You Want To Blog! What’s The Best Blog Software To Use?

You Want To Blog - What’s The Best Blog Software To Use

It’s widely accepted that the best blog software available today is WordPress. What makes it so popular is that it’s completely free. There’s stacks of other blogging software available but nothing matches up to WordPress’s state of the art functionality. It’s renowned for ease of use, and the fact that you can simply and easily get a high quality blog setup, without ever having to pay for anything, apart from hosting fees.

Read on to convince yourself that it’s the best blogging software available for you.

Make Sure You Have cPanel and Fantastico

With most things on the internet there's a few technical issues to go through first. You need to have access to cpanel and fantastico on your hosting account. Cpanel is the control panel for you hosting account and inside cpanel is fantastico.

Don't be put off. All you need to do is click on Fantastico and then WordPress and You're Virtually done!

With fantastico you can install wordpress on your domain with just a couple of clicks. You do need to have your own domain and hosting account. WordPress has an option where you can host your blog on their website, but if you’re at all serious about blogging, you need to have your own domain to establish your online presence.

The coolest thing about WordPress is it’s got hundreds of plugins and themes – and they’re all Free!

Plugins And WordPress

Plugins are small bits of software that literally plug in to WordPress with one simple click (you click the install button, it’s that easy – seriously!). Plugins can do virtually anything you can think of that’s associated with a blog site.

There’s plugins to post your blog to Twitter to let the world know about your blog, plugins for calendars, plugins for putting advertising on your site, plugins for backing up your database, plugins for posting your blog to places like dig and delicious – you name it, there’s a plugin for it. And remember that these plugins are all free!

Themes Make A Site Your Own – And They're (Mostly) Free

Themes are what give a site its own look and feel. So for example, all the colors, fonts and layout form part of a theme. WordPress have got hundreds of themes available and once again they’re all free.

You can also buy premium themes and plugins if you want to be exclusive or stand out from the crowd.

These are usually reasonably priced and you may want to invest in some of these further down the track, but for most functionality you don’t need to spend a penny.

As WordPress is the best blogging software available, there’s a big demand for specialised design and development of WordPress.

There’s a sizeable market of developers and designers who specialise in creating WordPress themes and plugins.

So you can also get an exclusive, professionally created blog, and still have access to all the functionality that WordPress offers.

Posting blog articles is simple and you can access all the admin functions from within a password protected area of your blog website, through your internet browser. The interface is very easy to use and formatting your post, adding images, videos, and audio, can all be done at the click of a button.

Because it’s so popular there’s a very active user group and there’s also tons of support available across the internet.

How Else Can We Convince You?

We can’t think of any reason why you’d want to go trawling through the internet trying to find any better blogging software. It’s such a great piece of software you can use WordPress to set up any website, not just a blog. For example it’s widely used for membership sites, where you pay a monthly fee for access to a website on a subject you’re interested in.

WordPress has all the functionality you need for a blog, and just because it’s free, doesn’t mean it’s low quality. It’s continually being updated and evolving, so it’s going to stay around as the best blog software for a long time to come.


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