any weight. Why should I pay?

-If you eat properly Sir and exercise regularly, you will definitely lose weight.

-Ah – but what if I don’t come to the Gym?!

-Pardon me for asking Sir, but why join then in the first place?

-Well I like the idea of losing weight.

-That’s a good point Sir, and please don’t get me wrong, but unless you come to the gym and workout you won’t lose any weight.

Oh, OK. I think I understand…

-And when you get a Personal Trainer telling you exactly what to do each day – you still need to take action, follow their instructions and advice, and do the doing!

Why Going To The Gym Is Just Like Learning To Build A Profitable Online Business

We think you’re probably getting the picture now. If you want to earn extra income online, you need to be super serious about doing it.

From our experience, having to invest something up front, makes you far more motivated to achieve results in whatever it is you’re doing.

What we can almost 100% guarantee with any offers we promote is, when you invest money in them, and follow the advice and system accurately, you’ll have much better success than if you didn’t invest anything upfront.

But what we can guarantee with 100% accuracy is if you invest in the system just because you like the idea of making money online, and don’t do anything with it, you’re guaranteed not to have any success! Make sense?

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