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This is driving you crazy and you don't even know it . . .

Some people find it a hassle using the internet and using browsers in particular.

And the problem is, you don’t know what you don’t know!

So we want to cut through the crap like a buzz saw through butter, and get you EXCITED to use the internet, to browse for answers, and to copy and paste stuff with ease 🙂

(Because knowing how to copy and paste stuff is THE SKILL you need to have to run an online business. Seriously!)

So here goes.

Watch this video as we share 7 top tips that’ll make your internet use ten times friendlier and ten times faster 🙂

In the video we step you through the following 7 top tips to make using the internet a breeze:

1. Use Google Chrome as your ‘Go To’ Browser

Why use Chrome as your ‘go to’ browser?

Because it’s faster. Wayyyy faster. That’s why.

At least it is for us – and that’s been the case whether we’re in the UK, the US, Australia, NZ, or France. There are many other arguments as to which browser is best, but for us, speed rules. If you have the choice of what browser to use (as in, you’re not restricted by workplace rules), we suggest you download Chrome if you’re not using it already.

2. Make Google Search as your Homepage on Chrome

Setting Google Search as your Homepage on Chrome cuts out the need to type in ‘Google’ ever time you want to search for something.

Yes, it’s only a few seconds saved, but it’s a common thing you do many times a day, so can save you hours of time over a year.

When in Chrome, click the little three parallel line symbol in the top right hand corner, and click Settings.

Then under the ‘Search’ heading, click the drop down box, and select Google.

setting google search in chrome

 3. Use Google and Youtube to Find Answers to Get Out of The Pickle You’re In

You should never sit stewing over a problem for too long. How long is too long is a subjective issue – just be aware you should always be ready to seek help if you can’t solve a problem quickly. And THE BEST place to look for help, answers and solutions is Google and Youtube.

If ever one of us asks the other for help, our first response is always:

Have you Googled it or Youtubed it yet????

So having Google as your ‘go to’ search option is the answer. Be sure to use it.

4. Use the Address Bar for Google Search to Find a Website You Know

This one’s a doozy.

We always see the peeps we coach, opening a Google Search page, then typing in the url of the website they’re wanting to log into, then clicking an ad on Google to get to the website, then logging in!

Talk about long-winded!

All those clicks can be halved when you simply click into the address bar in Chrome and type ‘’. You’ll be taken direct to our website, or the website of your choice lol, and NOT to a Google search result first.

>>> It’s NOT NECESARY to type ‘http’ or ‘www’ any more because Google knows you’re looking for a website because you typed ‘.com’ at the end <<<

5. Open New Tabs in Chrome Instead of New Chrome Windows

Something else we see people doing a lot is they open a new Chrome WINDOW for each new website they want to view, which means they’re all in a jumble and they lose track of which website is which. Whereas, when they open a NEW TAB in Chrome for each new website they want to view, everything is set out nice and orderly, and it’s obvious which tab relates to which website.

There are a couple of keyboard shortcuts to use to manage opening and closing tabs:

==> CTRL-T, or Command-T on a Mac, will open a new browser tab, and

==> CTRL-W, or Command-W on a Mac, will close tabs.

Another easy way of opening a new tab is: when you click a link on a website which you want to open in a new tab, ensuring the initial site stays open too, simply hold the CTRL or Command key down when you click the link, and the new website or page will open in a new tab.

It’s also sensible to close tabs or websites you’re no longer using as having too many tabs open can drain the memory on your laptop!

6. Use Shortcut Keys to Copy and Paste

Why on earth would you want to know about keyboard shortcuts??


==> they’re great when using a laptop touchpad, and

==> it’s best practice when copying and pasting code or script (even though you don’t have to understand how the code works), but more importantly,

==> *** they’ll SAVE you HEAPS of time! ***

Here’s four universal keyboard shortcuts we use all the time:

CTRL-A or Command-A: use this to Select ALL the code, or text, or script in a particular field or box. So click your cursor in the field or box to make it active, then hit CTRL-A to select all the content. Note, it’s important to select every character in a bunch of code to ensure the code works properly, so it’s best practice to use this keyboard shortcut.

CTRL-C or Command-C: this copies Selected text to the invisible clipboard on your computer, and stores it there until you make the next Copy Selection.

CTRL-V or Command-V: once you click your mouse or place your cursor in the exact spot you want text or code pasted to, hit CTRL-V to paste the content you had previously selected and copied to your computer’s clipboard.

CTRL-X or Command-X: if you want to select a bunch of text and Cut it from the space it’s in, highlight it first, then hit CTRL-X, to cut it and store in on your computer’s clipboard, ready to be pasted elsewhere if you wish.

7. Use Shortcut Keys to Undo and Redo

When you mess up, and want to Undo the last keystroke you performed, simply hit CTRL-Z, or Command-Z on a Mac. If you want to undo the last 10 keystrokes, hit CTRL-Z 10 times!

Conversely, if you Undo something you then want to Redo, hit CTRL-Y or Command-Y on a Mac. And if you want to Redo the last 10 keystrokes, hit CTRL-Y 10 times!

Now, all these keyboard shortcuts do require practice, like anything.

So practice, practice, practice – to save yourself a heap of time, make your internet use friendlier, and hone your online business skills.

LEAVE A COMMENT below if you found this useful, and would be interested in learning more time saving tricks.


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  1. Alister Brutnell 9 years ago

    Great post, skimmed through it but will be extremely useful to some people. It’s also good to go back to basics sometime as it’s easy to forget some of the easier shortcuts well done. Alister

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