33 Killer Content Ideas To Quadruple Your Customers

Here are 33 killer content ideas that anyone can use. Are you a blogger, video creator, entrepreneur, business person, professional, small or local business owner, network marketer, MLMer, online business owner, in fact any one who needs to get content in front of their target audience and customers?

And do you ever wonder how you're going to create great content that gets your message out to your prospective customers, but don't have a clue where to start?

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Well, look no further. If you use each of these 33 killer content ideas you'll not only have content coming out your ears (or keyboard), you'll also be adding massive value to your customers and building great relationships with them. Watch the powerpoint presentation above (click on the fullscreen button in the bottom right) or for more in depth, read this from start to finish.

So lets get started:

And who said leave the best to last? This is one of our all time favourites.

1. Search for Infographics on Your Topic on Pinterest

Go to pinterest.com and type in your search term followed by infographic. You'll get literally 100's of amazing infographics that you can put your own spin on but note:  as with all the ideas here,  you shouldn't just copy other peoples content, you need to use it as a starting point and create your own unique content from it!


2. Get Article Idea Templates From EzineArticles.

Click on this link: gregandfionascott.com/eza-templates and you'll get around 50 awesome article templates from Ezine Articles. Use these to come up with your own content, but don't just limit yourself to articles. You can create videos, presentations, podcasts and more.

3. Search Forums Related To Your Topic

Forums are a goldmine of information. They tell you what people problems are experiencing, whats working and whats not, and you can use all of this information to create endless content based on common questions people are asking. Just do a search in Google for “[your topic] forum” and then check posts that have tons of views and replies. You can be sure that these are popular topics and have loads of information you can use for your own ideas.

4. Amazon Look Inside

Most books on Amazon today have a look inside feature. You can see (most importantly) the table of contents. You can bet the person who wrote the book has done a lot of research, so know how to reach their audience, and you can use the table of contents to generate ideas for yourself. Check for bestsellers in your niche and also the “Dummies” series.  Click here for a great example.

5. Google Your Subject For The Top Websites

Find the websites that pop up first in the search results. Take a look at what they're writing about. They've also done their research on what's hot and what's not. It's a pretty simple strategy but it can give you hundreds of ideas. Once again put your own spin on it 🙂

6. Study Leaders In Your Industry

They're not leaders for nothing and they have a tonne of great information. You can agree or disagree, have a contrarian opinion, add to what they've said, the choice is endless!

 7. YouTube

Did you know you can embed any video from YouTube you like on your own blog? And better still the person who created it will love you for it. Grab a video that inspires you, makes you laugh or teaches something, put it on your website, give a summary, discuss the ideas and so on.

8. Go To Clickbank

Clickbank is one of the largest online marketplaces on the internet for digital downloadable products. One thing you can bet on, if there's a category and products on Clickbank, then those categories (aka niches) sell well online. Go to your niche and look at products and sales pages to give you more content ideas.



 9. Interview An Expert

Interview an expert in your field. Many experts are more than happy to be interviewed and some take a bit more persistence. With Social Media as it is today it's easy to get in touch with them. The worst they can say is no, and the best they can say is yes.

10. Find Top Blogs In Your Niche

Search in Google for “your subject blog”. Then have a look for blog posts in the blogs you find that have lots of comments and interaction. It's a fair guess they're very popular subjects and great for content creation ideas.

11. Review A Product

This one's a double whammy. First of all find a decent product. Where do you start? Hmmm… maybe idea No 8 is a clue. Why is it a double whammy? First of all you can create a brilliant product review, using video or a blog post. Secondly you can promote the product with your affiliate links in it, meaning if you make a sale of the product, you get paid commissions. If you're ever thinking about monetising your site what better place to start?

12. Review A Book

Pretty much the same as 11, but Amazon is one of the biggest affiliate programs in the world. Give an honest review of a book on your website, again use video or blog posts. Make sure you get an Amazon Associates account (their word for affiliate) and add your affiliate links to the review. Don't expect to make millions, you need a lot of traffic to make money from Amazon, but with all the content you're going to create you're going to start attracting traffic. Aren't you? 🙂

13. Article Directories

Go to your favorite article directory. Hopefully you've check out the EzineArticles templates so you're probably aware that Ezine Articles is the most popular article directory.  Look up 3 or 4 related articles on your topic. Now do this in order. 1. Read through an article. 2. Summarize it without going back and re-reading the article. 3. Do the same for the remaining articles. 4. Now create your own unique content from your summaries.

14. Search For Famous People In Your Niche Or Related Niches

Search on Google for famous people in your niche or other niches. Comment on their stuff, give your own opinions, make  videos, create brilliant content!

