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Fulfilment is a feeling of happiness, contentment, and satisfaction.

It’s the achievement of something desired, promised, or predicted.

People feel fulfilment when they achieve something, whether it's a goal, a dream, or self-realisation.

It’s emotive, fills you with chest-swelling pride, and is closely linked with happiness.

Unfulfillment, therefore, is the absence of happiness, contentment, and satisfaction, in one or more areas of your life.

It’s the corrosion eating away at your heart, gnawing away at your self-worth, and undermining the success you deserve.

We believe fulfilment isn’t a lottery ticket, it’s a basic human right.

Quick And Simple Exercise

To start to unlock the gateway to your fulfilment, we have an exercise to share. It won’t take long – but it’s essential you DO IT NOW – to truly grasp how to get rid of unfulfillment once and for all.

So grab a pen and paper, or open a new text document on your computer, and take 2 minutes to jot down all the things you desire to have in your absolute digital life.

Think Big. Think Grand. Think Rich.

Go ahead – LIST as many desirable features you can dream up.

Do that now… (by not doing it now, you're only cheating on yourself)







What did you note down?

When we did the exercise (so as not to cheat on ourselves) we had things like:

  • Architecturally designed beach house on a long white sandy beach
  • A white Aston Marten DB9 sitting in the drive
  • First-class flights every flight
  • Personal shoppers, designer shoes and designer handbags (for Fiona!)
  • Personal trainer to work out with 4 times a week
  • Personal chef to prepare varied healthy meals
  • Golf lessons twice a week, to play famous golf courses around the globe

Pretty much a $50k a month lifestyle

Now, the thing is, most people believe when their goal is to achieve a certain level of sales, or reach a certain point in their careers, or get the dream home they’ve always wanted… only then will they ‘instantly’ be fulfilled. You know what we’re talking about – those statements you make to yourself that generally start with the following:

When I …

As soon as I …

Once I …

But the REALITY is… the GAP between where you are right now, and the ideal blueprint, identity, or inspired life you dream of, is a HUGE PAINFUL CHASM.

That pain will motivate you to take action, HOWEVER… it will only take you so far…

Because the gap is so vast, and you have so much to make happen, you'll eventually procrastinate, self-sabotage, and become fed up with yourself (well, most normal humans will!).

Your internal dialogue will pop up and start chattering away saying things like:

“I’m not good enough!”

“I’m not ready for success just yet!”

“I’m really not cut out for this!”

“I should’ve listened to my friends and family and stuck to the status quo like them!”

Have you ever “thought” something like that. We’re sure you have. We ALL have at some point or other.

So, what’s the solution to people NOT bailing out on their Big, Grand, Rich digital lifestyle blueprint?

How about reframing what your digital lifestyle blueprint looks like?

What if… you think a bit SMALLER for starters?

Exercise Part II

So for this second part of this exercise, grab your pen and pencil again, or go back to that text document on your computer, and this time, list out what you can realistically believe and actually achieve in the next 12-18 months.

Do that NOW.

It should only take a minute.

No need to overthink it.






What was on your list this time??

Here’s what we had on our list of achievable factors BEFORE we built our online business:

  • Replace our corporate salaries
  • Time freedom
  • Emotional freedom
  • Geographical freedom
  • No stress
  • No boss
  • No arseholes at work
  • No architecturally designed house on the beach and definitely no shiny white Aston Marten 🙁
  • May not have found our true purpose, our true calling

These factors were more achievable when we started out, as they’re less materialistic, and more focussed on freedom, happiness and fulfilment.


What Can You Do To Be FULFILLED Right Now, Today?

It all starts with YOU.

Do the things today you KNOW will bring happiness today.

Make time for things that don’t have a huge price tag attached, like:

  • Go to the gym regularly – exercise and fitness go hand in hand with success
  • Eat healthily – eats lots of fruit and veggies to feed your body
  • Read loads more books – constantly feed your mind
  • Reach out to your parents more frequently – they raised you to the best of their ability, so you owe it to them to give back
  • Prioritise time with kids/family/friends – be present with them, listen to them, care for them
  • Meditate – to stop thought and stop that constant chatter in your mind
  • Start every day with 5 minutes of Gratitude – meditate on all the positive things in your life right now
  • Get OUT of the Grey-zone when building your online business as it causes resentment – so be wholly present with people, and give them your whole, undivided attention, when you make time for them (so, no mobile phones!).

All these things don’t cost much, do they?

But, when you think about it, these things can lift your spirits, and make you happier and more fulfilled right now, today.

Why's that so important?

Most people mistakenly think they’ll be happy WHEN they have success in their business or career. So they mistakenly think success has to come before happiness.

The reality is…

…true success will only come from inner peace and happiness

So DO things to be happy now. >>>Here’s 15 Happiness Factors Every Frazzled Person Should Know<<<

Whilst you’re working on your happiness, use the affiliate marketing education provided by Six Figure Mentors as the vehicle to take care of the financial side of things.

TO REPEAT – use the pain of being stuck where you are right now to change who you are, how you show up in the world, and how you impact others – to be happy first, THEN learn how to build a thriving online business that will deliver the all-important financial freedom, geographical freedom and stress freedom. Does that make sense?


Success doesn’t come before happiness.

The Ultimate Failure Is Success Without Fulfilment

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