How To Start an Online Business (Even If You Have No Prior Experience)

Millions of people don’t know how to start an online business, but it is easy when you know how and anybody can do it.

The good news is that it’s also easy to learn how to make your online business ideas a reality, or to get set up online to sell other people’s products or services if you don’t have any of your own or have no idea of what you could offer.

There’s a simple equation we’ll start off with: 

It’s probably obvious that you can’t make money online without having each piece of the equation in place. You may choose not to have your own website if you sell other people’s products (known as affiliate marketing), however we wouldn’t recommend it as you need to have your own online real estate that no one can take away from you. We’re sure you’ll agree that it’s not sensible, long term, to build a business based around a website that you have no control over?

The next step in knowing how to start an online business is to understand the online business model:

Basically, you need to send people, or traffic, to your website and entice your prospective customers with a free gift in return for their email address. This gift could be valuable downloadable information in the form of a pdf/ebook, an audio file, or a video file. Or it could be a physical product if you want to obtain the postal address of your prospective customer – you’ll then have the option of asking them to make a small payment to cover postage if you choose.

The beauty about gathering email addresses or postal addresses from people who are interested in your offering is you have the ability to stay in touch with them, in order to build long lasting relationships with them. You’ll also be able to ask them what sort of solution they’re looking for to solve whatever problem they have. You’ll then be able to provide them with it, which equals Sales!

The step by step process to achieve this model is to:

  • creating your website – we use as it’s very easy to learn and is loved by search engines as they want to find relevant information for their customers who are searching for answers
  • placing a form on your website to gather the name and details of people who think you may have a solution to a problem they’re experiencing
  • setting up an email autoresponder, which is a database to hold you prospect’s details, and pre-populate it with emails which will be automatically be sent out in a pre-determined timeframe
  • setting up products or services for sale on your website
  • getting traffic flowing to your website

We used run two day hands-on workshops in London on how to start an online business, where we showed people how to do all these processes, in just two days. Hopefully, that gives you an idea of the time commitment involved in getting set up online.

However, due to our travel and lifestyle commitments we no longer run physical workshops – but we have another solution for you up our sleeve 🙂

We HIGHLY recommend this online training consisting of high definition, over the shoulder, step by step, video training – so you can watch in the comfort of your own home and, in your own sweet time.

You’ll also be able to watch the videos over and over again as, when stuff is new, it takes a while to take it all in. That’s perfectly normal.

Or if you want to discover how to start an online business then click here now!

If you’re serious about building and growing a successful and sustainable online business, we’ve got some great tips on your 4 key steps to online success, which is a must read.

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  1. Susan Beesley 12 years ago

    What an awesome blog post Greg and Fiona – sharing so much value – your workshops will be filled to overflowing so I suppose we’d better get the next dates in the diary assuming you are going to invite us along to present again. C&S

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