Why Are Autoresponders Proven To Be An Online Home Business’s Best Friend?

Why Are Autoresponders Proven To Be An Online Home Business's Best Friend

If you have a small email list of one or two customers, then you can probably keep in touch with them easily by sending them individual emails. But what happens when your list grows to hundreds or even thousands? How do you have time to maintain a relationship with all your customers and still have time to run your business?

The is a solution to this problem – it's call an Autoresponder.

What Is An Autoresponder?

An autoresponder is a software program which automates the sending of emails to your prospects and customers.

You set up a series of emails you want to send to your prospects and customers and the autoresponder will send them out at a time and a date you want.

For example, when a prospect or customer signs up to your mailing list, you can send out a thank you email – but with hundreds of customers signing up at different times, this would become overwhelming very quickly if you were doing it personally. But with an autoresponder, you’ll have a predefined thankyou email, that’s automatically sent to your prospect or customer the instant they sign up.

Set it Up For A Series Of Emails

Not only can you do it for a single email, you can also set it up for a series of emails.

Imagine if a prospective customer just signed up to your list and you’ve sent out your thank you email. Then you want to keep giving your prospective customer gentle reminders about your product until they decide if they’re going to purchase it or not.

Your autoresponder can take care of this and will send out scheduled emails of your choosing, on a customer by customer basis.

You'll want to provide that all important value to your prospects so you can slowly but surely educate them, inform them, and inspired them about everything regarding your products, services and market.

Swap Your Customers From One Mailing List To Another – Effortlessly

Suppose a prospective customer has now bought your product and you want to send them a thankyou email, but more importantly, you don’t want to annoy them by asking them to buy the product they’ve just purchased. The autoresponder service can also take care of this and automatically switch them from your “prospect list” to your “buyer list”. Then it can start sending them a series of emails on how to use your product they’ve just purchased, in effect putting them into another automatic email delivery sequence.

But that’s not the whole picture.  There’s a lot more that an autoresponder system can offer.

Manage Your List

If you’ve got an email list of hundreds or thousands of people, you need some way to manage that list. The autoresponder system enables you to do exactly that.

It should be capable of integrating with shopping carts like paypal, so you can automate delivery of your digital products, and any email campaigns you want to follow up with your customer afterwards.

An autoresponder can automatically remove unsubscribers and undeliverable addresses from your list.

The Mail Must Get Through (And the Email!)

The more well known autoresponder services even have special arrangements with major internet service providers (ISP’s) so your emails get through to your customers' email inboxes without being labelled as spam or junk. And just in case you're wondering, they’ll have a zero tolerance policy on spam being sent via their servers!

There are many popular autoresponder services, but our favourite, and the one we've used for 7 years now is Aweber

In order to choose between the autoresponders available you ought to compare several factors such as range of features, ease of use, and most of all pricing. Assume that even though you’re starting off with a small list, you expect it to grow, so need to know how much the charges will rise for a larger list, and if there's extra costs for having multiple lists of subscribers.

Autoresponders are an essential tool for all internet based businesses and marketers, as the nightmare of dealing with an ever increasing list can be simply resolved through their use. So autoresponders are proven to be an online home business's best friend and tool.


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