Build Your Website In 5 Million Clicks – Or This Easy Way

Build Your Website In 5 Million Clicks - Or This Easy Way

Any successful affiliate marketer will tell you that to be successful you need your own website for each affiliate suite of products you promote.

It's essential to ensure your website focuses on one product or one integrated suite of products only. There's one exception to this rule, if you create a review site, then you can showcase 2 – 3 very closely related products and nothing more. With a review website you're literally giving each product a star rating, so you need to be comparing apples with apples! That makes perfect sense, right?

Bad Mistake

Maybe the worst mistake you can make is buying one website and then putting loads of unrelated products in different areas on the site. This looks unprofessional and spammy for starters, has a detrimental effect on your search engine optimization (SEO), and confuses your website visitors – and we all know confused people do nothing, because they're confused and don't know what to do!

You're more likely to be ranked by search engines if your site focuses on one product, which also equates to one keyword phrase or group of tightly related keywords.

So it pays to take the small hit of purchasing a domain and paying for hosting, as it's a very small cost (roughly $12) compared to what you can make from selling products on your site.

The Pros And Cons

Having your own website is your opportunity to provide visitors with an understanding of what your affiliate product is all about so they can make an informed buying decision.

Write informative reviews on the product you're promoting and be sure to include the pros and cons of the product. Including some of the cons massively helps your credibility, plus you can turn around the cons to make them more positive. For example, start your sentence off with a negative point, then finish on a positive note – “Although product X doesn't have ______, this is more than compensated for by the inclusion of ______. Get the picture? Don't include a bunch of negative points, just one or two is sufficient.

Any website you create needs to be compelling to get and hold your visitors attention. So include professionally produced graphics of the product you're promoting. Source this imagery from the product creator or create your own unique images with the GraphixCreator software which is INCLUDED in Digital Business Lounge.


Outsource (Which Costs)

If all this sounds like too much hard work you can outsource your website creation, graphics and content creation. The problem with that is your costs will really start to mount up. As an affiliate you need multiple websites, so multiply the cost of 10 sites and the attraction of affiliate marketing starts to diminish!

Digital Business LoungeThe Easiest Way

Fortunately there is a super easy solution, which'll save you a ton of time and money and frustration – it's Digital Business Lounge.

Digital Business Lounge not only creates an affiliate website in a couple of mouse clicks, it allows you to create unique professional 3D graphics, and uses pre-built themes that are completely editable to suit your purposes.

The best news is that it's a monthly subscription which costs far less than the price of creating one website complete with content and graphics.

Not only that but you can create and host unlimited websites. You can also add pages, add you own content, create your own graphics, again all with the simplicity of clicking a few buttons.

Here's some more plusses:

  • Launch and Host WordPress Sites – so you can buy a domain name, website name, or url and install wordpress and host it all ‘under one roof' – which means there's no messy transferring and needing to understand geeky terminology
  • Track and Optimise Campaigns – so you know which advertising is working for you, and which isn't, allowing you to test a bunch of different factors
  • Create Lead Capture Pages – so you can tailor your unique lead capture pages to suit your advertisements, and your target audience
  • Unlimited Domains and Emails – which means there's no restriction on what you can build and promote as an affiliate marketer
  • Step-By-Step Video Tutorials – easy to understand and watch where and when you choose

No Tech Skills Needed

We've saved the best bit till last. There's no need technical skills whatsoever. It's actually easier than creating a post for this blog!

So if you're aiming for success in affiliate marketing, but the time, cost and tech skills are holding you back, take a close look at Digital Business Lounge.


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