15. Compile Some Of Your Favorite Quotes

Write about them, what they mean, what you can take from them and what others can take from them. A great place to start is BrainyQuote.

Do or do not, there is no try… (Yoda)

16. Use Google Trends To Compare 2 Popular Subjects In Your Niche

Sorry John, Paul Ringo and George – Jesus Wins 🙂


 17. What Are People Talking About On Social Media

Start of Rant. Stop wasting time on Facebook! End of Rant. Start using Facebook to your advantage. You can learn a lot from social media and what people are talking about in your industry or niche. Generally if people are talking about something it's a hot topic, and therefore something you can create content from. Try Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.

18. How To…

People on the internet absolutely love “How To” content. We find creating videos are a great way to do this, but you can also use pictures and words (ie this blog post). If you want really great content, give them an in depth how to. Don't leave anything out! People will receive far more value, and it brands you as an expert, and if your stuff is that good then you must have more!

19. Start With A Headline.

Go to Mashable.com. These guys are experts at headlines. Use their headlines as a template and substitute with your words. Use that as a starting point for your next piece of content.

20. Top 10 Lists

People love lists and especially top 10 lists (And top 33 :)). Create lists of your top tools, resources, websites, people, blogs, videos, books and anything else you can think of. The internet is a massive resource, so use it!

21. Challenge The Status Quo

What do we mean by that? In every industry there's always stuff that's always been done a particular way. Come up with a different angle and challenge everyone's beliefs and preconceptions. Be contrarian. Is it any coincidence that most great leaders polarize people? People either love them or hate them, there's no in-between. Go figure…

22. Create An Avatar

Who is your perfect customer? What are their wants, needs and desires? What attracts, motivates and scares them. Find the answers to those questions and you've got dozens of ideas for more awesome content.

23. Brainstorm With Friends

Brainstorm content ideas with your friends. There's 33 ideas here and that will keep you going for months, but we guarantee if we got together with 3 other people and we all wrote 33 ideas they'd all be different.

The internet's a lonely place. Stop hiding behind your computer and speak to some real people 🙂

24. Create A Series

This one's great for video and blog posts. Start with a List (See No 20.) Create one overview article or video and then drill down into each of the items in your list. Make a part 1, part 2, part ….

25. Share Your Experiences

It's great showing how knowledgeable you are and what you know about your industry or niche, but people also want to know about you. Share some of your experiences.  Think of the challenges and lessons you've had to overcome, what happens behind the scenes at your workplace, what mistakes you've made along the way. Because all that stuff is what makes you who you are, and is probably the reason you've attracted the customers and leads you've got right now!

26. Case Studies

Create case studies on customers, well known people in your niche, success stories, disasters, anything that can teach a lesson through the power of a story.

27. Who, What, Where, When, Why?

Cover each of these questions about your niche as separate pieces of content so then you've got 5 more pieces of content to work with and expand on!

28. Go To The Library

Heck we know it's low tech, but they have these things in libraries called books. They have information in them, and it's highly likely they'll have your subject. Whats more, if your subject is old enough they'll probably even have original ideas you can use. Those ideas  have been confused over time by all the other content creators who got to the library before you, so add some clarity to them.

29. Watch Youtube Videos

We've already said to embed videos and talk about them, but what about creating your own content from the ideas you generate from them. Video is essential on any website these days, so if you've got a problem with doing video, you need to find a way to overcome it. Remember a camera is just a machine, and once you've recorded it, you've got the choice to put it on Youtube or not. Just do it…

30. Recycle Your Own Content

The internet changes very quickly. It's also possible some of the content you created you might not be too happy with. So go and tweak it so it's up to date and giving more value to your clients. Update a blog post, make it into a video, do a podcast on it. You get the picture!

31. What You Read

All of us are reading every day whether you realize it or not. We look at the internet, we see advertisements on TV, some of us even read books :). So take what you read in newspapers, books, reports, and online, and relate it back to your subject. You can almost always find a connection between something in the news for example and what your message is.

32. Events

Every industry or niche has  events and chances are you've probably attended a few. What was it about? Who did you meet there? Where was it and what happened? People want to know all that! Why not even take a video camera (most smartphones have one these days) and interview people at the event. Gigabytes of content!

33. Relate The Unrelated

Here's a simple exercise. Take two different objects or subjects and make a connection between them. Think of movies you've watched, books you've read, celebrities , songs, current affairs – in fact you can be totally random about it. For example cats and Facebook.

What do you get?

What Cats Can Teach Us About Facebook!



That's 33 Killer content ideas to quadruple your customers. Your head should be swimming with ideas now, so go out and create amazing content. What other content ideas do you have? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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